Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the season for ....bahumbug (sp?)

okay i am officially over the Christmas season. I am sorry for the negativeness of this posting. let me recap our last 19 hours......

4:45-leave to take tyler to my moms, phone rings and they want david to drive an emergency response thing to Hudson. Turns it down

5:45-On the NY State Thruway when 5 one foot long chunks of ice came off a tour bus. BAMB no more windshield. Thank god nothing else happened. No other damaged to the car and i didnt lose control or anything. But the scrooge in me did hope the bus driver got a flat tire...jackass.

7:25-Due to the snow the oncenter parking garage is backed up and we can not get in. I missed Mirasty stretching.

7:35-I walked right past Mario Andretti... like 5 feet away..I think i was taller then him.

7:40-930 Crunch played like crap. The other team would not fight Mirasty.....Dont they know how bad i needed that? He wanted to fight for me!!! Okay i am trying to think of something here to cheer me up!!

930-Fight in the stands that was more entertaining the game....5 grown men fighting over a 1.00 bag of fritos handed out by the ice skanks and that stupid ass monkey

930-10 Crunch try to make a come back score two goals in like 1 minute or something but they still played like crap. They lost by one - sorry but they deserved the loss. They didnt play like a team.

10-11 Drive home with crappy windshield and get scared every time i see something come off a car or truck

1130 Get home to find a message for david to call work....possibly going to ice damaged area

6am call in the claim to the insurance company

730 call from NY State DOT david is leaving till by noon today till wednesday but unknown

800 nobody has glass for an 08 equinox has to get fixed on monday i have to drive the tank this weekend

So this sucks. I am sorry if i am moody but WTF? Here are the Kristen Szarek political views on this crap. I think the NY State DOT is gay. The storm hit on friday, they decided at midnight they need to send people to help out. Gov. Patterson is fixing the budget so sure send an out of town crew on overtime to help with an emergency then they can cry that they have no money because of his budget. They can say if they were full staffed it wouldnt of cost as much and it wouldn't of taken as long to respond. This is how gay it is for them to go....they work on state highways only so the tree has to be on a stateroad. It can not have power lines or telephone lines near it or they can not touch it. It has to be in the air still for them to touch it. SO reallly how many trees are they going to work on? It has to be a state of emergancy for them to go on non state roads. but do to snow we have here in the mohawk valley they are only taking a crew of 3 guys, 2 supervisors and a worker. They are going to get so much done! Okay so here is my positive outlook on this...we can pay our oil bill off with the ot money.

So my friend jenny posted some photos of the ice storm she lives down towards albany. You can click on the link on the sidebar. ScrapstudioJ. I am telling myself david is helping Jenny that has helped to put me in a little better mood.

So tyler and i today need to make cookies for tuesdays swap, wrap the gifts for tomorrows party, go grocery shopping, finish a gift by tuesday, wrap the gifts for tuesday, make cookies for work. I am not helping because i am so moody that i have not even showered yet. I am just bitching on the blog!!

Okay i am going to shower and try to get into a better mood..maybe i will eat something yummy first. Emotional eating the key to the world!!

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Jenny said...

Thanks for sending David our way. We needed him. Sounds like you need a scrapbook get-a-way! I'm working on it. I'll keep you posted...