Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to turn a coffee addiction into $100 of food (earth day project)

Anyone that knows me, knows I love coffee and so does David.  We go thru several KCups a week, throwing them out seems like such a waste.  So I thought I could use them for my seeds.  They are a good size and have a hole in the bottom for drainage. Plus my friend is a master recycler so I have to be sure to do good deeds or she will disown me!!

This time of year we start several plants inside,including Tomatoes, Peppers, and herbs.  I gave Tyler one package or tomatoes seeds and I gave Emma another.  We decided we were going to make this a science experiment.  We first marked the kind of Coffee was in each one:


Then we pulled off the tops and added extra soil.


Tyler labeled each one with a “T” or an “E” and made sure that they each had one of each coffee flavor.


They both planted their seeds and watered them in!  So now we are waiting to  see which tomatoes grow better in which coffee flavor:

  • Green mountain Southern Pecan
  • Folgers Vanilla Biscotti
  • Folgers Carmel

Planting a garden or having a few patio plants is such an economically and healthy way to feed your family.  These seeds cost me  $2.60:


They were priced $1.79 each and they were B1G1 at Kmart a few weeks ago.  So for the cost of a jar of sauce I will grow all these veggies.  My garden yields enough tomatoes for me to make sauce for the whole winter.  Last summer I was getting 4+ peppers a week which allowed me to freeze some for this winters use. 

I actually spent $17 on Seeds.  I have 4 gardens that we maintain and my garden yields so much food.  We have Peas and beans that the kids eat right out of the garden, one whole garden devoted to strawberries.  Plus we grow broccoli, cukes, herbs, potatoes, watermelon, squash and more

Now I know what you are thinking, gardening is a lot of work you have weed and water all the time.  There is always someone to leave me a negative comment, so to that I say:

  • Plant a few in pots on your deck, water them a few times a week – no weeding
  • Instead of spending hours looking for coupons or going to 5 stores to get the sale prices get your ass outside – enjoy the free vitamin D.
  • Why do you have to complain about everything?  Its summer isn't this what you were waiting for all 9 months of winter? GET OUTSIDE!!!

So that is our earth day project.  We will let everyone know which type of coffee will grow the best tomatoes plant in a few weeks!! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The things kids say and do

Here are some Radom things our kids have said or done lately:


Tyler: Dad I am going to play tackle football

David: with who?

Ty: emma


Tyler to Emma: Women you need to listen to me

Emma to Ty: I am not a women

Tyler: you should be


Emma to me at dinner: Mom can we have my birthday party tomorrow night (this was in April 3 months before her bday)


Emma: Momma I need a hair cut , my hair is too big


Driving down the road: both kids roll down the windows in the back and start acting like the pig from the geico commercial