Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emotional Roller Coaster

Please keep your arm, legs and head inside the ride while we are in motion. Thank you for riding the life express!!

If being 9 month pregnant is not emotional enough, I have all kinds of ups and down going on the next few weeks. Here is the quick breakdown before i get into detail:
Tuesday: Last day working with Carla (down :( tear )
Thursday: My Last day of work (up) and My last day working with Chris and Bobby (Down)
Saturday: Carla leaves for GA (down)
Tuesday: Panic attack about next mornings C-Section (BIG DOWN), treat myself to ice cream and a pedicure (up)
Wednesday: C-section (down), Meet Emma (Big Up!), 30 pheasants arrive at our house.
Thursday: Say goodbye to Chris and Bobby (DOWN:( tear )
Saturday: Hope to come home with my Family - (Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Saturday and and downs!!!! but fun!

Okay i am going to miss my crew, Carla, Bobby and Chris at work. At least we now have vacation spots....but its not the same. I am going to be a mess this week. Last week we had a party for Carla at Josh's. More scary photos are on webshots, it was a Luau party -and they say accountants are boring!! Trust me you do not want to look at the photos with kids around!
This was David and I in our Luau outfits!! No grass skirt for me, just an extra chin!
The DFAS Crew!! you need to see a photo of Justins outfit!! I miss my Miller time!!

This Friday we went to dinner with Chris and Bobby. Buffalohead yummy! They got tyler a remote control truck that he loves! In the first 5 minutes he had ran over my feet about 3 times - so bobby loves that i am sure!

We had a busy weekend, I tried to pick up the items that i know i need for Emma before she is born. I think I only need a few more things. I feel like i am forgetting something so very obvious. I can not believe i am going to have 2 kids in a week and 1/2. I am hoping to start my hospital bag tonight but i am kinda sunburned!

I need your help! Well ,okay just wondering your thoughts but you know me i will do what i want anyway! Every time i go shopping i pick out a new outfit to bring Emma home in. I can not pick from these 3 below. Please let me know what you think/like using the survey on the right.
Outfit 1: cute onsie with a matching bib and skirt. It also has a hat. From Kohls
Outfit 2: Cute little fancy onsie with dots from Old Navy (it was an Easter outfit). I picked up the sweater at Babies R Us.
Outfit 3: Cute little outfit that says Flirt! Also from Babies R Us, i would probably put the same white sweater on if its cool

Yesterday we made Jam. With only 4 quarts of strawberries we made 12 jars and froze some whole berries, i was totally impressed!

I was going to pick some lettuce from the garden but i keep forgetting, i need to run out and do that. I have some flowers to plant too but it looks like its going to storm any minute.

Here is a cute photo that dad got on his camera in the woods.

Well off to face the week!!! I hope work doesn't suck and that i don't need to do overtime. I am only working till Thursday! Then not back till September!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Emma will be here the 8th. Her bday will be 07/08/09! We are very excited! In 14 days we will have 2 kids, scary!
-Kristen :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


tylers new bathing suit and the feather he found in the garden
-Kristen :)
i am trying 2 mobile blog so i can post from the hospital
-Kristen :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pregnancy blues..ugh

I am so ready to not be pregnant anymore! It was a long bad week, and we didnt do much this weekend. I have some photos i will try to upload this week.

Tyler was so funny with fathers day, he picked out the gift carried it to the check out counter. He gave it to the lady and then put it back in the cart. When we got to the car, he had to put it in the back. Then we went Walmart to get the stuff to wrap it. He picked out the bag and the card without me seeing them! I was hoping it wasnt a birthday card!! He had to give it to him on Saturday night...3 year olds can not wait!!

So i have decided we are doing something this summer for a trip. This is my 2 or 3 day mid to late august plan:

Day 1:
Visit the Adirondack Land adventure.
Drive to Mass and spend the night someplace

Day 2:
visit the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden and the Springfield Zoo.

Day 3:
visit the new Cabelas store in Hartford Ct...This is how i am getting David to play along.

Have any of you gone to any of these? what did you think?
The other options:

Option 2:
after ADK land to go straight to Cabelas/Hartford CT. Then visit an aquarium in Ct.

Option 3:
Stay in NY go to Lake george or something..need suggestions the I love NY website is not a friendly as CT and MA!!

