Monday, October 20, 2008

Its here, its here!

We are in touch with the world!! We have real cable. BUT WAIT THERE"S MORE!! We have HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell i am excited. I downloaded 3 Mirasty fighting videos in 5 minutes! This is amazing. I can listen to songs, watch videos, load high tech websites. I have been missing out on so much for so many years! My goal is to actually see all of the Internet!! okay just kidding! But i can do so much now!! LOOK OUT WORLD!

Okay in other news! Last Wednesday at work we started the biggest loser phase 4. Since the beginning of August i have gained about 10+ pounds. Not to happy about that. I have 12 weeks to bust a gut -literally! Along with 4 others, I am a member of the hungry hungry hippos team!I figure if I tell all of you this I can be held more accountable! So each Wednesday I will post my Losses on here somewhere!

Tyler Quote of the week:
Setting: trying to get tyler to go to bed:
Tyler: "mommy my belly hurts"
Me: "Go to sleep and you will feel better"
Tyler: "No i think Fruities will help"
FYI - He planned this out and totally played me.

On Saturday I was watching the Buffalo game, and said to tyler hey you can skate like that some day. . No mommy i Skate like this:He lays down on the floor and starts crawling around!!

I have to go explore and find things now!!!

~Kristen is Lost in the Internet!

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