Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waiting for the New Year and Hockey!!

Okay only the government and schools start their new years in the fall. It is fiscal year end (FYE) at work and basically life sucks. As i stated before I have worked everyday from September 8th till this coming Friday the 3rd. I have 56 hour overtime from 14-27 September....Uncle sam is going to love me!

The sad part is i have to live Thur my cell phone! Over the last few weeks i have received these photos as updates on my family.

My Redneck boys found a deer rub in the woods! Tyler is so proud! Then i get the below photo of tyler in the tree stand. Does anyone see a safety belt???? DAVID??!!!

Poor Wyatt became tylers object of attention. He would cover him in blankets and jump on him. I know Wyatt is thinking....mommy come home!
On Saturday i took Chicken Riggies to work. David wanted some but i told him i didnt have enough for everyone. So about 2pm he called and asked how to make homemade Mac n Cheese . A little while later I received the following.....

I guess I dont need to cook anymore!! Good Job Dear!! Now i have proof for the world that you can cook!

Saturday was a busy day. I went to work from 730-1000; then back from noon till 6pm. During that time Tyler and David got their haircut. When I got home we took tyler to his first ice skating lesson. It was very interesting....first he didnt want to go on the ice. It was very crazy and loud. Other kids were yelling/crying. We let him watch and then took him back on the ice. He was scared at first, then for a minute or two he liked it!!! He had that smile with his tongue out so you can't tell he is moms know what i mean!! after a few minutes he told us "I'm Done" We didnt pressure him we took him off the ice and took off he skates. We went and watch the other kids for the rest of the time with a bag of candy. He wants to go back next week!

The good Scrapbooker but bad mommy in me still took a photo of him!! Scared, crying and snot running down his nose! Just wait till they show this photo on TV after he goes 1st round draft pick in 2025!! haha! Listen I can dream...

This is his haircut photo! Tyler and his Mohawk! My little Mirasty!!! Funny David wouldnt let me give him a mohawk but he sends me this photo!!

Speaking of Mirasty!!! My boy played his first 2 NHL Preseason game! Got into fights both games!! YES I AM SO PROUD!!! I can not wait for Real hockey to know regular season!! Buffalo starts next week! then Saturday the 11th we will be at the OnCenter for the game opener of the Crunch - with my signed Jersey!!!

The other reason i can not wait is because i need to get my fat butt back on the workout schedule. I like to workout watching hockey!! {I can only think of all the wrong things going on in Lisa's brain as she reads this} so having hockey back will be hopefully the motivation I need. I need to lose at least another 30 pounds. We are having the biggest loser at work again starting the 15th of October. I need to be focused and motivated again. September has not helped. We have so much food at work its crazy!!! like today we had 3 crock pots and a pan of noodles. Then there was the candy, donuts, tomato pie, chips, dips, bread....and 9 cups of coffee i had.

well its late and the next 2 days are going to be long! So that is the update on us!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

We have entered the "WHY?? Zone"

Why?? WHY have we entered the WHY ZONE??
I dont know tyler so you would ask "Why?!?"

Yes tyler is at that stage where he has to ask "why?" on everything. Why do we need groceries? So we can eat. Why do we need to eat? UGH!!!

The worse part is that, like i said before, he is a rain man and he has to say it like 3 times. So it goes like this:

Lucas is not home
Why? Why is lucas not home? Why mommy?
Because he went with his mommy.
Why? why did he go with his mommy, why?
because they needed to go to the store.
Why do they go to the store? the store is closed. why they go to the store?
They needed groceries.
Why do they need groceries? they have groceries. Why did they go to the store??
At this point i turned up the radio in the car!!! BAD MOMMY!!

In other DEN news!! Its September and i have began to work overtime including the weekends. So if you have free time you may need to rescue david from tyler and the world of whys!! Funny he can block me out with selective hearing but not Tyler...interesting.

