Sunday, August 31, 2008

MIRASTY!!!!!!!!!!!! :P UPDATED

Yes i get whatever I want! I met Jon Mirasty today. He signed my jersey!! and some other things for us! Plus i got my photo taken with him!! Yes i touched him and no i didnt get arrested!!

Great PHOTO DEAR! I told david it he photo came out bad i would sign divorce papers.

We went up to the state fair at 1pm and met up with the McKenzies - yes they had to get his autograph too! They know he is the best! I make a b-line across the fair to find him - everyone had a hard time keeping up with me! I guess they need to get in shape. Never come between a girl and her hockey player!! After the autograph we basically left. David thinks it was the most expensive autograph ever! but its so worth it! Beside who is david kidding = he knows that he will benefit from it!

We also froze corn this morning. Bernie, Denise, and Grandma came over for breakfast. Then we did 10 dozen corn - 36 bags!! Another job done!! The freezer is getting full but bernie thinks we need more :S So its been a busy day with more to come!

In other news on the day, last night we went to Home depot to get hardwood flooring. David thinks we need 9 boxes i think we need 8! We will see who wins! This evening we are going to start getting the old flooring up in the dinning room so that tomorrow we can lay the new flooring. We are the only people that work on labor day! More to come on this!!! Work in Progress!

UPDATED at 932pm - we have removed the wall between the rooms, and pulled up the old flooring in the dining room. We still need to pull the flooring up in the entry! Tomorrow we will start laying it. I have some photos of our progress and our little helper! The highlights tonight have been: David broke his crow bar and smacked his knee. I broke a finger nail and lost a toe nail.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lazy Day - Garden updates!

I have no energy today. I think my child gave me whatever he had. Yesterday he had a 101 fever and was lazy all day. Today he will not eat but no fever and all kinds of energy. Today i asked him if he hurt anywhere like his belly.. No mommy my belly no back hurts! Okay Little David!
Me?, well, i took a nap. Yes, that is right Kristen Szarek Naps....but dont get use to it. I was tired it couldnt be from the very long week i had at work!

Either way were were productive so far today! I made 5 Jars of Sauce! yes from scratch, using the tomatoes from my garden! This makes a total of 6 jars plus a ton of salsa and i still have tomatoes left. I have no idea what else to make with them. I guess i could make some more sauce. Think think think think!! Any ideas?!?

So we did also dig up our red potatoes. we got quite a few! We only planted 2 little ones look at the size of some of these! I will try to upload more photos to Webshots. The sweet potatoes are not ready yet...I dont think we are going to be very successful in that department.

We pulled out our broccoli and tomato plants today. That just leave the pepper plants in the little garden. I am waiting for them to get good and red and make some roasted red peppers! The big garden still has the zucc and squash plants, along with the potatoes and cukes. Sadly tyler was a bad driver on his mow and killed our pumpkins :(

We do not expect to get anymore squash but we have had such a good crop that we didnt pick anything this week. And, well, they got really big! I have so much yellow squash. I dont know what else to do with it. I have froze it: Steamed, sauteed and breaded. Maybe i will make a light white sauce and put some in there. That would be good with Pasta and chicken. I have so many ideas for the garden next year! i want to do beans, peas (we forgot this year), spinach (it didnt come up:( and herbs. I use to always grow herbs and i stopped.

Update for tomorrow! I think i won!!! David has agreed to going to the state fair again! I think he is afraid I will get arrested if I go by myself....Dont touch the hockey player! We are going to freeze corn in the morning then go. Provided that the family is not sick.
Well i guess i need to make my husband dinner, he already asked me what i was planning on making. He is currently mowing the law. I am so happy its Labor day weekend! my favorite weekend of the year because i can put up my fall decorations. That is on my to do list for either Monday to this evening. I already put up my flag outside!!! I am waiting for Angela to call and yell at me! I should make a nice fall dish for dinner.....

By the way thanks for all the feedback! Glad people are finding enjoyment from reading about our life!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Okay my hockey player! Who is so hot and amazing is going to be signing autographs at the fair on Sunday. Now my husband told me that Mirasty will be signing autographs another time so no we were not going. Somedays he sounds like my father and not my husband~shh dont tell him that!!
The funny thing is I know that if it was Tiffany L from his hunting show we would be going. SO now i need to find a way to go. I guess i need to use my woman powers! Maybe I can talk him into dropping me off at the fair while he goes to Bass Pro!! Hmm that is a great idea!! Anyone interested in going with David to Bass Pro?? :P

Come on, one of you want to help me!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Glasses story

Since tyler is telling this to everyone anyway....

