Sunday, February 28, 2010

FWD: ~David

more to come!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Syracuse Crunch Outdoor Classic

First let me start off by saying...I borrowed some of these photos. My camera died before the pregame events.

Finally it was here, a hockey game played at the state fair grounds.

I did take the above photo! its one of my favorites. Okay back to the game! the final count was 21,508 people attended! It was crazy

I called withing the first hour that the tickets went on sale to the general public. in the below photo you see Heather, Stephanie and Amanda but look up in the red section. See the blue blanket on the left that was our seats!

690 was very backed up but we went around and got in another way just as they opened another lot for parking. Since everyone was stuck on route 690, the lines were empty. We ate a hot dog and had coffee then we went down to the rink to watch warm ups!

This was the view from our seats as the pregame events began. Jesse Jame sang and we booed Governor Patterson.

This guy was crazy, he jumped from a plane in 20 mph winds to deliver the pucks.
It was so great to see Dan Smith back! I walked right past him till i realized that it was him!

This is one of the best photos i ever took! lolThen they dropped the puck!

and at 1:50 into the game, Mirasty dropped the gloves
Heres the link!

Even MacKenzie got a little aggressive!Who wouldn't want a photo opt with the DD cup?
BIG SEXY!! He needs a raise! He did his normal strip down but this time he went even further!

I love the Bingo is watching and laughing!

After this move he ran and jumped into a hot tub! it was great!

Final score:
Crunch 2 Bingo 1
Big win for Crunch

Saturday, February 20, 2010

30 dollar tickets..20000 fans booing the gov patterson priceless. i love ny
-Kristen :)

at the outdoor game and loving it

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Putting on an Ice Show

After years of talking about going to Millers Mills, this year we finally went. I quickly looked it up on the map to figure out the best way to get there in the snow! We went over Babcock Hill road, that was not a good idea! Either-way, we made it there for all the festivities. Just as things started to get under way it was like a sleety snow and Emma was not having any of it. So David and I took turns staying outside with Tyler watching everything.

Tyler was so amazed by the size of the horses! He was so funny. We all started to get cold and it was a bit hectic being split up so we left without walking up to where they store the ice for the Summer ice cream social (july 18th). So next year we hope to see all of it! but it was alot of fun and we look forward to doing it again. Here are the photos!

Everyone needs hot cocoa (or coffee) and a donut!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter fun

This winter has been different. We have not had alot of snow but its been cold, and honestly long! Here a photo recap of some fun things.

Emma has been eating solids since xmas (finally). But she would rather play! She was very entertained with her pink bowl

Today is valentines, emma is my dirty valentine!
So funny to be messy

The boys are being silly!

We have been outside alot. Tyler pulling his baby sister~ She did fall asleep and miss most of the fun!
Ice Skating
Okay i may have posted this already!! but i love this photo and i can not wait to embarrass tyler when he is like 17!Last week was the superbowl! We had our own half time show in more than one way!
Emma signing along with the band!
Their 1st superbowl
Our starting Line up!

Superbowl Rocks!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

CWK: Superbowl Sunday!!

Good morning!! My kids were up early, but I didn't get up till 7am! Thanks David!! Its been about 4 hours, and I feel so good about today. I have cooked for the superbowl, fed emma and gave her a bath, and had breakfast and 2 cups of coffee (moms you know how successful that is!)!!!!!!

Miss Emma is getting more adventurous each day. Tyler is not liking Emma getting into his toys!! Here's some photos from this morning:

While all that was happening, I was cooking for the superbowl! Listen i am not a football fan, today will be about 95% of my football viewing for the year, maybe 99.9%! I am a hockey fan, its what it know! By the way the crunch kicked ass last night, i wish I was at sold out game!! I watch the very bad Buffalo game. Really bad - google: Bad goal Buffalo Sabers vs Columbus Blue Jackets.

What i know about football is food!! so i cooked! I felt the need to cook with 5 ingredients or less!! so here you go, let me know how i did!

Kristen's Party Chicken:
Chicken Tenderloins - 4lb bag
Chicken wing sauce - 1 Jar Nancy Wing sauce
Any seasoning you like (i like bearman tummy rub) about 1-2 TBSP

In a bowl mix all the ingredents so that all the chicken is well coated. Let everything blend together in the fridge for 2 hours (but i like over night!)

Place the chicken on a cooking sheet (I love my pampered chef stones for this!) and bake for about 30-45 minutes at 375. They are so good!

Raspberry Clouds

2 cups of Raspberrys - unfrozen and cut up.
2 contains of puff shells
1/4 cup of pineapple juice (or orange juice)
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 contain for Cool whip

in a Medium pan, mix raspberrys, pineapple juice and sugar. I also like to add rum but that would put me over my 5 ingredients! I cooked everything over a low heat pressing the juice out of the berries. it took about 5 minutes.

I poured everything onto my fine metal strainer to allow only the liquid thru and not the seeds. I let the juice (which is slightly thick) cool; Then fold it into some cool whip.
I scooped it into the shells. Now you could grate chocolate over the top, but that too would put you past the 5 items! This is hard for me !!

So what superbowl party is complete without chips?

Homemade Tortilla Chips:

I only used these ingredents (plus 1 Tablespoons of sugar and a splash of water) to make 2 different kinds!

Cut the tortillas into about 12 pieces. Spread them out onto a baking sheet (single layer works best). I lightly rub water onto them with either a brush or damp paper towel.

Then sprinkle with a seasoning you like! I made one batch with the BearMan tummy rub and one batch with cinnamon and sugar! The cinnamon and sugar remind me of fried dough if i only added some powder sugar!

Then i bake them in a 350 over for about 7 minutes. if they are starting to get crunchy i flip them and them bake for another 3-5 minutes. Your cooking time may need to be altered on how crisp you want your chips.

The bear-man ones are great with old goat salsa. The cinnamon are great with a sweet dip!

I hope everyone enjoys the food and the game!! Go Crunch - oops wrong sport! Go Colts!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Homemade babyfood

Start with fruit!

Put it in the food processor
pour into ice cubes trays for freezing (lasts up to 6 months in proper storage container) or into a bowl to eat now!
Veggies are more of a pain but fruit is fun!