I did manage to finish harvesting and freezing the rest of my tomatoes and most of my pepper!! I have i think 6 more peppers but they are still getting red. I also put alot of my finished scrapbooking pages into an album. I still have some to do, like the pages from 2008. I have alot of photos scrapbooked from 2006. The funny thing is that i stopped printing photos from tylers 1st birthday to this February. So have about 15 months of photos to develop. DANGER. use to scrapbook in chronological order but i have given up on that and started doing whatever photos inspire me!! I am worried that i have done nothing for 2007..oops. I need another girls weekend!! :)

Oh oh the big news is........I sent tylers Learn to Skate paperwork in this week!! I can not wait!! it starts on 27 September!! Yesterday we went to play it again sports and got him some skates!! They are so small and cute!

Well i am going to surf the Internet, then talk myself into doing the laundry :( blah . I hate that its 88 degrees today. I am in the mood for fall weather. mid 70's with a light breeze.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Socks In My Bed

This morning as i was driving to work I realized that i didnt tell a good story about Brenda from this weekend!!! So here you go!

Sunday morning, I woke up and showered. I was sitting on my bed putting my stuff in my bag when I found a pair of socks on my bed. Like on the sheets. Well Brenda was in the shower and they were close to where her bed was so i figured they were her's. When she came back into our room I held up "her socks" and asked why she was leaving her nasty things on my bed?

She took one look at them and said those are NOT mine. We were all like OMG Kristen sleep all night with someone elses socks in her bed...I was ready to take a shower again. i was very grossed out............WHEN............

Brenda goes..oh wait maybe those are the socks i brought to wear today! Sure enough they were her clean socks for the day! I wanted to beat her.

The Rules for next year are:
1) nobodies clothes on Kristens bed but Kristens! Clean or otherwise!
2)Brenda needs to be alittle quicker on her feet so I dont get grossed out! ha-ha!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Organized Chaos

This is the theme of my life on so many levels!

1) For the next month my time is going to be consumed by work as we head toward fiscal year end (FYE). I will be working stupid, I mean long hours and will be counting down the days until October.

2) I just came back from "girls Weekend" and it was great! This year it was just Brenda, Stephanie (and the baby) and I.

We arrived around 830am Saturday morning and we scrapped until about 1am! We were up, showered and back at it by 900!! After 7 more hours of scrapping we packed up and headed home! We all were able to get a lot done! I did about 21 pages!! Yes mostly of tyler

As for the organized chaos. Well take a look at our table!!

And think we had 3 of us at one table! They had 6 tables like that!! I know it looks nuts but we really do know where everything is!! We had a lot of fun and look forward to it every year! We always feel that it takes too long for the weekend to arrive and then its time to go home before we know itl. the scary thing is (besides steph. ghost) that we had Stephanies trailblazer and the back was full with only 3 of us. In fact we had to fold down the seat and that is where we put our overnight bags. Despite driving 2 very excited women in a truck filled with scrapbooking supplies, Stephanie still learned to follow the yellow line while driving!! We can not wait for next year!

In other news Tyler and David survived the weekend without me! Tyler didnt seem to miss me. He wouldn't talk to me on the phone and didnt get too excited when i walked in the door. He did ask his father to take a photo of his toes and send it to my phone while i was gone. I have not figured that out yet!! but if you are interested i have a photo of tylers toes on my cell phone. On Saturday they helped Pappy put our old flooring in his house. Tyler also relived to anyone that would listen the tragic death of the plywood buck at pappys house!

Well i have laundry to mess with and i am very tired from my great weekend! I will stop in and update when i can. I am planning on working everyday from now till October 4th with the hope that i get a day or two off. Coffee is my new best friend!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pet Peeve

My friend Aunt Laurie hates it when she is told
you just don't understand.
I now hate it when i am told:

Kristen you do too much

How do you find the time?

Seriously its not that hard to get things done. Step one decide what you want to do. Do the most important first. Dont sit your butt in the chair!

Another thing that allows me to do all the things i do....i dont sleep that much. Seriously I go to bed at 11 and up at 5. But that works for me. David he needs a full 8 hours of sleep. David still gets alot of stuff done because he works at a faster pace them me. Mows the lawn in 5th gear (Our mower does have a 5th gear right??)

