Sunday, December 28, 2008

56 degrees, 17 Robins on 28 December

Yes i know this sounds crazy but honest it is the truth. Not only was it 56 degrees today in CNY but we saw Robins in our yard.

Okay it started like this. It was roughly 50 degrees when we got up this morning so i sent tyler outside at 9am and he pretty much stayed there till 12. At noon it was 56 degrees. I opened our front door to let some light in. I was going to open a few windows but before i could do so a line of dark nasty clouds showed up. They were accompanied by some strong winds that are still blowing as of 5pm. Within about 1 hour or less the temp had dropped to 46 degrees.

at about 2pm david says Look at all the Robins. I counted 17 Robins in our lawn. We all saw them..all of us. Not just me! I took these photos, while trying to keep tyler from scaring them or letting Wyatt out!!

I did some research and found the following:
Although the appearance of a robin is considered a harbinger of spring, the American Robin actually spends the winter in much of its breeding range. However, because they spend less time in yards and congregate in large flocks during winter, you're much less likely to see them. The number of robins present in the northern parts of the range varies each year with the local conditions.

Christmas Leftovers

Wow what a crazy few days!!! My house is so trashed right now, have Christmas gifts everywhere. I wonder what Santa's workshop looks like that few days after Christmas??? Its so nice outside like 50+ degrees I have sent tyler out to get the holiday stink out of him. tomorrow is going to be interesting, i have to go back to work and tyler has to go to daycare. We have been off since the Friday before Christmas. I am only working 3 days this week so that is not too bad!!

Christmas was fun! Tyler was so happy that Santa came!! He loved his tool bench! He has been fixing everything around the house. Here is a cute video of tyler explaining about what santa does Christmas night: (be sure to turn off the music on the sidebar first)

For those of you that don't know yet, sorry to read it here first. We have tired to tell everyone these last few days. Our families were given a big shock this week when they opened up a sonogram photo of our baby to be born in July!!! David, Tyler and I kept it a secret for about a month and a half!

So that is kinda our big news and happenings right now! I am in the process of uploading all the photos to webshots from xmas (just click the link on the green side bar - Webshots). Santa gave me a new camera! So i had to test it and take alot of photos!! The photos should be posted by noon! Last night David and i went to a crunch game!! They won, Mirasty killed a guy! it was great!! I love hockey. My Aunt debbie gave me a big cow bell with his photo all over it for xmas. I was so excited! i have a photo of it in my hockey photos.

Well off to clean! Happy Holidays everyone!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It was The Night Before..The Night Before!!!!

It was the night before, the night before Christmas and all through Santa's Verona sub-post there was more noise then a herd of mice. Production was at 100% last night.

The baking center was popping out cookies like a keebler commercial. One tray in the oven, one tray ready to go, one tray getting decorated - cookies by the bushel.

In the wrapping center, the gifts were under seize as wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon and tags were flying everywhere. I don't even think all the Who's in Who-ville could of wrapped that much that fast if they dared.

The Craft corner cut paper, found photos and glued with a mission. No craft was too big, no craft was too small. I think the craft corner needs an addition.

The four little elves work hard on the 23rd of December. Five hours in and the work was mostly done. The husbands said it was last minute but the elves said it was fun.

One last girls night before the Christmas Chaos! You see it takes a village of elves, 8 Reindeer and 365 Days to get Santa ready for his night of flight. It takes 4 women just 5 magic hours of girls night!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting better!!!!

Well I have my car back and i am no longer driving the SS Szarek!!! I actually get to drive my own little car that fits so well in parking spots, and the garage! I am so happy!!

David still doesn't know when he will be home. They asked/told them Friday. The road they were working on that has 16 closed miles is now open. He is thinking they may need to help residential areas. Here are some photos he sent me.

In other news Tyler made sugar cookies while i made my 7 dozen for the Tuesday night swap! I was able to wrap all of the gifts for sundays party but i still have to great ready for tomorrow night. I need to finish one thing up and wrap all of them. but the cookie are in containers!!

How cute is this:
Time Warner has Preschool on Demand. They have alot of christmas shows on right now. I let tyler wants Blues Clues Holiday! He really liked it, now he asks for it all the time. But he says..Mommy can i watch Blue's Hallway?!!!

As we were leaving my moms tonight he says: Mommy where is the moon. Me: The moon is not out becuase its raining and cloudy. He thinks for a moment while i buckle him in.......Oh the Moon didnt want to get wet from the rain.....Yes tyler that is right! How cute what do you say to that?

How cute!! Later!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the season for ....bahumbug (sp?)

okay i am officially over the Christmas season. I am sorry for the negativeness of this posting. let me recap our last 19 hours......

4:45-leave to take tyler to my moms, phone rings and they want david to drive an emergency response thing to Hudson. Turns it down

5:45-On the NY State Thruway when 5 one foot long chunks of ice came off a tour bus. BAMB no more windshield. Thank god nothing else happened. No other damaged to the car and i didnt lose control or anything. But the scrooge in me did hope the bus driver got a flat tire...jackass.

