Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello, my fellow friends and fans!! fans haha - it sounds good! I wanted to pump myself up!!

So anyway this week was pretty uneventful since i did not find my motivation on ebay as i previously posted!! On Monday we took tyler to his first professional hockey game! The Crunch played at 2pm, so it was a perfect time! He slept for most of the 1st period and ate for most of the 2nd period. that 2nd intermission and 3rd period were a killer.
He wanted to walk all over the arena. I took him down stairs and got him a flag that entertained him for a few minutes. The last 5 minutes of the game were a killer. He was looking at the stairs and really wanted to run up and down them. but there were too many people sitting over there to let him.

by the way the crunch overcame the saturday night fights and won! they out skated them, out played them and hell they are way better looking! Both games were against Hamilton.

I only worked 3 days this week, that was great but will make next week suck. I was off today and couldnt get my lazy butt in the shower until 1030am. I did get the groceries done and my laundry is started. It was so nice out, we played in the snow. Tyler and David went sledding in the woods. Now i need to get ready for Girls Weekend!!! We are leaving tomorrow morning to Jennys for a scrapping weekend! I can not wait! I have nothing packed!

In other news, david will not let me post on here the nice video of him and tyler playing tonight. I dont understand why, i publicly display my embarassing stories on here. Anyway, just ask him why and what he was doing! haha. hint hint ->webshots! Honestly i dont think he should have a say, since i am the one to do all the posting. of course i will not get him the username and password!! {{ wink wink }}

well off to pack and maybe treat myself to ice cream!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ugh -still looking for my motivation

Okay, I made dinner and cleaned tylers room -with his helps so that just means i cleaned his room twice. That is about as far as I got. I was thinking maybe i could find my motivation on ebay.....

Frozen Motivation

The great freeze of 2009 has officially frozen my motivation. I really need to get my lazy rear in gear and get things done around the house. Right now its just not working out - I mean updating my blog is really not the most important thing that needs be done today!! haha!!

So as soon as i finish this i am going to make dinner (chili in the crock pot) and then get things going. I am trying to be inspired!!

Last night we went the crunch game -they sucked. but they went down fighting! Jon Mirasty was in 2 fights i think he had like 37 penalty minutes - seriously - for you non hockey fans they only play 60 minutes!!
This was the first fight

This was the second fight - what is not seen are the other fights going on behind the Mirasty fight, and me on my chair yelling!
I think it took the refs about 15 minute to do the math on all the penalty minutes.

According to the Internet these are the penalties from this mess:
for Crunch
Mirasty: instigating 2-min, 5-min fighting, 5-min misconduct-instigating, 10-min misconduct,
Rome: instigating2-min, 5-min fighting, 5-min misconduct-instigating, 10-min game misconduct-secondary altercation)

For Hamilton
Henry (fighting) 5-min - poor guy didnt even get a swing in! just got his butt kicked
Anderson (fighting) 5-min - nice broken nose from Aaron Rome

The crunch played old school hockey with their muscles not their skill. Like i said the game sucked but the fights were amazing! Jon came out with his shirt off!! i moved down closer to see. I think the crunch are really trying to mirror the movie Slap Shot! Most hamilton players came away with their face a bloody mess. I guess the Nasty boys are back! Surprising Sestito kept himself out of the punches?

I had 13 people at the game and my name was on the score board for it! Kristen Szarek and Friends! I have decided that is how i am going to spend my 30th birthday - i am getting group tickets to a game and just having a blast!! So keep a saturday in November open for me!

There is a game tomorrow and i am thinking about taking tyler - we will see. If I can get my to do list done that will be my reward - honestly i think if i dont get my to do list done David may do to me what you see in those videos!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Soups on

What a nice warm night for Chowder!!

I made a yummy pot of potato corn bacon chowder. It was really good, i rushed it too! Its usually better cooked slow.

It was great in our new bowls that Bernie and Denise got us for xmas from clinton pottery. The best part, they are dishwasher safe!!

i dont plan on having the left overs make it past lunch, so i still need to cook on sunday. Maybe it will be a crockpot day!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

bad mom update - haha!!

For all of you that read my post from yesterday and think i am a bad mom. Let me provide some additional information!!! haha

Yes i let tyler go outside by himself to shovel but it was not our driveway. He was shoveling the back deck that is off the kitchen so i could see the entire time. He did try to shovel a path from the deck to his swing set but i could see him then too!!

Plus our baby sister, wyatt, was out there!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It needs to be done and i need to do it

Tyler the 13 year old!!!

Today we pulled into the garage around noon. Tyler asked to play outside but i told him we needed to clean the kitchen. He says:

you need to stay in side and clean the kitchen. I am going to put my snow pants on. I am going outside to shovel by myself. you clean the kitchen by yourself. Daddy is not home and it needs to be shoveled. I go outside to shovel because it needs to be done.

Doesn't tyler have a bad life?? If the shoveling isn't done tyler needs to do it. Poor little kid!! haha. Sorry i didnt get time to take a photo of him shoveling...i was busy cleaning!!!

In other news, tyler and I both had doctors appointments today. well kinda. Mine went well on time and everything normal. Tylers on the other hand, not so easy. we got to the doctor and they told us we didnt have an appointment. We think i had last years card, but they showed nothing scheduled for tyler in the computer. I know i scheduled his 3 year check up at his 2 year check up. And i put this leave on my projected leave at work - so i have no idea what happened. It wasted an hour of time today. The worse part i had so much motivation right before we left i wanted to get something done around the house. Now, i am so not in the mood! obviously since i am on the computer!

I have to go...tyler just made me a play dough bday cake, and i have to blow out HIS candles!! Figure that one out.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tylers world.

The other day tyler was pretending our couch was a tractor and he was going to feed the cows, goats, chickens, pigs and any other animal you can think of. He was pretending for over 45 minutes! He has his moms imagination!
Well, he says "oh no we are out of gas, time to take the tractor to get more gas". He gets off the tractor and pumps gas into the tractor! He says: Okay mommy pay the man with the gas card!!
So at the age 3 my son has no idea what cash is, because his mommy always pays with her debit card!! At Christmas time i had to dig in my purse and car for change to put in the salvation army jar. What a different time these children are growing up in! When i was little i had a play cash register, i wonder what the are like they have play money or play debit cards? I saw a electronic monopoly game at the store so they have moved away from cash. Welcome to 2009! I know it drives my grandparents nuts that I always pay with my debit card.

The other day tyler was ask if he was going to have a baby brother. His response: NO i am going to have a baby sister like Franklin, She is going to be white or purple. White or purple? Am I having a alien? I am hoping he is talking about a hat, Franklins sister always wears a hat.

Not much else is going on. The house is finally back in order from the holidays, the toy room needs a good cleaning but that's not happening today. we have so many loads of laundry to fold and a party to go to. I really could use a mental health day!! I have Friday off but tyler and i both have doctors appointments and i will really need groceries by then. No Crunch games till the 17th that is 13 days from now. Blah Looking very forward to the 24th at Jennys house!!!!