Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life lessons

David and I were getting ready to go to skating this morning when we heard a louder then normal bang in our humble little home. David went to check on tyler and found him climbing into his armour and jumping. Yes really he was jumping about 4 feet onto a pile of blankets and stuffed animals. We told him not to do because he was going to get hurt.

Well he continued. And i decided to grab that camera. So sure enough i was able to get that on tape, and i was just about to turn the camera off when we realize he wants to jump.

This was tylers first Life Lesson because we let him jump. Hey i maybe a bad mom but this little wild child needs to learn he can not jump off everything. About a week ago i thought I was going to call 911 when he jumped off our bed and into our Armour ribs first. He had even tried jumping from the top of the swing set.

We didnt realize it at the time, but Little tyler moved some of the blankets and so when he jumped he didnt land on any thing soft. Now he is favoring his one foot when he walks. Its not bruised or swollen. And it if we look at it and touch it, its not bothering him. I think its a sprain but we are going to keep an eye on it. He is still running full speed around the house. If its still bothering him we will be making a trip to the doctors. The reality is that we learned the life lesson... Tyler is not hurt but still jumping. As i type this he just jumped of my bed again.

so what have i learned?? 2 things:
1) I should of had a girl
2) Thank god he wasn't twins

Here is the video of the big jump (if it doesn't load correctly you can find it on our webshots page):

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erinlynne1308 said...

ummmm just so you know, i have a girl and she is JUST AS BAD!!!!!!!