7:25-Due to the snow the oncenter parking garage is backed up and we can not get in. I missed Mirasty stretching.

7:35-I walked right past Mario Andretti... like 5 feet away..I think i was taller then him.

7:40-930 Crunch played like crap. The other team would not fight Mirasty.....Dont they know how bad i needed that? He wanted to fight for me!!! Okay i am trying to think of something here to cheer me up!!

930-Fight in the stands that was more entertaining the game....5 grown men fighting over a 1.00 bag of fritos handed out by the ice skanks and that stupid ass monkey

930-10 Crunch try to make a come back score two goals in like 1 minute or something but they still played like crap. They lost by one - sorry but they deserved the loss. They didnt play like a team.

10-11 Drive home with crappy windshield and get scared every time i see something come off a car or truck

1130 Get home to find a message for david to call work....possibly going to ice damaged area

6am call in the claim to the insurance company

730 call from NY State DOT david is leaving till by noon today till wednesday but unknown

800 nobody has glass for an 08 equinox has to get fixed on monday i have to drive the tank this weekend

So this sucks. I am sorry if i am moody but WTF? Here are the Kristen Szarek political views on this crap. I think the NY State DOT is gay. The storm hit on friday, they decided at midnight they need to send people to help out. Gov. Patterson is fixing the budget so sure send an out of town crew on overtime to help with an emergency then they can cry that they have no money because of his budget. They can say if they were full staffed it wouldnt of cost as much and it wouldn't of taken as long to respond. This is how gay it is for them to go....they work on state highways only so the tree has to be on a stateroad. It can not have power lines or telephone lines near it or they can not touch it. It has to be in the air still for them to touch it. SO reallly how many trees are they going to work on? It has to be a state of emergancy for them to go on non state roads. but do to snow we have here in the mohawk valley they are only taking a crew of 3 guys, 2 supervisors and a worker. They are going to get so much done! Okay so here is my positive outlook on this...we can pay our oil bill off with the ot money.

So my friend jenny posted some photos of the ice storm she lives down towards albany. You can click on the link on the sidebar. ScrapstudioJ. I am telling myself david is helping Jenny that has helped to put me in a little better mood.

So tyler and i today need to make cookies for tuesdays swap, wrap the gifts for tomorrows party, go grocery shopping, finish a gift by tuesday, wrap the gifts for tuesday, make cookies for work. I am not helping because i am so moody that i have not even showered yet. I am just bitching on the blog!!

Okay i am going to shower and try to get into a better mood..maybe i will eat something yummy first. Emotional eating the key to the world!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmas Wish

Christmas wish....Santa, i have been very good this year!! Please bring me a new camera. I have had it with my old one. Last night as my child went to sit on Santa's lap it broke. I lost most of my photos from last night. The ones i do have are blurry. Look at the below entry on how terrible of a photo it took of our tree. grrr.
I am very thankful for our other Christmas wish....gas prices. I never though i would see the day that they were below 2.00! Today we put gas in my car and it was only 23.00 and i was under a quarter of a tank. Its a beautiful thing!!! Basically we filled up both vehicles today for the cost of just one davids truck over the summer!

I am hoping to be in full swing tomorrow with Christmas. I want to finish up a few projects, get my cards out, wrap gifts and have my cookie ideas outlined. Yeah I know that is a big list and since i have not even done laundry yet i dont think it will all happen.....but it is the season of dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So this is christmas..

Is it new years yet!! just kidding. Today my son actually posed for a cute photo that would of been very cute on my xmas cards. But that was like 2 weeks too late. Figures! We did manage to get the tree up today. We put it between the windows and sliding glass doors in the living room. It was in front of th window but then it blocks so much light. Thank god they invented break proof decorations!!

In a little bit we are going down to the green for a tree lighting ceremony, see santa and fireworks. I hope a napless little boy is on his best behavior.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white christmas...

well the weather is helping to make it look like Christmas! We have put up our lights outside but its too nasty out to go take a photo! Maybe tomorrow! Tyler and Also put the garland up around the house today. We still have more decorations inside to put up but we will do that on Saturday. I have been working on xmas gifts on and off today. I could have this one project done but my motivation has only been at like 50%. It was so cold out put up the decorations that when i came inside to the warm house i just wanted to nap!!
Today we also picked out a tree! Its not tall but its pleasantly plump. Tyler had more fun hiding in the trees then picking one out. We are planning on decorating it on Saturday. Well i guess i need to go get ready for work tomorrow. I only worked 2 days last week, 5 days are going to kill me! haha.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

10,000 Shoppers and 1500 Cowbells

What a better way to spend Black Friday!!

I began my day at 5am with a little DD (that's dunkin Donuts for you non coffee nuts) before hooking up with Brenda at Kohls. The lines were long but the deals were good! It actually moved right along and i used my bday gift card to get a great new pair of shoes (xmas gift idea for me...non-white socks - thanks).

