Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we carved tyler's giant pumpkin! I carried that beast had to be like 15 pounds of pumpkin. Tyler was all about cutting (that is the redneck in him). He did actually scoop the guts out. I think its because david call it the pumpkin guts and it sound really cool to Tyler!

At first he wanted a scary face on the pumpkin. then he wanted a happy face. We ended up with goofy face! It was really easy to carve. I was thinking it was going to have really thick skin. It really didnt have too many guts inside. i will put the rest of the photos on webshots. I will add the video there too.

He really likes his outfit for halloween. he was running around the house today with it on. Well off to get some things done! I have tomorrow off!! yes!! but sadly i have so much to do :(

Saturday, October 25, 2008


"Mommy come find me i am hiding."

I go down the hall and pretend to be looking for him. I yell out "Tyler where are you"

From his hiding place (under the covers of my bed) he says, "I am right here"

I pull back the covers and he says "how'd you find me?"

because mommy is amazing!


Life lessons

David and I were getting ready to go to skating this morning when we heard a louder then normal bang in our humble little home. David went to check on tyler and found him climbing into his armour and jumping. Yes really he was jumping about 4 feet onto a pile of blankets and stuffed animals. We told him not to do because he was going to get hurt.

Well he continued. And i decided to grab that camera. So sure enough i was able to get that on tape, and i was just about to turn the camera off when we realize he wants to jump.

This was tylers first Life Lesson because we let him jump. Hey i maybe a bad mom but this little wild child needs to learn he can not jump off everything. About a week ago i thought I was going to call 911 when he jumped off our bed and into our Armour ribs first. He had even tried jumping from the top of the swing set.

We didnt realize it at the time, but Little tyler moved some of the blankets and so when he jumped he didnt land on any thing soft. Now he is favoring his one foot when he walks. Its not bruised or swollen. And it if we look at it and touch it, its not bothering him. I think its a sprain but we are going to keep an eye on it. He is still running full speed around the house. If its still bothering him we will be making a trip to the doctors. The reality is that we learned the life lesson... Tyler is not hurt but still jumping. As i type this he just jumped of my bed again.

so what have i learned?? 2 things:
1) I should of had a girl
2) Thank god he wasn't twins

Here is the video of the big jump (if it doesn't load correctly you can find it on our webshots page):

Monday, October 20, 2008

Its here, its here!

We are in touch with the world!! We have real cable. BUT WAIT THERE"S MORE!! We have HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell i am excited. I downloaded 3 Mirasty fighting videos in 5 minutes! This is amazing. I can listen to songs, watch videos, load high tech websites. I have been missing out on so much for so many years! My goal is to actually see all of the Internet!! okay just kidding! But i can do so much now!! LOOK OUT WORLD!

Okay in other news! Last Wednesday at work we started the biggest loser phase 4. Since the beginning of August i have gained about 10+ pounds. Not to happy about that. I have 12 weeks to bust a gut -literally! Along with 4 others, I am a member of the hungry hungry hippos team!I figure if I tell all of you this I can be held more accountable! So each Wednesday I will post my Losses on here somewhere!

Tyler Quote of the week:
Setting: trying to get tyler to go to bed:
Tyler: "mommy my belly hurts"
Me: "Go to sleep and you will feel better"
Tyler: "No i think Fruities will help"
FYI - He planned this out and totally played me.

On Saturday I was watching the Buffalo game, and said to tyler hey you can skate like that some day. . No mommy i Skate like this:He lays down on the floor and starts crawling around!!

I have to go explore and find things now!!!

~Kristen is Lost in the Internet!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The best time of year!

Its fall my favorite time of year!! So first of all I was off on Friday giving me a 4 day weekend!! I know what you are thinking there is no way it can get better from there!

Well .... I went on the ice with tyler at skating lessons on Saturday! He didnt want to go at first but then he did. He basically did the same thing as last week...crawled on the ice mostly but let us push him around on the cones. Later that night we went to the crunch season opener. Yeah they won 6-1!!! It was great!! Well what i saw of it... i had some minor distractions....Mr. Mirasty got into altercation and had to take his jersey off to fix his pads. Then after another altercation on the bench he and Tom Sestito we asked to leave the ice. He stripped down and stood in the doorway watching the rest of the game with shorts and muscle shirt. I had the perfect view...sorry i am not sharing my photos..this is a family website afterall! But check out here for the video of the fight. Honestly the game was great! I had a great time and can not wait till the next one!

