Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waiting for the New Year and Hockey!!

Okay only the government and schools start their new years in the fall. It is fiscal year end (FYE) at work and basically life sucks. As i stated before I have worked everyday from September 8th till this coming Friday the 3rd. I have 56 hour overtime from 14-27 September....Uncle sam is going to love me!

The sad part is i have to live Thur my cell phone! Over the last few weeks i have received these photos as updates on my family.

My Redneck boys found a deer rub in the woods! Tyler is so proud! Then i get the below photo of tyler in the tree stand. Does anyone see a safety belt???? DAVID??!!!

Poor Wyatt became tylers object of attention. He would cover him in blankets and jump on him. I know Wyatt is thinking....mommy come home!
On Saturday i took Chicken Riggies to work. David wanted some but i told him i didnt have enough for everyone. So about 2pm he called and asked how to make homemade Mac n Cheese . A little while later I received the following.....

I guess I dont need to cook anymore!! Good Job Dear!! Now i have proof for the world that you can cook!

Saturday was a busy day. I went to work from 730-1000; then back from noon till 6pm. During that time Tyler and David got their haircut. When I got home we took tyler to his first ice skating lesson. It was very interesting....first he didnt want to go on the ice. It was very crazy and loud. Other kids were yelling/crying. We let him watch and then took him back on the ice. He was scared at first, then for a minute or two he liked it!!! He had that smile with his tongue out so you can't tell he is moms know what i mean!! after a few minutes he told us "I'm Done" We didnt pressure him we took him off the ice and took off he skates. We went and watch the other kids for the rest of the time with a bag of candy. He wants to go back next week!

The good Scrapbooker but bad mommy in me still took a photo of him!! Scared, crying and snot running down his nose! Just wait till they show this photo on TV after he goes 1st round draft pick in 2025!! haha! Listen I can dream...

This is his haircut photo! Tyler and his Mohawk! My little Mirasty!!! Funny David wouldnt let me give him a mohawk but he sends me this photo!!

Speaking of Mirasty!!! My boy played his first 2 NHL Preseason game! Got into fights both games!! YES I AM SO PROUD!!! I can not wait for Real hockey to know regular season!! Buffalo starts next week! then Saturday the 11th we will be at the OnCenter for the game opener of the Crunch - with my signed Jersey!!!

The other reason i can not wait is because i need to get my fat butt back on the workout schedule. I like to workout watching hockey!! {I can only think of all the wrong things going on in Lisa's brain as she reads this} so having hockey back will be hopefully the motivation I need. I need to lose at least another 30 pounds. We are having the biggest loser at work again starting the 15th of October. I need to be focused and motivated again. September has not helped. We have so much food at work its crazy!!! like today we had 3 crock pots and a pan of noodles. Then there was the candy, donuts, tomato pie, chips, dips, bread....and 9 cups of coffee i had.

well its late and the next 2 days are going to be long! So that is the update on us!!!


Jenny said...

Okay~ I love the mohawk! Hope he feels more comfortable on the ice this week!

erinlynne1308 said...

Loved the pictures, and just so you know the bad mommy in me has taken worse pictures just to scrapbook them too! They are getting too big, ice skating and dancing, where are our babies????