From there we spilt up to get the best coverage....Brenda went to kmart and Target and i went to Micheal's, and Staples. Micheal's was selling Cricut cart. for $29.99 That is unheard of they are normally like 89. By far the best deal of Black Friday. I was very disappointed with ads this year but I still went shopping! Tradition is tradition

We had breakfast and then went to Walmart - you know after the chaos!! It was by black friday standards dead at 10am. I really question the genius (obviously male) that redesigned the New Hartford store. Why would you put Toys next to electronics? Its a traffic jam nightmare....and it keeps everyone on one side of the store. To our much surprise we found all the hot deals we wanted at walmart....the $8 jeans for David, the $10 Disney Cars toys and 3 piece PJs...We figure they would be long gone. So either...the economy did effect the numbers of shoppers or walmart ordered alot of the cheap stuff! I would go with walmart ordering more because when i went to Micheals at 6am the entire Consumer Square parking lot was full. Brenda and I did come up with a amazing plan for shopping at walmart but we can not share that with you!!

I went home and unloaded my truck! I tried to rest up alittle before going to the Crunch Game. It was cowbell night! 1500 cowbells were handed out to the fans! OH YEAH!! I have a fever...a fever for some more cowbells!!! It was a great game and really 1500 cowbells are not as loud as you think! The crunch won 5-1!! I tried to win the game worn Mirasty Jersey but it didnt happen i guess i had too many good deals already on friday. David was happy because he knew i would of slept with it!!

I guess i need to get off the computer and start cleaning. my son has completely trashed this house in less then 2 hours today. It amazing what a 3 year old can do when you fall back to sleep on the couch at 6am and he is left unattended. I need to go food shopping and take down my fall decorations. Is it lunch yet...i really want some stuffing leftovers!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a great day! Tyler and I made this center piece this morning!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Martha's job is safe for another year.

Mamma's burning down the house! I wanted to make tylers party a good one. All he wanted was a Mater Cake from Disney's Cars. Well cupcakes are easier to me! So i ordered rings that had Mater and Lightening McQueen on then, checkered flags, car shaped sprinkles. I found these bday candles that spelled the words happy birthday! I put all the cupcakes on my new cupcake stand and made it look like the piston cup!

So we lit the candles to start singing when i heard dean say "its on fire" I looked up and my new cupcakes stand is not just melting but on fire. So while Tyler blew out the candles, david put out the cupcakes and stands.

Other then that the party was great. Tyler had fun with all his toys! He and logan loved the pinata. I have posted the photos on webshots

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler is 3 today. Where did the time go? This morning we gave tyler his gifts, a easel and markers/paints. Then we went to breakfast with Chris and Bobby! Happy birthday to CHRIS TOO! Tyler and Chris share this day! Good things come out of November! After breakfast we took tyler to Toys r us to pick out a video and get his bday balloon. We have spent the rest of the day working on getting ready for the big party tomorrow! I will have more to report then!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let the count down begin...366 days

In 366 Days i will no longer be "in my 20's" That is right tomorrow (Friday) is my 29th birthday. I have 366 days to enjoy being in my 20's before i hit that benchmark age. I have noticed a few things these last few years:

1) I have been too old to be on the Real world for over 5 years - the last year i was eligible was the year Martha Stewart was arrested.

2) The hit songs from the year i graduated are now being played on the Flash back Sunday countdown. Hootie and the blowfish is considered easy listening.

3) I dont remember the last time I slept past 9am

4) I remember when Madonnas 1st marriage ended

5) The Jonas Brothers, do they go to Clinton?

6) I do not have a facebook account - is that spelled correctly!

7) When I was little Mr. Rogers was the best show

8) I remember when gas was $1.00 a gallon

9) When I didnt not have a monthly budget

10) I have heard myself say... Back when I was in school...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tylers New Room!

Check it out we have tylers room complete. I actually feel that its complete, i mean maybe i will hang some thing up on the one wall by the window or put something else on the dresser. However, if i never do its okay with me! i am really proud of how it turned out. I feel like the bed side is from a magazine. I need something to improve the dresser side but like i said its okay for now! He seems to like it!

These are tylers fish, Nemo and Nemo too! I had been dropping hints that i wanted tyler to have some fish and David was not into it. So today the bad wife that i am, i took comp time from my trip and left work around 1pm. I picked up tyler and headed to walmart! We purchased our new members of the family!! We were at home trying to set up the fish tank when david came home. I was trying to get tyler to not tell him but he was too excited!. Daddy daddy, come see my fishy! Bad wife bad!!!

Well I need to do the dishes, fold 3 loads of laundry, wash another 2, and start cleaning the toy room. Our weekend does not exist this weekend. Friday is my birthday, after work I need to get the rest of the goods for tylers party. Then Saturday is Tylers birthday!! David is probably going hunting that morning so i think i may take tyler for breakfast! Then i want to take him to toys r us, since he has his birthday club card. I need to run to the sauquoit valley craft show but we have a wedding at 3 or 4 in syracuse. I still need to find a sitter for tyler. somewhere in there i need to make all the cup cakes. My goal for this week is the clean the entire house by Thursday night so that on sunday we just need to do the floors, clean the bathrooms and get ready for the party! Thank god i have Monday off!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hockey Vent

I interrupt this normal family friendly site for this hockey vent...rated R.