Pumpkin time!! We met up with Dean, Step, Jenna, Steve, Brenda and Logan and went to Critz Farm today. We had a great time we were there for over 3 hours! We fed the goats and Pony, played on the playground, took a hayride and picked out a pumpkin. So here is the best news...the best gift for tylers bday or christmas is hay. My child could of stayed until next week playing with the hay. That is the god honest truth, i am considering putting like 6 bails of hay in our backyard for tyler to play with.

It was the craziest day today. My child caught me off guard every minute. We stood in line to ride the New Cow train. Tyler wanted on it so badly, he hated to wait - hmm where does he get that from? Well David puts him in and he freaks out - would not ride on it for anything. Never asked the rest of the time we were there.

So then we decided to ride the wagon to the pumpkin field. While we are waiting for the tractor he gets a tiny pie pumpkin out of the bin. He is all excited about the baby pumpkin, and wants to take it with him on the wagon. Once we get out to the field we tell him to pick a pumpkin, any pumpkin. He tells us he has a pumpkin, the baby pumpkin and he doesnt want to pick another pumpkin. What kid does want a big pumpkin or two pumpkins? So we really came home with our $1.00 pie pumpkin only! When his mind is set there is no changing it! Hmmm...where does he get that from?

I am going to attached some photos from the day but i will be uploading the rest to webshots. Oh my did i tell you the great news...We are getting rid of dial up! yes on October 21st we will have real know the fast kind!!! I am so excited. We are even getting cable. that is right Bartlett road is moving up!

I dont know what we are going tomorrow yet...i would like to clean out a closet or two. David is cutting a tree and will not be home. The weather is going to be nice so i would like to be outside too. I will need to find something for tyler and I to do!! Have a great day!! Enjoy our photos!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where to start?

Its finally October, but oh my its already the 8th. September really screwed me up on time! So where to begin? Well to de-stress we went to a preseason Crunch game on the 2nd. Crunch vs Rochester! Crunch won 5-2!!! My Mirasty played alot!! He is going to be amazing this year...he even almost scored!!!

Speaking of amazing hockey players! My little man did great on saturday. He played on the ice for a good 30minutes. He just crawled around and let david push him on his skates. He wasn't scared this week at all. The funny thing was that david did not think tyler need to do learn to skate but guess who went out on the ice with him for 30 minutes....yep. mommy got left on the sidelines :(

After skating we went to Clinton Dunkin Donuts. Well i remember sleeping till 10 on the weekends but it was so long ago that i dont remember if it was in high school or college. Well DD was full of Hoogies. For those of you that dont speak Clintonism - Hoogies are our name for Hamilton College students. See pay 40K plus for college, drive 30K plus cars but go to DD at 11am in 15 walmart Pajamas with their hair a mess while wearing 80 dress shoes?? They are book smart but no common sense. I mean really ..... do all 5 of you need to pile in the car and come down the hill? Wouldn't it be smarter for one or two people to go and get every ones coffee and bagel??? so we waiting 10+ minutes to get tyler his donuts with sprinkles.

From there we drop of my jersey to get Mirastys name put on it!! it all ready for me to pick up! I am going to look amazing the season opener this coming saturday! We also dropped on my diamond ring that i broke that too will be ready by the that despite my lust for hockey players they will all see that i am happily married!!

When we got home Tyler and i started Project central!! First we painted an empty oatmeal container that we turned into a bird feeder. Then we painted some summer squash that we never picked from the garden. Later on that afternoon we made meatloaf for dinner, sugar cookies for dessert and Pumpkin muffins for breakfast! Like i said busy busy busy!

On Sunday Bernie and Denise took tyler to a pumpkin farm. He came home with a huge pumpkin bigger then him! It took everything i had in me to put it on the wagon. While ty was with them David and I went to the Buffalo head to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary (a day early).