Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pet Peeve

My friend Aunt Laurie hates it when she is told
you just don't understand.
I now hate it when i am told:

Kristen you do too much

How do you find the time?

Seriously its not that hard to get things done. Step one decide what you want to do. Do the most important first. Dont sit your butt in the chair!

Another thing that allows me to do all the things i do....i dont sleep that much. Seriously I go to bed at 11 and up at 5. But that works for me. David he needs a full 8 hours of sleep. David still gets alot of stuff done because he works at a faster pace them me. Mows the lawn in 5th gear (Our mower does have a 5th gear right??)

I guess i learned it from my grandparents. They are always out doing something and never home. I call them my teenage grandparents. Even my dad is this way. He mows the lawn so much its like the westmoreland Par 3 instead of the Westmoreland cemetery!

So for those of you that read my blog and get annoyed then don't follow me tomorrow here is my schedule:
Decide if i need to upload photos to be developed for this weekend
work 630-400pm
write my grocery list
Go out to eat for dinner -nothing fancy, maybe the diner or grandes
Go to the scrapbooking store
Grocery shop
Do laundry
Drink more coffee!!!
pack my scrapbooking stuff
pack my clothes
get tyler to bed
get david to bed!
work out!

in short, My advice to everyone make a list, prioritize it and do your best to accomplish it. Don't settle for ... I will get to it tomorrow.

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