Okay I know that not everyone loves or even likes hockey. Let me provide you all with some basic rules:

1) Hockey is a loud sport (okay the fans are loud)
2) Hockey is a aggressive sport where blood is rewarded!
3) Hockey fans like 4 lettered words
4) Hockey, like any sport, has rituals

That being said I do appreciate the people that decided going to a Syracuse Crunch game on a friday night might be something fun to do. Everyone is new to the sport at some point.

HOWEVER, (begin Diva Hockey B-t-h mode)

If you decide to accompany a guy to a game in an effort to get into his pants DO NOT roll your eyes at the following:

1) The loud cheers when Derek Dorsett Drops a guy in the corner
2) The Mirasty Chant when we want him to fight a guy
3) The "Goalie goalie you suck" chant that follows a goal
4) The 320 pound drunk 2 rows back tells the ref he is a "fu*king idiot" because the ref didnt see the stick in Clay Wilsons face
5) The 325 pound drunk sitting next to the guy above announcing to the ref every off sides call that was incorrect ... mind you that this guy has probably gone to every game since 76 when he graduated high school and was the star of his high school team (Still telling everyone that he still has it!! Got to love them)
6) The crowds excitement over Big Sexy
7) The use of cowbells

Some additional things to keep in mind "Miss dating Barbie": Not standing when Syracuse enters the ice or scores a goal is so rude. And nobody leaves the game before its over, even if its 1:42 left on the clock and we are up by 2 goals.

With all that being said i must state what happens these rule are broken: We get louder and i ring that cow bell over your pretty little head for everything even the things that i would normally just clap for! And i am pretty sure the F=bomb was used about 25 more times then normal after your "dirty look" which by the way is not that good of a look ... made me laugh!

So "Miss dating Barbie" i hope you enjoyed your date at the crunch. I certainly hope he was worth the 2 minutes in bed, if your stick wasn't in the way! I hope to see you are more game!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where did they go?

have you all been missing us? NO posting in 2 weeks! Its not that we have been too busy its that we have been all over. Last weekend David was up north at hunting camp. He came back sunday night. I left on Tuesday to Indy for work, after a 10pm landing in syracuse thursday night i have had zero energy or desire to do a darn thing.

So the big news is that Carter Tyczynski was born on Davids birthday! He was so cute! other then that we have been busy making tylers room into a big boys room! We painted and set up his new twin bed. I will have photos soon i just need to get some things on the wall first! i have a few ideas!!

Well off to do my hair...its Hockey night is syracuse!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween!!! Elephant on the loose!!

Lions, Tiger, Bear and ELEPHANTS OH MY!!!

This Halloween Tyler was an Elephant...or as he says: Elf-an-it! Tyler looked so cute in his costume!! The little elephant that he is!
I think Tyler was more excited about this tail on his outfit then anything else!! He liked to pretend his trunk was a gun...go figure!!

What a tail!
We first went to Nana and Poppops house then to my moms. On our way Thur the village of New Hartford there were a ton of people out! tyler kept saying "look at the treaters!"
In Applewood we met up with Logan and the boys went on their first real trick or treat adventure. They went to about 10-12 houses and knocked on the door all by themselves! They would say trick or treat (well their version) and then say thank you and take off running! "Lets go to another house and do again!" They were having a blast. We could of done more houses but they, or mommy/daddy do not need that much candy!
I have uploaded more photos to webshots. Including a photo of my outfit..very scary!! lol

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we carved tyler's giant pumpkin! I carried that beast had to be like 15 pounds of pumpkin. Tyler was all about cutting (that is the redneck in him). He did actually scoop the guts out. I think its because david call it the pumpkin guts and it sound really cool to Tyler!

At first he wanted a scary face on the pumpkin. then he wanted a happy face. We ended up with goofy face! It was really easy to carve. I was thinking it was going to have really thick skin. It really didnt have too many guts inside. i will put the rest of the photos on webshots. I will add the video there too.

He really likes his outfit for halloween. he was running around the house today with it on. Well off to get some things done! I have tomorrow off!! yes!! but sadly i have so much to do :(

Saturday, October 25, 2008


"Mommy come find me i am hiding."

I go down the hall and pretend to be looking for him. I yell out "Tyler where are you"

From his hiding place (under the covers of my bed) he says, "I am right here"

I pull back the covers and he says "how'd you find me?"

because mommy is amazing!


Life lessons

David and I were getting ready to go to skating this morning when we heard a louder then normal bang in our humble little home. David went to check on tyler and found him climbing into his armour and jumping. Yes really he was jumping about 4 feet onto a pile of blankets and stuffed animals. We told him not to do because he was going to get hurt.

Well he continued. And i decided to grab that camera. So sure enough i was able to get that on tape, and i was just about to turn the camera off when we realize he wants to jump.

This was tylers first Life Lesson because we let him jump. Hey i maybe a bad mom but this little wild child needs to learn he can not jump off everything. About a week ago i thought I was going to call 911 when he jumped off our bed and into our Armour ribs first. He had even tried jumping from the top of the swing set.

