Saturday, November 29, 2008

10,000 Shoppers and 1500 Cowbells

What a better way to spend Black Friday!!

I began my day at 5am with a little DD (that's dunkin Donuts for you non coffee nuts) before hooking up with Brenda at Kohls. The lines were long but the deals were good! It actually moved right along and i used my bday gift card to get a great new pair of shoes (xmas gift idea for me...non-white socks - thanks).

From there we spilt up to get the best coverage....Brenda went to kmart and Target and i went to Micheal's, and Staples. Micheal's was selling Cricut cart. for $29.99 That is unheard of they are normally like 89. By far the best deal of Black Friday. I was very disappointed with ads this year but I still went shopping! Tradition is tradition

We had breakfast and then went to Walmart - you know after the chaos!! It was by black friday standards dead at 10am. I really question the genius (obviously male) that redesigned the New Hartford store. Why would you put Toys next to electronics? Its a traffic jam nightmare....and it keeps everyone on one side of the store. To our much surprise we found all the hot deals we wanted at walmart....the $8 jeans for David, the $10 Disney Cars toys and 3 piece PJs...We figure they would be long gone. So either...the economy did effect the numbers of shoppers or walmart ordered alot of the cheap stuff! I would go with walmart ordering more because when i went to Micheals at 6am the entire Consumer Square parking lot was full. Brenda and I did come up with a amazing plan for shopping at walmart but we can not share that with you!!

I went home and unloaded my truck! I tried to rest up alittle before going to the Crunch Game. It was cowbell night! 1500 cowbells were handed out to the fans! OH YEAH!! I have a fever...a fever for some more cowbells!!! It was a great game and really 1500 cowbells are not as loud as you think! The crunch won 5-1!! I tried to win the game worn Mirasty Jersey but it didnt happen i guess i had too many good deals already on friday. David was happy because he knew i would of slept with it!!

I guess i need to get off the computer and start cleaning. my son has completely trashed this house in less then 2 hours today. It amazing what a 3 year old can do when you fall back to sleep on the couch at 6am and he is left unattended. I need to go food shopping and take down my fall decorations. Is it lunch yet...i really want some stuffing leftovers!

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