Sunday, May 22, 2011


This morning Emma took every opportunity to write on herself with a marker.  Orange on her legs, red on her hands and blue on her face.  I asked her what she was thinking?  Then tyler says:  “Emma if you keep this up you are going to turn into a rainbow” it was so cute!

Tyler stole my camera today when we started the garden:



the worms he found in the garden!


The garden is started!!!! We hope to finish it up during the week or monday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Westmoreland Summer Farmer’s Market

Starting the first weekend in May, the Westmoreland Fire Department started to hosting a farmer’s market.  The market allowed our local volunteer department to raise funds while providing local farmers an opportunity to sell their product.  As a third benefit the market allows local residents access to quality foods and products!

024 Located behind the firehouse on Station Road, the Market runs each Sunday from 10-2.

Some of the great products you can find at the market are: Goat cheese, Pasta, Cookies, Meats, Plants, Salsa, gift baskets and more!  Here are some great photos from the Market!


Local Honey!

JCookies –My kids loved the choc. chip!

Heamour Farms!! Organic maple syrup, eggs and wonderful Farmstead goat and cows milk cheese and the feta is the best!!


Flour City Pasta Guy - Fred, brought lots of great pasta and recipes to go with each one!!

040 026
037William Lipsey of Drover Hill Farm!! The best pasture raised restaurant quality beef, port and lamb you will ever taste!! 043
Old Goat SALSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emma taking a moment to smell the flowers
Szarek Farms with lots of spring plants

C& F Drafts has a great eclectic selection of hand made items and gift baskets for every occasion


Emma Looking for more cookies!!

More information on the market can be found on their Facebook page at:!/pages/Westmoreland-Summer-Farmers-Market/206262639388193

Stop in and try some fresh food!  Remember the Firemen will be in the pole barn selling food and refreshments! Come hungry and leave full with dinner all planned out!

Menu planning

I know I am a few days late:
  • Saturday: make your own pizza night
  • Sunday: shrimp pasta
  • Monday TODAY: Steak and brown rice with steamed veggies
  • Tuesday: BLT (Tball night) but I will be having a BLTZ  Save bacon slices from tomorrows burgers!
  • Wednesday: Hamburgers/Turkey burgers
  • Thursday: Haddock
  • Friday: Minute steak Fajitas
  • Saturday: 2 parties no cooking for me!
  • Sunday: Grilled chicken and zucchini
  • Monday: Tilapia tacos
  • Tuesday: Sausage Subs – I found a new chicken sausage for me that was low cal and low fat – I am going to test it out!
  • Wednesday: BLT (Tball night) but I will be having a BLTZ
  • Thursday: Stuffed Chicken Rolls (Kinda like this )

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So much time…

has passed.  Oh my! I am so sorry that I have not updated this sooner!  I promise to do better.  Ugh I wish I had a good excuse I mean I have been crazy busy and I end each night watching a few minutes of TV with my laptop.  I guess I just have not had the brain power to type sentences!  Facebook is easier I just need to click Like! haha!

Okay let me get you up to date on a few things.  then this week I will go into detail on some fun events and happenings!

wow I need to go back to Easter! Ugh! I have slacked!

This is Emma’s Mess! I mean Emma coloring eggs.  She damaged all her eggs coloring them!  She is a tornado!  They did get colored but you can see the big mess in both photos.  She was done coloring them in less then 2 minutes.


Tyler was more serious and focused like his mother!!!  He even made a camo egg!!


Want to see my egg!


Easter Morning!


May 1st was a big day! David woke tyler up bright and early so they could go turkey hunting.  I heard them leave the house and then at 625 I heard them back in the house!  Because they got this:


That was also the first day of Soccer!  Tyler is still doing great with it!  He really loves soccer because you “get to run all the time!”


We also have Tball going on! Yeah I know I did it to myself!


Its really cute the kids are doing great!

Miss Emma gets a lot of time on the playground!


Okay that’s enough for now!  I will publish this one! and draft a few others so you have more updated during the week!!!

But scroll down I posted 2 quick ones last night!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make your Own Pizza Night!

Tonight was make your own pizza night.  When I planned it I figured it would be easy if we were busy trying to get things done. well I turned out just as well with today being very overcast and drizzly.  The kids had fun with it:


Once they were done we put them in the oven, they were easy to tell the difference.  Tyler put one lone pepperoni on top of his.  Emma put 2 pepperonis that had a bite missing from them!


Mine was very Garden Friendly!!


I used a premade pizza shell and spread some basil herbed goat cheese on it. Then i added a cut up green onion, zucchini, red pepper and chicken.  I topped it with a bit of mozz. cheese!!  It was so good!  I ate 3/4 of it for under 400 calories!  David even at the other 1/4 that was left!

I know I Know I used a premade shell but what's a girl to do I was expecting to have the time to make pizza dough from scratch – not that I ever have before!!  I would love to try it some time so hit me with a good dough recipe!  

What would you put on your dream pizza?

Current photos

Its nuts here, 6 directions and not enough time in the day.  Seriously it took longer to fill the bath tub then it took to wash the kids I just didn’t have time for them to play.  we didn’t get home from tee ball till 750.  How I need to work on my appraisal input for work.

Here are some recent photos of my progress:

This was mothers day at the zoo


This was before my Tylers preschool prom!  That dress is a size medium


My thermometer pants that I now fit into!


Check out these arms:


I have some muscles in there they are under a layer of fat to keep them safe!

I am at 68 pounds lost …wait to see what the next few months bring!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

2 Sweet New Apps

I recently upgraded my phone.  Yeah I thought I could handle so much information and technology in the palm of my hand.  It’s a smart phone – meaning you have to be smart to use it! lol I am having issues updating my contacts – seriously.  Anyway it opened the world to Apps for me!

The first app I downloaded was app.  My friends at work have been telling me all about it.  Previously, I was texting what I at to my home email account and then adding it up in an excel spreadsheet.  The database is amazing and I love that I can access it via my cell and computer!  The quick glimpse summary is great:


The one thing I do not like is as I log my activity it gives me more calories.   I have never given myself extra calories for working out. Do any of you?  I have been sticking to the 1200 calorie guideline.  They suggest that I only eat 45g of protein a day.  that is significantly lower then what I have been doing via my trainer.

The second App was  it uses GPS to track you as you run, walk, hike, bike….!  Once you are done it gives you a total time, mileage, cal burned. avg mins per mile, your elevation, your mile times and more.  If you go on the website it has an interactive map that shows your speed with the corresponding elevation!


This is a recap of the run I did both Sat and Sunday!


Does anyone know if there is an app for Phones for Dummies?  Weight day tomorrow!