We didnt realize it at the time, but Little tyler moved some of the blankets and so when he jumped he didnt land on any thing soft. Now he is favoring his one foot when he walks. Its not bruised or swollen. And it if we look at it and touch it, its not bothering him. I think its a sprain but we are going to keep an eye on it. He is still running full speed around the house. If its still bothering him we will be making a trip to the doctors. The reality is that we learned the life lesson... Tyler is not hurt but still jumping. As i type this he just jumped of my bed again.

so what have i learned?? 2 things:
1) I should of had a girl
2) Thank god he wasn't twins

Here is the video of the big jump (if it doesn't load correctly you can find it on our webshots page):

Monday, October 20, 2008

Its here, its here!

We are in touch with the world!! We have real cable. BUT WAIT THERE"S MORE!! We have HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell i am excited. I downloaded 3 Mirasty fighting videos in 5 minutes! This is amazing. I can listen to songs, watch videos, load high tech websites. I have been missing out on so much for so many years! My goal is to actually see all of the Internet!! okay just kidding! But i can do so much now!! LOOK OUT WORLD!

Okay in other news! Last Wednesday at work we started the biggest loser phase 4. Since the beginning of August i have gained about 10+ pounds. Not to happy about that. I have 12 weeks to bust a gut -literally! Along with 4 others, I am a member of the hungry hungry hippos team!I figure if I tell all of you this I can be held more accountable! So each Wednesday I will post my Losses on here somewhere!

Tyler Quote of the week:
Setting: trying to get tyler to go to bed:
Tyler: "mommy my belly hurts"
Me: "Go to sleep and you will feel better"
Tyler: "No i think Fruities will help"
FYI - He planned this out and totally played me.

On Saturday I was watching the Buffalo game, and said to tyler hey you can skate like that some day. . No mommy i Skate like this:He lays down on the floor and starts crawling around!!

I have to go explore and find things now!!!

~Kristen is Lost in the Internet!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The best time of year!

Its fall my favorite time of year!! So first of all I was off on Friday giving me a 4 day weekend!! I know what you are thinking there is no way it can get better from there!

Well .... I went on the ice with tyler at skating lessons on Saturday! He didnt want to go at first but then he did. He basically did the same thing as last week...crawled on the ice mostly but let us push him around on the cones. Later that night we went to the crunch season opener. Yeah they won 6-1!!! It was great!! Well what i saw of it... i had some minor distractions....Mr. Mirasty got into altercation and had to take his jersey off to fix his pads. Then after another altercation on the bench he and Tom Sestito we asked to leave the ice. He stripped down and stood in the doorway watching the rest of the game with shorts and muscle shirt. I had the perfect view...sorry i am not sharing my photos..this is a family website afterall! But check out here for the video of the fight. Honestly the game was great! I had a great time and can not wait till the next one!

Pumpkin time!! We met up with Dean, Step, Jenna, Steve, Brenda and Logan and went to Critz Farm today. We had a great time we were there for over 3 hours! We fed the goats and Pony, played on the playground, took a hayride and picked out a pumpkin. So here is the best news...the best gift for tylers bday or christmas is hay. My child could of stayed until next week playing with the hay. That is the god honest truth, i am considering putting like 6 bails of hay in our backyard for tyler to play with.

It was the craziest day today. My child caught me off guard every minute. We stood in line to ride the New Cow train. Tyler wanted on it so badly, he hated to wait - hmm where does he get that from? Well David puts him in and he freaks out - would not ride on it for anything. Never asked the rest of the time we were there.

So then we decided to ride the wagon to the pumpkin field. While we are waiting for the tractor he gets a tiny pie pumpkin out of the bin. He is all excited about the baby pumpkin, and wants to take it with him on the wagon. Once we get out to the field we tell him to pick a pumpkin, any pumpkin. He tells us he has a pumpkin, the baby pumpkin and he doesnt want to pick another pumpkin. What kid does want a big pumpkin or two pumpkins? So we really came home with our $1.00 pie pumpkin only! When his mind is set there is no changing it! Hmmm...where does he get that from?

I am going to attached some photos from the day but i will be uploading the rest to webshots. Oh my did i tell you the great news...We are getting rid of dial up! yes on October 21st we will have real know the fast kind!!! I am so excited. We are even getting cable. that is right Bartlett road is moving up!

I dont know what we are going tomorrow yet...i would like to clean out a closet or two. David is cutting a tree and will not be home. The weather is going to be nice so i would like to be outside too. I will need to find something for tyler and I to do!! Have a great day!! Enjoy our photos!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where to start?

Its finally October, but oh my its already the 8th. September really screwed me up on time! So where to begin? Well to de-stress we went to a preseason Crunch game on the 2nd. Crunch vs Rochester! Crunch won 5-2!!! My Mirasty played alot!! He is going to be amazing this year...he even almost scored!!!

