Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple pie

spent the day getting lots done! lots of cooking and baking. i will try to update more tomorrow.

applesauce making day..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Fun

Last night we had a chance of a frost...that didnt happen but it did get down to 35 degrees. So yesterday we did some harvesting. We started with little garden. I pulled the rest of the carrots and then picked all our peppers. We had about a bushel of green peppers. I had hoped to let them turn red for roasting but it wasnt worth the risk. I roasted the ones i did have:

Haha dont mind my finger in the shot the oils started the grill on fire! i had to snap the photo fast before David noticed! For dinner tonight i made stuffed peppers!! I made enough for tomorrow night too ;)

I also harvested alot of herbs. Like my Rosemary that is in the dehydrator. A few weeks ago we hung up our Dill and Basil, I put them in my great Ikea purchases!They are the cutes glass jars and they fit so well on my stove top!

I still have my Mint and my Oregano...well i used alot of my Oregano up. I have read to preserve mint 2 different ways one says freezer is the best, another place says drying is the best...any suggestions?

This is a photo of one of my herb planters. I know this is crazy but it was a great idea if you ask me! I had 2 of the square planters and i needed something on my deck. I had Chives growing up all over the side of the lawn so I planted them in my planters along with some Begonias. It looks really cool but when you were on the deck you could smell the Chives. The back planter is how i planted my oregano. what little openings were left i added some hens n' chicks!

The other day tyler and David dug up our Onions. We were able to grow a good amount! not too many red ones because the turkey ate them in the spring (Lessons Learned) . While digging tyler and David found a "Lizard" as tyler called it! Poor thing! he was hung from his tail for about 5 minutes before being returned home!

They also picked some apples from our Gala tree for lunches!My little Ham!

Our Pheasants are getting really big and colorful! We will be letting them go in October.The ones with Red around the eyes are the males. Each day they seem to get bigger and bigger with better colors!

Our Little Emma is getting big too.

She is such a good girl! This weekend she slept 9-7 each night. We are so thankful! However we did catch her Texting this week.She was texting to a boy (either Carter -who has been kissing her or Brayden). Kids these days. This is the photos she sent to him.
I am sure that is her facebook photo too!

Today it was so nice out, we went for an "Adventure" as tyler puts it. We went for a picnic at Chittenago falls. After the picnic we walked around the Falls. This was Emma's first "adventure"!!!!!! Here are some photos.

I will add the rest to webshots..maybe tomorrow! its late (10:20) and i still need to hang up my work clothes...ick.

Photos by Tyler!

Well Tyler was at it again! He stole my camera and snapped a few photos!
He is very artistic!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


If you are reading this from Fayetterville drop me a note!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tylers 1st day of Preschool

Tylers 1st day at Preschool!!!
Just like mom ..taking photos! He wouldnt let me take his photo this morning.

Bye baby sister see you later
Our family

Jenna and Ty all excited to go!On the way home with his cool project!!
School was a breeze for as easy for mommy!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

packing up from our weekend
-Kristen :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

kristen is lost in scrapworld! scrap weekend 2009
-Kristen :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

when you save tomatoes seeds ... should they get fuzzy on the outside??

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In honor of today's date, 09-09-09!!, here are 9 fun things going one with us!! I love number things!!

1) 9 great scrapbook pages

Brag book for my desk..i went back to work this week. But instead of working 9 hours i am work 4.5 for a few days.

2) on Saturday, i canned 9 qts of Peaches, ok 8 qts. The first time i ever preserved peaches..i hope they are good because it seemed like alot of work! But i did start at 9pm that night and finished around 12am.

3) I also made some Hot pepper Jam..thanks to aunt Laurie (but she really got it from Aunt Cathie). We only made 4 half pint containers. Its very hot..people are saying its a 9 alarm hot!!

4) We had 9 times the fun with smores and popcorn in honor of Labor day!

5) 9 Sunflowers

6) 9 Kisses

7) Can you find the 9 pheasants?

8) 9 months of good eatting

9) 9 great photos!

A visit from Carla!
Love'n my tub!
Talking to Nana
Logan and Tyler playing in the water one more time before school. Logan starts on the 10th and tyler starts on the 15th.

Love and
Silly Family members


Until later in the week....