Monday, November 17, 2008

Tylers New Room!

Check it out we have tylers room complete. I actually feel that its complete, i mean maybe i will hang some thing up on the one wall by the window or put something else on the dresser. However, if i never do its okay with me! i am really proud of how it turned out. I feel like the bed side is from a magazine. I need something to improve the dresser side but like i said its okay for now! He seems to like it!

These are tylers fish, Nemo and Nemo too! I had been dropping hints that i wanted tyler to have some fish and David was not into it. So today the bad wife that i am, i took comp time from my trip and left work around 1pm. I picked up tyler and headed to walmart! We purchased our new members of the family!! We were at home trying to set up the fish tank when david came home. I was trying to get tyler to not tell him but he was too excited!. Daddy daddy, come see my fishy! Bad wife bad!!!

Well I need to do the dishes, fold 3 loads of laundry, wash another 2, and start cleaning the toy room. Our weekend does not exist this weekend. Friday is my birthday, after work I need to get the rest of the goods for tylers party. Then Saturday is Tylers birthday!! David is probably going hunting that morning so i think i may take tyler for breakfast! Then i want to take him to toys r us, since he has his birthday club card. I need to run to the sauquoit valley craft show but we have a wedding at 3 or 4 in syracuse. I still need to find a sitter for tyler. somewhere in there i need to make all the cup cakes. My goal for this week is the clean the entire house by Thursday night so that on sunday we just need to do the floors, clean the bathrooms and get ready for the party! Thank god i have Monday off!

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HeatherMarie724 said...

Aww, it's so cute!! You guys did an awesome job. I'll be home this Thursday night, I have a Dr. appt on Friday and I'm not sure when we are leaving for the wedding, but if i canhelp with anything this weekend I will!