Speaking of amazing hockey players! My little man did great on saturday. He played on the ice for a good 30minutes. He just crawled around and let david push him on his skates. He wasn't scared this week at all. The funny thing was that david did not think tyler need to do learn to skate but guess who went out on the ice with him for 30 minutes....yep. mommy got left on the sidelines :(

After skating we went to Clinton Dunkin Donuts. Well i remember sleeping till 10 on the weekends but it was so long ago that i dont remember if it was in high school or college. Well DD was full of Hoogies. For those of you that dont speak Clintonism - Hoogies are our name for Hamilton College students. See pay 40K plus for college, drive 30K plus cars but go to DD at 11am in 15 walmart Pajamas with their hair a mess while wearing 80 dress shoes?? They are book smart but no common sense. I mean really ..... do all 5 of you need to pile in the car and come down the hill? Wouldn't it be smarter for one or two people to go and get every ones coffee and bagel??? so we waiting 10+ minutes to get tyler his donuts with sprinkles.

From there we drop of my jersey to get Mirastys name put on it!! it all ready for me to pick up! I am going to look amazing the season opener this coming saturday! We also dropped on my diamond ring that i broke that too will be ready by the that despite my lust for hockey players they will all see that i am happily married!!

When we got home Tyler and i started Project central!! First we painted an empty oatmeal container that we turned into a bird feeder. Then we painted some summer squash that we never picked from the garden. Later on that afternoon we made meatloaf for dinner, sugar cookies for dessert and Pumpkin muffins for breakfast! Like i said busy busy busy!

On Sunday Bernie and Denise took tyler to a pumpkin farm. He came home with a huge pumpkin bigger then him! It took everything i had in me to put it on the wagon. While ty was with them David and I went to the Buffalo head to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary (a day early).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waiting for the New Year and Hockey!!

Okay only the government and schools start their new years in the fall. It is fiscal year end (FYE) at work and basically life sucks. As i stated before I have worked everyday from September 8th till this coming Friday the 3rd. I have 56 hour overtime from 14-27 September....Uncle sam is going to love me!

The sad part is i have to live Thur my cell phone! Over the last few weeks i have received these photos as updates on my family.

My Redneck boys found a deer rub in the woods! Tyler is so proud! Then i get the below photo of tyler in the tree stand. Does anyone see a safety belt???? DAVID??!!!

Poor Wyatt became tylers object of attention. He would cover him in blankets and jump on him. I know Wyatt is thinking....mommy come home!
On Saturday i took Chicken Riggies to work. David wanted some but i told him i didnt have enough for everyone. So about 2pm he called and asked how to make homemade Mac n Cheese . A little while later I received the following.....

I guess I dont need to cook anymore!! Good Job Dear!! Now i have proof for the world that you can cook!

Saturday was a busy day. I went to work from 730-1000; then back from noon till 6pm. During that time Tyler and David got their haircut. When I got home we took tyler to his first ice skating lesson. It was very interesting....first he didnt want to go on the ice. It was very crazy and loud. Other kids were yelling/crying. We let him watch and then took him back on the ice. He was scared at first, then for a minute or two he liked it!!! He had that smile with his tongue out so you can't tell he is moms know what i mean!! after a few minutes he told us "I'm Done" We didnt pressure him we took him off the ice and took off he skates. We went and watch the other kids for the rest of the time with a bag of candy. He wants to go back next week!

The good Scrapbooker but bad mommy in me still took a photo of him!! Scared, crying and snot running down his nose! Just wait till they show this photo on TV after he goes 1st round draft pick in 2025!! haha! Listen I can dream...

This is his haircut photo! Tyler and his Mohawk! My little Mirasty!!! Funny David wouldnt let me give him a mohawk but he sends me this photo!!

Speaking of Mirasty!!! My boy played his first 2 NHL Preseason game! Got into fights both games!! YES I AM SO PROUD!!! I can not wait for Real hockey to know regular season!! Buffalo starts next week! then Saturday the 11th we will be at the OnCenter for the game opener of the Crunch - with my signed Jersey!!!

The other reason i can not wait is because i need to get my fat butt back on the workout schedule. I like to workout watching hockey!! {I can only think of all the wrong things going on in Lisa's brain as she reads this} so having hockey back will be hopefully the motivation I need. I need to lose at least another 30 pounds. We are having the biggest loser at work again starting the 15th of October. I need to be focused and motivated again. September has not helped. We have so much food at work its crazy!!! like today we had 3 crock pots and a pan of noodles. Then there was the candy, donuts, tomato pie, chips, dips, bread....and 9 cups of coffee i had.

well its late and the next 2 days are going to be long! So that is the update on us!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We have entered the "WHY?? Zone"

Why?? WHY have we entered the WHY ZONE??
I dont know tyler so you would ask "Why?!?"

Yes tyler is at that stage where he has to ask "why?" on everything. Why do we need groceries? So we can eat. Why do we need to eat? UGH!!!

The worse part is that, like i said before, he is a rain man and he has to say it like 3 times. So it goes like this:

Lucas is not home
Why? Why is lucas not home? Why mommy?
Because he went with his mommy.
Why? why did he go with his mommy, why?
because they needed to go to the store.
Why do they go to the store? the store is closed. why they go to the store?
They needed groceries.
Why do they need groceries? they have groceries. Why did they go to the store??
At this point i turned up the radio in the car!!! BAD MOMMY!!

