Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Photos

Here are some random summer photos.

How cute are these two?? too sweet

Having fun on the big waterslide
Jenna too

In the bouncy house

Mid July we went to the firetruck show. Here is Emma and tyler in a Army vehical

Just missing one

Hey are just so sweet!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

any suggestions on why my morning glory is not blooming?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Szarek Szarek how does your garden grow??

Now That i have my laptop it so much easier to catch the blog up! Stand by for lots of entries!! Here is where we stand with the the garden!!

Its been an interesting year with the weather. Due to a late frost we have lost our apples for this year. I am so disappointed with that. The Crows and turkeys ate all our corn and sunflowers 3 times ...grrrrrr. So i think that is the bad news!

Tyler has been a great help with the garden, he goes out and picks the peas and beans. He is so active now omg. Here he is leaping over the dog repeatedly.

He has finally passed his drivers test and now can drive with a minor in the gator! I dont know who was more excited him or Emma. She loves going for rides and yes she is buckled in.

Look we have acorn squash starting!!! I am so excited its has been forever since we have grown a winter squash!

This is a shot of our big garden on the right is zucchini and summer squash. In the middle are the cukes that have run a muck! the left side has some hot pepper and the acorn squash. Tyler planted a watermelon plant in the middle of that row..its growing but i dont know if there are any blooms. Also i have an eggplant but it doesnt seem to be doing too well, i have never grown or eaten eggplant so i am hope this works out.

We have baby Brussels sprouts starting!
Here are all our tomatoes. Finally we have one that has started to turn orange. I fear that all of them will turn at the same time! I had to get the plants from my inlaws because most of my seedlings didnt make it. However you see that little plant in the front? That one i grew from seeds that i saved from my inlaws heirloom tomatoes last year. It has 3 little blooms on it!! It will be an organic szarek tomatoes! we have a mix of types in the garden...Jet Star, brandywine (or is it brandyvine?) some white tomato that tyler got.

Despite the fact that i planted my peas, green and wax beans in phases, all the rows were ready within about 2 weeks of each other. we did enjoy lots of peas and beans. Tyler was very upset that we pulled them all out because he loved to pick them. so this past weekend we planted more and are hoping for a late season crop.

While we work in the garden Miss Emma likes to play with Max, but she calls him Dogie!

Isnt it refreshing to walk barefoot in the grass? I love it!!

I am so glad we decided to plant strawberries. Isnt a cute little plant?

Our first little strawberry
We have had a good year with our broccoli but the heads are not nearly as big as last year.

Max is waiting for the carrots to be ready!

Tyler was so excited to find a ladybug!

Our pumpkins and potatoes are doing well. I am hoping for a good potatoe and onion crop! we will see how it goes. well i hope you enjoyed your update!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Late Ladybug Party

I am only a few weeks late but i can finally recap my 4 years in the making Ladybug party! Most people think i wanted to have a ladybug party because of tori spellings party for her daughter (seriously google Tori Spelling ladybug party) but really i have to give credit to elizabeth hasselbeck (the View) she had a party for her oldest daughter and for some reason i saw the photos from that before i was even pregnant with Tyler. I have been waiting for this day since then!

For the most part it was as planned. I wanted to do a few other things and the wind was not making it easy on the decorations. But i think those in attendance had a great time! Sadly when i tried to upload the photos to Blogger they are not in order and i am not use to my laptop yet to switch them around so just bear with me!

Emma had so much fun she was a big mess with her cake but she really loved the ice cream.

My little ladybug! I ordered these cute little antenna for emma and the little kids (but i stole one!) for the bigger kids i ordered fun ones in other colors but i didnt get any photos :(

So i completely decorated in pink and green with a little bit of Red. I used alot of the So Sweet ladybug items from Birthday Express and alot of items from Oriental express.

i used these pails from target for a $1 to tie the balloons too. I filled them with tissue paper i had planned to put snacks in them with pin wheels but it was so windy we were afraid of the mess. Each table also had a ladybug pop toy and ladybug bubbles. A sea of pink and green perfect for our ladybug queen!

Turning 1 is so sweet! We had a whole sweet table of pink red and green candy!

A close up of the cupcakes for the guests!

It was a great day! The kids got to play one the playground have a water gun fight and sneak up on the adults with silly string! Miss Emma was asleep before we left park! Less than 360 days till her next birthday......Strawberry shortcake?? hmm maybe!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

-Kristen :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

ready for the 4th of july parade....emma fell asleep half way through it..i had to carry her the rest of the way!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

she is trying to kick him and he is trying to make her go to high! what love!
-Kristen :)

-Kristen :)