At the zoo today, tyler needed to go potty. I put my sunglasses on my head and took him into the bathroom. As i leaned over to help him with his farmer jeans my glasses fell off and into the toilet. So if you see any great sales on sunglasses... let me know!!

Utica Zoo

Tyler and I stopped at Nana and Poppops on the way to the zoo. Surprisingly they were home and not doing anything! We asked them to go with us to the zoo! We had a great time and saw alot of animals! Tiger, sealions, monkeys, camels and more. tyler was able to pet a baby camel and goats! It is so rare for tyler to see goats!! He had lots of fun and feel asleep on the way home! I am going to take this opportunity to scrapbook! I uploaded the photos to webshots. Below is a photo of the wildest animal at the zoo:

Speaking of wild animals! I have received some feedback about my favorite hockey player. People, Mirasty is the best! That other guy...i forget his name Mac-dont-know-how-to-play is such a loser he doesnt even have a website! So sorry i can not link him to this amazing blog! :) MIRASTY #41!

Martha who???

Martha Stewart and Betty crocker have nothing on us! Yesterday was a marathon day we completed the following:

Mowed the law
changed the oil in my truck
washed Davids truck
cleaned the garage
cleaned the house (but the floors need to be done again)
upload photos to webshots..see them here
Froze 3 quarts of summer squash
made 2 full size loaves of zucc. bread
made 4 mini loaves of zucc. bread
made 6 mini bun loaves of zucc. bread
1 fully decorated birthday cake
1 pan of zucc. crisp
12 corn muffins
4 mini corn loaves
8 pints of Salsa - then i ran out of containers so the rest is in a 1 liter container.
Went to moms for dinner and her birthday cake...HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMY!!

Our freezer is getting full! we are going to have lots of yummy food to eat this winter! This is the best summer harvest we have ever had! We still have more summer squash and tomatoes. I think with the rest of the tomatoes i am going to make sauce! we are also getting some red peppers so i think i am going to roast them and jar them too! I love roasted red peppers in everything! Next weekend we are doing corn with bernie and denise.

So obviously i am very tired now! Thankfully i have today off. I was going to go to work today because i felt obligated but i changed my mind. okay i was told to stay home, and not by my husband! tyler and I are going to go to the Utica zoo today! And then just hang out! i would like to scrapbook some. I can not believe the zoo doesnt open till 10. that sucks we are up and ready to go. what is there to do at 730 in the morning? I guess i need another cup of coffee!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

State Fair

Today we went to the state fair. We saw cows, bulls, goats, rabbits, rabbits making baby rabbits, fish and more. Yes you did just read that correctly! In the 4H building 2 rabbits available for petting were doing their own meet and greet. EDUCATIONAL! It was a great time. At first Tyler didn't want to the see the animals and then he did and then he was crabby and then he was happy....Ahh Life with a 2 year old. Here he is petting a horse that really liked his shoes!

We didnt see everything, it was crowded and hot and we knew not to push it with tyler or Bobby! Yes the McKenzie's made the trip with us! They are no longer NY state fair virgins! They were very shocked that it is so big! I wanted them to get the .25 milk from the Rainbow cafe!! I know it is a tradition but the line was ridiculous. And tyler was crashing. I did get them to try Salt potatoes, you know the real ones, that are soaked in butter! I even have proof:

I hope they had a good time! We have really expanded their CNY-ness this year. Besides Hockey games, we have gone to the clark mills field day, they showed up while we were camping, they trusted us with angel and Chris went with me to get a pedicure!! By the way i am about due for another one! hint hint!!

What else... lets see..

Kristen moment:
I wish i have my video camera right this moment. Tyler is chasing a Monarch butterfly around the lawn. Its so funny and cute at the same time!

Okay back to the statefair. Bernie and Denises salsa is on sale in the pride of new york display! see the photo here I have added the link for the salsa to our blog!! I also added my favorite hockey players website. Go check his photos out! yummy yummy!! Nasty Mirasty!!!! I call him MY LITTLE MCNASTY!!

Well that is all for now! I would love to nap but we have things to do around the house.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Your 2 year old might be a redneck if...

While reading the three little pigs, We get to the part with the big bad wolf being naughty;

He asks: Where is the pig's daddy and his gun?

True story. SO glad he watches the outdoor channel all the time with daddy.

The Lesson: Don't be naughty when Tyler, Tyler's daddy and Tyler's daddy's gun is around!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Living with Rainman

I think tyler could be rainman... Seriously.

Okay all this week he has to tell me the same thing countless times. And he can repeat my sentences word for the other day:
Me: Tyler i am going to put the bags in the car then I will get you juice and we will go.
Tyler: you go put the bags in the car then get me juice then we go.... REPEAT 3times.

But the thing is he is really smart too.