In other DEN news!! Its September and i have began to work overtime including the weekends. So if you have free time you may need to rescue david from tyler and the world of whys!! Funny he can block me out with selective hearing but not Tyler...interesting.

I did manage to finish harvesting and freezing the rest of my tomatoes and most of my pepper!! I have i think 6 more peppers but they are still getting red. I also put alot of my finished scrapbooking pages into an album. I still have some to do, like the pages from 2008. I have alot of photos scrapbooked from 2006. The funny thing is that i stopped printing photos from tylers 1st birthday to this February. So have about 15 months of photos to develop. DANGER. use to scrapbook in chronological order but i have given up on that and started doing whatever photos inspire me!! I am worried that i have done nothing for 2007..oops. I need another girls weekend!! :)

Oh oh the big news is........I sent tylers Learn to Skate paperwork in this week!! I can not wait!! it starts on 27 September!! Yesterday we went to play it again sports and got him some skates!! They are so small and cute!

Well i am going to surf the Internet, then talk myself into doing the laundry :( blah . I hate that its 88 degrees today. I am in the mood for fall weather. mid 70's with a light breeze.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Socks In My Bed

This morning as i was driving to work I realized that i didnt tell a good story about Brenda from this weekend!!! So here you go!

Sunday morning, I woke up and showered. I was sitting on my bed putting my stuff in my bag when I found a pair of socks on my bed. Like on the sheets. Well Brenda was in the shower and they were close to where her bed was so i figured they were her's. When she came back into our room I held up "her socks" and asked why she was leaving her nasty things on my bed?

She took one look at them and said those are NOT mine. We were all like OMG Kristen sleep all night with someone elses socks in her bed...I was ready to take a shower again. i was very grossed out............WHEN............

Brenda goes..oh wait maybe those are the socks i brought to wear today! Sure enough they were her clean socks for the day! I wanted to beat her.

The Rules for next year are:
1) nobodies clothes on Kristens bed but Kristens! Clean or otherwise!
2)Brenda needs to be alittle quicker on her feet so I dont get grossed out! ha-ha!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Organized Chaos

This is the theme of my life on so many levels!

1) For the next month my time is going to be consumed by work as we head toward fiscal year end (FYE). I will be working stupid, I mean long hours and will be counting down the days until October.

2) I just came back from "girls Weekend" and it was great! This year it was just Brenda, Stephanie (and the baby) and I.

We arrived around 830am Saturday morning and we scrapped until about 1am! We were up, showered and back at it by 900!! After 7 more hours of scrapping we packed up and headed home! We all were able to get a lot done! I did about 21 pages!! Yes mostly of tyler

As for the organized chaos. Well take a look at our table!!

And think we had 3 of us at one table! They had 6 tables like that!! I know it looks nuts but we really do know where everything is!! We had a lot of fun and look forward to it every year! We always feel that it takes too long for the weekend to arrive and then its time to go home before we know itl. the scary thing is (besides steph. ghost) that we had Stephanies trailblazer and the back was full with only 3 of us. In fact we had to fold down the seat and that is where we put our overnight bags. Despite driving 2 very excited women in a truck filled with scrapbooking supplies, Stephanie still learned to follow the yellow line while driving!! We can not wait for next year!

In other news Tyler and David survived the weekend without me! Tyler didnt seem to miss me. He wouldn't talk to me on the phone and didnt get too excited when i walked in the door. He did ask his father to take a photo of his toes and send it to my phone while i was gone. I have not figured that out yet!! but if you are interested i have a photo of tylers toes on my cell phone. On Saturday they helped Pappy put our old flooring in his house. Tyler also relived to anyone that would listen the tragic death of the plywood buck at pappys house!

Well i have laundry to mess with and i am very tired from my great weekend! I will stop in and update when i can. I am planning on working everyday from now till October 4th with the hope that i get a day or two off. Coffee is my new best friend!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pet Peeve

My friend Aunt Laurie hates it when she is told
you just don't understand.
I now hate it when i am told:

Kristen you do too much

How do you find the time?

Seriously its not that hard to get things done. Step one decide what you want to do. Do the most important first. Dont sit your butt in the chair!

Another thing that allows me to do all the things i do....i dont sleep that much. Seriously I go to bed at 11 and up at 5. But that works for me. David he needs a full 8 hours of sleep. David still gets alot of stuff done because he works at a faster pace them me. Mows the lawn in 5th gear (Our mower does have a 5th gear right??)

I guess i learned it from my grandparents. They are always out doing something and never home. I call them my teenage grandparents. Even my dad is this way. He mows the lawn so much its like the westmoreland Par 3 instead of the Westmoreland cemetery!