Does anyone have any ideas on things? Tyler loves animals and it would be easy to take a baby to these places..versus a water park.

I know i will want to get out of the house on a trip!! Someplace where someone else does the cleaning! Plus its keeping me occupied on the web and not thinking about my big big belly!!

Suggestion would be appreciated.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Update

I know i have posted alot this weekend. But i dont plan to be on the computer much this week. We have something going on every night until next Monday. All this to only be complicated by the possibility of getting stuck at work. Which really I can not because i have early leave on Tuesday/Wednesday, David can not pick tyler up on Thursday or Friday. So hopefully tomorrow is an okay day!

So here is our Garden update before we get into the other ramblings!

We picked the rest of the radishes today, tyler decided to try one!!

Our 2nd crop pumpkins - Darn deer.
The one Bernie started in the greenhouse!

The Squash family!

Tylers little garden is kicking butt, I am so planting my basil out here every year. I would love to have it closer to the house but you will see soon how that works out.

The onions that the turkeys didnt pick!

Our Potatoes and Bean crop!


Tyler sporting his new haircut by my Rosemary and flowers - rosemary is very happy in the outdoor kitchen area!

This is my sad basil. Believe it or not it has made a comeback. I moved it out of another planter and into these. I would like to add a few more to make the railing full! Maybe some cascading flowers...hmm ideas!

I really didnt think my Oregano would grown in this pot since it can get so big. I read (after planting) that they can grow up to 18" dude that is like a landscape plant! I filled in the blanks with some hens and chicks!

This was some landscaping I did this spring. Again, I didnt read too well! The green plants with red flowers were not suppose to get this big or so i think i read!!! oops they are bigger then the purple plants. I dont think david likes these, he said something about cutting them but i like the looks of it! better then nothing.

Close up of the purple plants with our visitor mr. Buzzy bee!

Look how big our broccoli plants are!!

This afternoon we were down to only 3 pheasants. I called them Hewie, Dewey and Louie but tyler calls them Sqwiggity, Wah, Wah. Crazy kid. If they make we will call them, Hope, Pray and Miracle!! Poor things. By this evening we are down to one, I call him Miracle and david calls him Rambo. Not sure what we are going to do.

3 of our friends are moving out of state. Chris and Bobby are going to texas...Like I want to visit texas. ugh. They sold us their gym, i have to get back into shape somehow after Emma gets here. The gym is up and in the basement, David and Pappy are going to be sore tomorrow because they had to test everything out. Tyler had to get into the action and show them how its done!!

I cleaned out the finale closet!! Thank god that is done. Now we just need to do about 9000 other things around the house. Honestly the only thing bugging me to clean is 4 windows, put a few things i took downstairs today into storage bins and wash the bottles for Emma. I do need to bring up some things for Emma but that is a david task. Well, Tyler and i took a break in our cool dude shades!! Got some rays. Ugh i hate being prego, we didnt sit out long.

Afternoon Funnies:

David is taking the garbage out when:
TYLER: Daddy where are you going?
DAVID: Crazy, want to go?
TYLER: Yes, but i need to put my shoes on first!!!

Garage Sale....

A conversation this morning, as we continue to add to the pile garage sale items in the basement:

TYLER: Daddy you know what we are going to have?

DAVID: What?

TYLER: A Garage Sale!

DAVID: Yeah that is when we are going to sell all this stuff

TYLER: No mommy says that is when we put the stuff in a pile!!!

Ahhhh 3 year olds!! Enjoy the day everyone! I am cleaning the last closet in our house!! I need about 2-3 more storage bins.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Am I nesting?? NO we just got our pheasants!! haha. So they arrived but according to the hatchery there was a major problem with all NY bound shipments. Needless to say we are proud parents of about 5 babies not 30. We will be getting a new shipment in about 2 weeks.

Last night I did stay up till 11 cleaning, excuse me -organizing, the basement. I don't think I am nesting i just feel very overwhelmed. Maybe because i feel like i am being squeezed out of my own body by this little diva in me! Despite the fact we have spent a lot of money on organizing and i have gotten rid of so much stuff i still feel like we do not have enough room in this house.

I have about 20 bins of items in the basement, now nicely stacked and labeled. We had planned on doing a garage sale but decided to put it off till next summer when we will have so much baby crap. Plus i honestly did feel up to it (Can u blame me?). But now one whole corner in the basement is just jam packed with stuff.