The other night i came home with a Nice N Easy coffee.. he told me 5 times that i was drinking Pappys coffee and that i had to take it to him. I think he put me in time out!

One morning this week i was thinking about work and missed the road to Stephanies. He said mommy you no go this way to stephanies. I tried to get him not to tell david but that didnt work too well.

Now I am not that good with this generation thing. i have no idea what generation i am or what tyer is. I am going to call his generation Y2K-ers! I have noticed that his age group's key word is 'NEED' - they NEED everything. Mommy I needed Candy, I need that toy, I need to watch Bob the builder. They know what the word "Need" means and how to use it. THEY are only 2? He is going to be smarter then me by kindergarden :(

Well off to finish Laundry, make some zucc. bread and work out!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation is over

Well back to work tomorrow. I wish i had 2 weeks off! We finished the weekend off with another busy schedule. Friday we did all our running around...groceries, walmart, Gander mountain. My husband and father got a two person tree stand. Do they just sound like the cozy little couple bow hunting? haha! SO i was quickly corrected by them that it was so TYLER could go hunting. Yes a 2 year old in the woods 16 feet in the air - sounds like a mothers dream. At least David got it at Ganger mountain other wise they were going to drive back out to Bass Pro today.

Yesterday we had Jodis wedding at White Eagle. I will try to upload some of my photos to webshots later this week, i was having major camera issues. It was a very nice afternoon wedding...Jodi-next time have the DJ play more slow songs! I loved my dress - but sad that i didnt get to use it! Since David wouldn't dance till a slow song and they didnt play any:(
Oh Jodi - I was wrong about the tape - ouch!!

In case any of you didnt know David is not plowing snow this winter - well only the parking lot. He will probably only have 5 hours OT a paycheck instead of the normal 20+. It will be nice to have him home, be able to plan more things this winter (like more Crunch games - GO MIRASTY!!!) and he will not be crabby I mean Sleepy!!! We have had a very successful garden year - so i have been trying to freeze/jar as much as I can to keep our grocery bill down this winter. So far we have freezed:
10 jars strawberry Jam
8 quarts of broccoli
5 quarts of steamed summer squash
5 quarts of breaded baked summer squash
several loaves of zucc. bread
and today i jarred my first jar of tomato sauce

I was so excited to jar something! we still have a lot of tomatoes and squash so we will be adding to our freezer. say a pray that our freeze issues are over - or u just might see me on that TV show SNAPPED!

well enough putting off work. I still need to do laundry and get ready for work. At least dinner for tomorrow is done! i cooked it today!

Tyler story of the day: As i was finishing eatting tyler comes up to with a baby wipe... "Hold on mommy, this will just take a minute, I will be fast. You need to clean your face after eatting."
Who is the parent here??? I feel 2 sometimes!!

Have a great week! ~the Szareks

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Off and Running

Okay, I think I have this set the way I want it! But just in case consider it under construction!

We are on vacation this week and creating a blog was on my to do list! We have done a lot this week so far!

Sunday-Wednesday we camped at 8th Lake campground! We finally after years and years of attempts made it to bug lake!

Tyler was not up for the walk and we backpacked him most of the way! He even fell asleep on the way back to the site! here is a classic Tyler moment! We laid him on our bed to nap and David laid down with him. I decided to sleep in Tyler's bed. Once i woke up Tyler told me: "Mommy you no sleep in my bed i Sleep in my bed." I responded "but you were sleeping in my bed" my smart little 2 year old tells me "I NEED to sleep you no Sleep" He thinks he is Dr. Phil.

Tuesday we hiked up Bald Mountain. This time Tyler did it all by himself all the way up. He was so proud to get to the top! He did great! It was a great day for the walk/climb! Everyone he saw he had to tell them how he was going to the top!

Thursday we went West! We started at the Syracuse Zoo and saw Lions, tigers and elephants! After lunch we went to Bass Pro Shop for Daddy! On the way home we stopped at the scrapbooking store for Mommy! It was a great day! Tomorrow is shopping day!
I hope you all enjoy our new little blog. its fun to document the happenings of our life! Like last week when Tyler told me: "mommy you no clean my room, I like it messy"

Well, we still have several busy days ahead of us. I will be back soon! let me know what you think of the blog. Any suggestions are welcome!

Still on the to do list:
Take Wyatt to petsmart
Go to Joanns
grocery shop
Jodi;s wedding
make and freeze some zucchini bread (Spelling)
Freeze some summer squash
start my sesame street scrapbook

Getting started

Well i have wanted to do this for awhile. I love going to my friends Jenny's blog and checking in to see what they are up to! So i am going to give this a try! I hope you all enjoy a day in the life of our little den!