Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Off to the Westmo parade! Enjoy the day!

So i am trying out the new feature on here... Please take the poll on the right about summer! the results will be posted in 1 week!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Quick update

Its late sunday night, tyler had too many smores and will not go to sleep!

Friday Mom and I drove to CT for heathers graduation. We stopped in Lee Mass at the outlet mall. I purchased 240.00 in clothing from Carters for only 80.00 Plus they gave me 30 bucks towards a June purchase. A little bit later we stopped at a rest area, i asked mom about the directions to the hotel. She told me it was closer to Heathers college, she knew where she was going. At exit 6 she gave me the directions, the hotel was back at exit 12. Eventually we went to IKEA i love that store!! I wanted to get so many things! On Saturday was the actual graduation, it was very long and hot. Everything time heather graduates, i am pregnant. She is not allowed a masters degree i dont want anymore kids. Besides she let us get on a bus that took us across town instead of to campus where the car was. She went to UNH for 4 years but could still get lost in a circle!!

Today was a run around day. Tyler and I went to BJs and Walmart. We did somethings around the house. Like make dinner, have a fire and cook s'mores! David added a railing to the deck and new stairs to the outside kitchen area (as i like to call it!). While i was gone, David and tyler planted some acorn squash, and onions. They also put up a new fan in our room, moved ours to tylers room and put tylers light up in the hall way!

Well its late and tyler is still on a high from the s'mores....I need meds for my cold....Maybe more tomorrow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photos by Tyler!

Tyler took some photos at Jennas party!
Here you go!

Mommy and ME!! Yeah this looks good!!

Logan's Close up

Not sure whats going on here

Logan and I took each others photo!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Sunburn

What a day! for the next 8 weeks i just need to be careful! Yesterday i fell off the deck well david caught me and drove a nail into my arm. Then i walked into the counter and bruised the other arm. I was in and out of the house all afternoon and have a nice sunburn from it. I don't even think i was outside that much.

Yesterday we started off with a trip to the doctors. Emma is doing great. According to the Sono she is 3 pounds 12 oz well on her way to be a 8 pounder. The joy of a csection - the pain is the same no matter how big or small they are! i would scan a sono photo but they were not that great. She was moving alot and the cord was in the way of seeing her face.

When we got home tyler and i worked in the garden while david mowed the lawn. Everything is planted!!! Well i still have some herbs but they could get planted this afternoon!

David and Tyler planning the Tomatoes: 5 Roma, 1 heirloom, cherry tomato still to come!

Grandma gave tyler a basil plant and a White Geranium....Well he insisted that it get planted in the big garden...smack in the middle to be exact!!

Okay so this is the "Big Garden"!! The plastic is...(right to left) Tomatoes, Cukes, summer Squash, zucchini. Behind the plastic on the right are all our potatoes and beans. On the left in the back corner is the pumpkins! WE also have spinach, and Dill planted. You can not see our sunflowers but they are out there too! I actually have some space left.....hmmm ideas?

This is our original garden...we use to plant everything in this. HAHA! I have in here now: 2 rows of peas, Lettuce, and carrots. 6 hot cherry peppers, 12 Bell Peppers, and 12 broccoli plants

This garden is new this year! I needed to move my chives and i wanted a place to add Mint so they are going in here. I have not planted the mint yet. But in the mean time i have planted my radishes and my Parsley (well i think) it doesnt look like parsley. Time will tell.

Later, my husband decided to move the hottub from the deck since we sold it. so that created more projects and before we knew was 6pm and none of us had eating dinner! We are putting a small table and the grill where the hottub was. Kinda like an outdoor Kitchen area only not as nice as the ones on HGTV!!
I still need to add some plants and David needs to paint the deck but it will be nice when its done. I am thinking of putting something by the deck that is counter top height for when i am outside cooking. We will also be adding a bench for seating on the deck at that edge .. I think (you know how i change my mind!!).

Well things to do! See you all later!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I love the weeks i have Fridays off! On Tuesday i was very very surprised with a Baby Shower at work. I will try to upload photos of the great gifts we received! Tyler has been all out of sorts he has been up until 10pm so i am really not getting the sleep i need! I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

In other news, to prove how crazy i am!!! I have decided to make a facebook account..why i dont know? I never go on myspace. i have all i can do to keep this up. Wish me luck! I am trying to work on that now.

If you need us this weekend call the cells! We will be all over with parties and things to do!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Days

Here is a mothers day project that tyler and I worked on this weekend. My foot is feeling better but i think i did too much yesterday. I did manage to get the mudroom closet cleaned out - I was too embarrassed to take a before photo! We worked in the garden a bit, planted potatoes. David and tyler put the plastic down but the wind from last nights storm did some damage. We are getting ready for Baby Emma i have sorted thru tons and tons of bins of clothes and baby items. I have lots of laundry to do...but its Mothers day!!

Looks like room for more shoes!! i actually disposed of 4 pair and put 5 more in the garage sale i think i can do more shopping!!

24 Potato plants
This morning my darling son gave me a card he made while i napped on the couch yesterday!! Then i also got a gift certificate to time for me Spa. David not only made me French Toast (my favorite that I only get on mothers day or when we go out to breakfast) but he also vac and mopped the floors!

Tyler is going to finish the rest of this blog for me. These are photos he took!
Look close and you will see the beans that are coming up from 2 weeks ago, we planted another row yesterday.
Pappys Lemon aid stand!!
The world from tylers view!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mid week update

Okay so many of you may have heard - yes i fell today. Before you freak, the baby is fine. I hurt my foot. The doctor took me out of work the rest of the week to let it heal it's self. She didnt want to take an xray since we dont think its broke. Its not swollen alot and i can walk on it (just hurts like....). I have to keep it elevated and ice it every 20 minutes. I am a big girl the pain is nothing to what i will have in 9 weeks!! but if you do feel bad -ice cream, or pizza would be great...that is what Emma wants... really!

So it kinda sucks because i am stuck doing nothing and i have a ton to do! I did find a super comfy way to play on the internet. I have the Glider rocker pulled up to the desk with a chair of tylers to elevate my foot!! I may move this rig to the craft table and scrapbook alittle bit!! but i am having some fun on the information highway.

Here are some photos from the weekend that I never got around to posting:
My little worker bee:

Jenny this is why i can not hang my laundry outside..Well i can but i will have a different "Fresh" Scent then yours!!

So this is some really bad time photography:

Photo taken Friday morning at 730am:

Photo taken 7am Saturday Morning:

Photo taken 6pm Sunday night:

These must be some Magic sunflower seeds. I hope they dont get shocked when i move them outside. Well that is all for now. I need to go get some ice.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Have you found your pot of Gold?

Great Weather Profits!

With all this great weather we have been keeping busy:

We planted these sunflowers on Sunday, and i noticed last night that they were already coming up! I have more of these seeds so i may start them this weekend too!

Our first crop of the year!! Our asparagus took off this year looks like we are going to have alot of good eating!

David calls it the pheasant house, i call it the outhouse....darn birds are going to have it good.

Moving Dirt at 7am on a saturday, yawn!!
Digging and planting in the garden! Crops planted are: radishes, beans, peas, chives. Herbs are in the greenhouse with the sunflower and pumpkins! Still more to do!

Hopping around outside! Baking up the sun!

Then cooling off with a little water!!!!

David even mowed the lawn last weekend. This weekend doesnt look as warm but that is good for me! I am not liking the 80 degree weather while being 7 months pregnant! Maybe i will get some more things done this weekend! Today its off to the doctors to check on Emma! I will try to be a better poster this weekend and week. I know it was a while since our last post!!