Last night i weed one of the gardens! David is doing the rest today for me. I did pick some of our radishes! I don't eat them but I am excited to see them!

OK time to run, i need to clean, get tylers haircut, then run into hannafords to get somethings we forgot yesterday, go to Chris and Bobby's and get the gym stuff we purchased from them (I have to get this body back in shape) and lots more to do!!!

Question? How can a house get so dirty in 20 minutes but take 2 hours to clean?? hmm???

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sleep update

It is so amazing what 8 hours of sleep can do for a person. Last night I came home with the most swollen feet and ankles every:( Yes, i had Cankles - just like the little old ladies at Chanatrys'. I went and laid in the bed around 8 and do not remember much after that. I know I woke up every few hours but i was able to go back to bed. I feel so refreshed! I went shopping this morning and work for a bit in the yard this afternoon. I am so looking forward to the rest of this weekend!

Tyler and David are out in the lawn playing with a snapping turtle that came from the pond. We think she deposited her eggs by the mailbox - this would be the 2nd year in a row.

*****I interrupt this blog to clean the mud off a little boy that fell down in the woods.********

*****All Clean, new sneakers caked in Mud, glad we purchased brown, i think need a new pair for just going places; now back to your previous blog entry*******************************

The pheasants are suppose to be here tomorrow...Honest. David didn't read all of the "Instructions" from that hatchery on delivery - he assumed they would ship Wednesday and arrive Thursday am via USPS priority mail from Iowa. Well Priority mail takes 3 days! Men!! haha!

Well i hope to update more later this weekend...I have been challenged by Aunt Laurie to complete 5 more pages this weekend...can it be done?????????

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Girls Night

No girls night today :( i miss my aunt Laurie.... Anyway, I made it Kristen night!! It is 8pm and i have gotten somethings done!

I picked some flowers..aren't they pretty. I have never picked them before, i always intend to but instead get lazy. The next thing i know, the rain has ruined them!

I have late bloomers at my house. My lilacs are just starting to bloom. Everyone else are done but not mine!!

I went out and spoiled Max! You can see I do this often, he comes running when he see me! He knows I always have a treat for him (3 carrots tonight!). My carrots have not come up yet in the Garden. I am so bumed out the weather is annoying me but yet i am thankful. I hate the multiple frosts we have had..because covering the garden is so easy. What survived the frost was pray to the deer. We are making a come back..should it warm up. Being 8.5 months pregnant..i personally like the 60s; ugh i have been so hot. At work today, i took my sandles off at my desk and couldnt get them back on.

Every spring and fall I like to take a photo of the house. I think it will be interesting to look back on as the landscaping grows and should we make any changes. Sounds like a scrapbook layout!!

My little man was out helping me in his Pjs, Hugh style robe and flip flops. Learning to walk with Flip flops has been so funny! Speaking of funny...he says to me: "Mommy can you get off the computer so i can pay my bills!" Children of the 2000's have things so differently then us.

I have been working on Emma's room! I was able to put all the clothes away from my surprise shower and what stephanie gave me. I finally got the bedding on the crib. My Nana was so proud, i ironed twice today. that is like more then the last 3 years! haha =>Kidding

The bedding is from the Carter Love Bug collection. This photo was kinda washed out but i am too lazy to go take another one!

This is the view from the door. I am not sure if i am going to move the glider into her room for those first few week late night feedings. If i do it will go in this corner. David recycled some old shelves from tylers room (we are so green now!! haha yeah okay).
The dresser was tyler's old one it works so well as a changing table. I made the artwork a few months ago. I love having that little robe hanging there waiting for her!

The 2 pink boxes are my Ikea purchase...i even put them together myself!! tyler found that hummingbird chime so we hung it up for Emma!

I had the butterfly in this room before, it works so well.

Since she is a diva, we needed some cute accessories. The round box is so perfect for hair items!

I went to the doctors on Friday, they are not scheduling my csection until June 16th...:(. I so want to know when it is so i can schedule my leave from work!
Stand by, we get our 30 new "babies" next week. The pheasants are coming. Tyler and David have been working on the last minute preps to their home (tyler calls it the poop house!!).
Oh the winner of the survey....was grilling. that is what everyone voted as the best part of summer.
Well i have things I NEED to get done that i am putting off (Laundry) and i want to go to bed soon.