Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tis the season of Happy and Joy

Okay the reality it’s the season of stress, spending and gluttony.   There is so much to do in these short days its hard to just enjoy it.  That’s the problem with coming from big families, so many people to see, so many people to buy for, so much freaking food to eat. 

I will do what I can to keep my plate empty.  I am not gaining back what I worked all year at keeping off!  As for the shopping, Brenda and I took on Black Friday like a Army ready for war.  Each store a battle, the only battle we lost was sleep!  We were pretty successful this year!

I do enjoy the trill of black Friday and the savings.  So I think I would really go no matter what.  But I would really love to spend the day in Clinton or Old Forge and go on sleigh rides and such.  But its hard, I need that marathon shopping and savings to survive the season.  We buy for so many people its crazy.

Last year we wanted to stay home on xmas.  Everyone was mad at us.  David, I, Tyler and Emma are a family too and yes we are part your family.  So they expect their all family at their Christmas celebration.  We ended up just running from house to house each day and then on the 26th everyone came to our house, through out the day, to see the kids toys.  I had a hard time understanding that since we wanted everyone to come to our house to begin with, but I have come to learn that being an adult will mean you never understand a lot of life.

So this year we are debating Santa coming a day early.  He would come the morning of the 24th and we would enjoy the morning as Christmas morning.  We would have all day to chillin’ in our PJs and play with our gifts.  We have no place to be till 4pm that day.  Then on the 25th we would have a slow relaxing morning before going to more people’s houses for celebrations.

So is it wrong to do that, everyone is going to have an option.  We will be right and we will be wrong.  But bottom line what is best for my kids ??  When my parents divorced santa had come a day early so if does that for divorce I would think he could do it for us to keep world peace!! lol  Ahh the stress of the holiday.  Drink and be Merry!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5 Times the Fun!

I really do not know what happened, just last weekend it was August and now it’s Thanksgiving week.  Really where the time go?  I feel like I am in a never ending state of playing catch up.  I broke all my rules with Tyler’s Birthday party this year.  I booked the zoo a month or so ago but then I never took action on anything else until 2 weeks ago. 

We decided to do a “friends” party at the zoo from 2-4 then have a family party at the house at 6pm.  Well I never let the family know until last week and then just today I noticed that I had not given 2 people their invitations.  This is so not like me. I typically have everything determined in October, party supplies no later than Davids birthday.  I ordered my normal cupcake rings but this time they arrived on baking day..danger!  I hope I can pull it together by Xmas.  Here are some of the great photos from the events:

My Goodie Bags The Cupcakes
709 712
Can I just tell you as a mom, buying this pails are such a great investment because they can go with any theme This year since the party was at the zoo we of course did Diego the animal rescuer
717 716
The Kids were able to feed the camels, by stuffing boxes with bamboo and paper  
740 744
747 752

Then our we were able to have visits from 3 animals



And then it was cake time!


I know what you are thinking..Where is Emma?  She missed the zoo party but was at the party at the house.  She has pink eye Sad smile


But its not getting her down!