Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Spring Day

Tyler told me that its spring day. Not sure what that means but he was outside for most of the day playing. He would play then check on max, play then check on max. At one point he was in playing with Max for a good 20 minutes!!

Jenny found signs of spring at her house last weekend.....I didnt find them until today! My bulbs are starting to come up! However, must max isnt the only bunny in the den because a little cottontail ate the tops of alot of them :(. I am not sure why we have so many rabbit up at the house with a 110 pound lab on patrol. I think he maybe semi retired~!! We have rabbit poo everywhere in the landscaping and we are missing lots of branches on the bushes.

Yesterday we had a snow owl land on our house. I was at the sink and watched it fly right at the house....i thought for sure it was going hit the side of the house. It didnt stay long (like less then a minute) and took off for the swamp. He must be going back north..he was so pretty and pure white. I wish we could of gotten a photo of him.

I really had no motivation today, i just wanted to sit outside in the sun! I hope i dont get spring-ids and can not go to work tomorrow!! I didnt feel the greatest today. We did have a summer dinner that included watermelon. I told david it was for spring but he said it was for baby!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Meet Little Bunny (aka Max)!!

Tyler told me his name is Little Bunny, I want to call him Max. Last night while we were sleeping a little bunny made himself at home in our cage (with the assistance of Bernie and Denise)!!
He is very cute. He was in the pen when we took tyler in the shed so he didnt notice. Tyler was telling me about the water bottle when he stuck his head out to say hello! Tyler backed up and then was really excited that a bunny was in the kitty cage.

He is a Crème D'Argent ( i have to research that later). He is very soft and loves people!! He has to get use to his new surroundings. He came from Heritage farms They have a great mission : Heritage Farm, Inc., established in 1985 provides a unique variety of services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Bernie and Denise didnt get to our house until 10pm thankfully we only had one bunny in the cage! I think we would ended up with more animals if we had room. Bernie, we do not need goats, pigs or chickens on Bartlett!!

So now our family consists of: Mommy, Daddy, Tyler, Wyatt, one Kitty, one fish, one bunny and a baby in the tummy! The funny thing is on Sunday i was complaining that i dont know how a family of 5 in NYC can live in a 800 sq. brownstone but we can not live in a 1600 sq. house with full basement and garage. Now we have a bunny!!! But he is so cute!!! Tyler told me we need to plant carrots in our garden for him!

In other news, this week tyler and i have been spending time in the new craft area. Tyler made some projects while i worked on some scrapbook pages:

Weather looks good for this weekend, i hope you all enjoy it! Later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tyler the little builder

We had a crazy weekend but still were able to get alot done! Dad and David worked on the "Cat Cage" Okay really its a bunny cage because we are getting a bunny but we have not told tyler because he would want it now!! So Tyler thinks its for Pappys nonexistent cat...this lie is so going to come back and bite us in the .....!!! Tyler had to go downstairs and help build it! this is him going down the stairs with all his tools. He was so fast i had to snap this photos 1/2 down the stairs. He wouldnt wait for me at the top. He was too busy. He hit the bottom step and yelled i love you mommy bye!

David worked on the these stairs as well, he remudded spots and sanded. hopefully we can throw some paint on it soon! i didnt want to paint the stairs but they need something...ideas welcome.

I finally organized my craft center. I did alot of downsizing!! i found alot of things i have not used. I took 2 boxes to aunt Laurie's for the girls to go Thur. I am not sure what i am doing with the rest ..if your looking for anything let me know!! i organized the shelves to hold all of tylers craft things! paper, coloring books, stickers, Bins for tools and projects things. He asked me tonight if i was going to share my things with him!!!

This is what the finished area looks like all clean! i have to get a better chair...i really like this one at Target that is always on sale but know how it goes not when you are looking for it!

We have cleaned alot of items out of the baby's room, tyler is stressing over it. He doesnt want his toys moved! i can not wait for spring he has so many things that can go outside. My friend Jenny saw signs of spring at her house, i am still looking here! Promising that i have seen so many geese flying around!!
The baby's name is going to be Emma Jane. Tyler know that his sister is Emma. When i ask him to say Emma Jane, he Says Emma Jeans! how cute! i have been looking for bedding and found some but the pricing is so outrageous. I am thinking about making my own. I made bumpers for the camper before, i can make curtains and blankets. What else do i need? We can not put a bed skirt on our crib so that is out. I have to visit the fabric shop!
I can not believe I am having another baby and Logan is already 4. We had his bday party on was so much fun! On friday tyler and i went to help get ready for the party. I have uploaded some photos to webshots: logans bday, Elmo, a video of tyler acting like Mirasty!
Well i need to run this time change has me out of order! I took a power nap tonight and didnt hear my sister come to my house!
Later! KS

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sono Says....

Yesterday was the big day!!!! We found out we are having.....................

A GIRL!!!!!

I am so excited, this means i get to go shopping!! I get to buy pink!!! I am most excited because i can now have a lady bug bday party! Ever since i was pregnant with Tyler i have wanted to throw a party with a lady bug theme. So you can expect lady bugs in July 2010!!

so its been a while since i was on here to update everyone!! Last weekend we went to sesame street at the Stanley. I have not uploaded the photos yet but i will. Everybody had fun!! Afterwards, we all (all 11 of us) went to zebbs for lunch, tyler slept Thur it! It was alot of fun!

Well tyler and i need to do alot today, groceries, get Logan's bday gift, all that fun stuff. I will try to stop back late with more updates!