Sunday, September 7, 2008

Organized Chaos

This is the theme of my life on so many levels!

1) For the next month my time is going to be consumed by work as we head toward fiscal year end (FYE). I will be working stupid, I mean long hours and will be counting down the days until October.

2) I just came back from "girls Weekend" and it was great! This year it was just Brenda, Stephanie (and the baby) and I.

We arrived around 830am Saturday morning and we scrapped until about 1am! We were up, showered and back at it by 900!! After 7 more hours of scrapping we packed up and headed home! We all were able to get a lot done! I did about 21 pages!! Yes mostly of tyler

As for the organized chaos. Well take a look at our table!!

And think we had 3 of us at one table! They had 6 tables like that!! I know it looks nuts but we really do know where everything is!! We had a lot of fun and look forward to it every year! We always feel that it takes too long for the weekend to arrive and then its time to go home before we know itl. the scary thing is (besides steph. ghost) that we had Stephanies trailblazer and the back was full with only 3 of us. In fact we had to fold down the seat and that is where we put our overnight bags. Despite driving 2 very excited women in a truck filled with scrapbooking supplies, Stephanie still learned to follow the yellow line while driving!! We can not wait for next year!

In other news Tyler and David survived the weekend without me! Tyler didnt seem to miss me. He wouldn't talk to me on the phone and didnt get too excited when i walked in the door. He did ask his father to take a photo of his toes and send it to my phone while i was gone. I have not figured that out yet!! but if you are interested i have a photo of tylers toes on my cell phone. On Saturday they helped Pappy put our old flooring in his house. Tyler also relived to anyone that would listen the tragic death of the plywood buck at pappys house!

Well i have laundry to mess with and i am very tired from my great weekend! I will stop in and update when i can. I am planning on working everyday from now till October 4th with the hope that i get a day or two off. Coffee is my new best friend!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping!

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Jenny said...

So jealous of your scrapping week-end! Looks like it was fun.