So for those of you that read my blog and get annoyed then don't follow me tomorrow here is my schedule:
Decide if i need to upload photos to be developed for this weekend
work 630-400pm
write my grocery list
Go out to eat for dinner -nothing fancy, maybe the diner or grandes
Go to the scrapbooking store
Grocery shop
Do laundry
Drink more coffee!!!
pack my scrapbooking stuff
pack my clothes
get tyler to bed
get david to bed!
work out!

in short, My advice to everyone make a list, prioritize it and do your best to accomplish it. Don't settle for ... I will get to it tomorrow.

4 Days and Lots of information

First of all, i did not want to update my blog because i loved that photo of Mirasty and I as the first thing you saw when you opened the page! I took some crap from people because they said that it is szarek website and he had no place on it. ... well too bad. I am the one that does the updating!

So here is our crazy week that we have had. On Monday David and my dad (pappy) put in the hardwood floors in the dining room and foyer. They started sometime after 9am and finished up around 4pm. They came out really well! they did a great job! I tried to help picking out boards...even cut a few! but i was not a key player! Tyler was interested in hitting the boards for all 10 minutes. but he did get geared up for the job!! Safety first with Tyler the builder!!!

Well that shot Monday, we didnt do much else! In bed by 9pm! It took me time to reorganize the furniture in the living room since we took out the 1/2 wall. Plus i had alot of cleaning to do. funny story....when the flooring was about 80% complete i jokingly told david....maybe we should take down the wall between the dining room and the foyer! I thought he was going to kill me! i was just kidding!! Wait till i tell him what i want to do with the Kitchen!! I asked David if he wanted us to put hardwood floors in the kitchen and he said nope. So if I want new flooring in there i will need to get tile i guess.

Other house news: I put up my fall decorations. No Halloween stuff yet just my fall leaves! get us in the festive mood! I really want some homemade mac n cheese or chicken riggies. Every year i try and decorate on Labor day weekend. I guess i missed it by a day!! close enough for gov't work!

Garden update

Peppers!! Wednesday was crazy, we had dinner, and then worked in the yard! Tyler picked up all the apples that fell so that some day david can mow the lawn! I had some red peppers ready, so i thew them on the grill and roasted them! I now have 8 roast red peppers to use! I love roasted red peppers! in salads, in pasta, on sandwiches. "YUMM-O" Rachel Ray. Bye friday or saturday i will have more to do! its so easy and its saves you so much $$ they are so expensive in the store.

Tomatoes: I still have so many tomatoes left. i could make more sauce but blah...Not really in the mood! lol !! I stole an idea from Jenny! I put some on my dehydrator and by this morning I had sun dried tomatoes!! I still have 29 tomatoes left. I think i am going to freeze them so i can use them this winter. I have searched for great ideas, some are pretty good but i want something quick i have played with too many tomatoes this year!

Zucc: I still have a ton left. I found a apple zucc bread recipe that sounded yummy i may try that. Since i how have sun dried tomatoes and roasted peppers, i figure i will be making some yummy dips so i am drying some thin zucc to see how they taste as chips. If the chip idea doesnt work out i will throw them in soup! In the last 2 nights i have made 4 more loaves of zucc bread. I dont know what else to do with it.

Squash: i am ready to put it by the road with a free sign. we have so much its out of control.
so that is about it on the home front. I will be at girls weekend from saturday morning till sunday afternoon! i can not wait to go scrapping!! Starting Monday, work is going to suck...OT most every night and on weekend. 26 days to go!! I will be living off coffee! Glad the crunch open up on 13 October! and NHL like the last full week of September. I will need to get my frustrations out! So what do you think of the hockey mom running for VP???
I know that tyler has said some funny things but i am really tired i can not think of anything at the moment. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

MIRASTY!!!!!!!!!!!! :P UPDATED

Yes i get whatever I want! I met Jon Mirasty today. He signed my jersey!! and some other things for us! Plus i got my photo taken with him!! Yes i touched him and no i didnt get arrested!!

Great PHOTO DEAR! I told david it he photo came out bad i would sign divorce papers.

We went up to the state fair at 1pm and met up with the McKenzies - yes they had to get his autograph too! They know he is the best! I make a b-line across the fair to find him - everyone had a hard time keeping up with me! I guess they need to get in shape. Never come between a girl and her hockey player!! After the autograph we basically left. David thinks it was the most expensive autograph ever! but its so worth it! Beside who is david kidding = he knows that he will benefit from it!

We also froze corn this morning. Bernie, Denise, and Grandma came over for breakfast. Then we did 10 dozen corn - 36 bags!! Another job done!! The freezer is getting full but bernie thinks we need more :S So its been a busy day with more to come!

In other news on the day, last night we went to Home depot to get hardwood flooring. David thinks we need 9 boxes i think we need 8! We will see who wins! This evening we are going to start getting the old flooring up in the dinning room so that tomorrow we can lay the new flooring. We are the only people that work on labor day! More to come on this!!! Work in Progress!

UPDATED at 932pm - we have removed the wall between the rooms, and pulled up the old flooring in the dining room. We still need to pull the flooring up in the entry! Tomorrow we will start laying it. I have some photos of our progress and our little helper! The highlights tonight have been: David broke his crow bar and smacked his knee. I broke a finger nail and lost a toe nail.