I guess i learned it from my grandparents. They are always out doing something and never home. I call them my teenage grandparents. Even my dad is this way. He mows the lawn so much its like the westmoreland Par 3 instead of the Westmoreland cemetery!

So for those of you that read my blog and get annoyed then don't follow me tomorrow here is my schedule:
Decide if i need to upload photos to be developed for this weekend
work 630-400pm
write my grocery list
Go out to eat for dinner -nothing fancy, maybe the diner or grandes
Go to the scrapbooking store
Grocery shop
Do laundry
Drink more coffee!!!
pack my scrapbooking stuff
pack my clothes
get tyler to bed
get david to bed!
work out!

in short, My advice to everyone make a list, prioritize it and do your best to accomplish it. Don't settle for ... I will get to it tomorrow.

4 Days and Lots of information

First of all, i did not want to update my blog because i loved that photo of Mirasty and I as the first thing you saw when you opened the page! I took some crap from people because they said that it is szarek website and he had no place on it. ... well too bad. I am the one that does the updating!

So here is our crazy week that we have had. On Monday David and my dad (pappy) put in the hardwood floors in the dining room and foyer. They started sometime after 9am and finished up around 4pm. They came out really well! they did a great job! I tried to help picking out boards...even cut a few! but i was not a key player! Tyler was interested in hitting the boards for all 10 minutes. but he did get geared up for the job!! Safety first with Tyler the builder!!!

Well that shot Monday, we didnt do much else! In bed by 9pm! It took me time to reorganize the furniture in the living room since we took out the 1/2 wall. Plus i had alot of cleaning to do. funny story....when the flooring was about 80% complete i jokingly told david....maybe we should take down the wall between the dining room and the foyer! I thought he was going to kill me! i was just kidding!! Wait till i tell him what i want to do with the Kitchen!! I asked David if he wanted us to put hardwood floors in the kitchen and he said nope. So if I want new flooring in there i will need to get tile i guess.

Other house news: I put up my fall decorations. No Halloween stuff yet just my fall leaves! get us in the festive mood! I really want some homemade mac n cheese or chicken riggies. Every year i try and decorate on Labor day weekend. I guess i missed it by a day!! close enough for gov't work!

Garden update

Peppers!! Wednesday was crazy, we had dinner, and then worked in the yard! Tyler picked up all the apples that fell so that some day david can mow the lawn! I had some red peppers ready, so i thew them on the grill and roasted them! I now have 8 roast red peppers to use! I love roasted red peppers! in salads, in pasta, on sandwiches. "YUMM-O" Rachel Ray. Bye friday or saturday i will have more to do! its so easy and its saves you so much $$ they are so expensive in the store.

Tomatoes: I still have so many tomatoes left. i could make more sauce but blah...Not really in the mood! lol !! I stole an idea from Jenny! I put some on my dehydrator and by this morning I had sun dried tomatoes!! I still have 29 tomatoes left. I think i am going to freeze them so i can use them this winter. I have searched for great ideas, some are pretty good but i want something quick i have played with too many tomatoes this year!

Zucc: I still have a ton left. I found a apple zucc bread recipe that sounded yummy i may try that. Since i how have sun dried tomatoes and roasted peppers, i figure i will be making some yummy dips so i am drying some thin zucc to see how they taste as chips. If the chip idea doesnt work out i will throw them in soup! In the last 2 nights i have made 4 more loaves of zucc bread. I dont know what else to do with it.

Squash: i am ready to put it by the road with a free sign. we have so much its out of control.
so that is about it on the home front. I will be at girls weekend from saturday morning till sunday afternoon! i can not wait to go scrapping!! Starting Monday, work is going to suck...OT most every night and on weekend. 26 days to go!! I will be living off coffee! Glad the crunch open up on 13 October! and NHL like the last full week of September. I will need to get my frustrations out! So what do you think of the hockey mom running for VP???
I know that tyler has said some funny things but i am really tired i can not think of anything at the moment. Have a great weekend!