Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmas Wish

Christmas wish....Santa, i have been very good this year!! Please bring me a new camera. I have had it with my old one. Last night as my child went to sit on Santa's lap it broke. I lost most of my photos from last night. The ones i do have are blurry. Look at the below entry on how terrible of a photo it took of our tree. grrr.
I am very thankful for our other Christmas wish....gas prices. I never though i would see the day that they were below 2.00! Today we put gas in my car and it was only 23.00 and i was under a quarter of a tank. Its a beautiful thing!!! Basically we filled up both vehicles today for the cost of just one davids truck over the summer!

I am hoping to be in full swing tomorrow with Christmas. I want to finish up a few projects, get my cards out, wrap gifts and have my cookie ideas outlined. Yeah I know that is a big list and since i have not even done laundry yet i dont think it will all happen.....but it is the season of dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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