Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It was The Night Before..The Night Before!!!!

It was the night before, the night before Christmas and all through Santa's Verona sub-post there was more noise then a herd of mice. Production was at 100% last night.

The baking center was popping out cookies like a keebler commercial. One tray in the oven, one tray ready to go, one tray getting decorated - cookies by the bushel.

In the wrapping center, the gifts were under seize as wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon and tags were flying everywhere. I don't even think all the Who's in Who-ville could of wrapped that much that fast if they dared.

The Craft corner cut paper, found photos and glued with a mission. No craft was too big, no craft was too small. I think the craft corner needs an addition.

The four little elves work hard on the 23rd of December. Five hours in and the work was mostly done. The husbands said it was last minute but the elves said it was fun.

One last girls night before the Christmas Chaos! You see it takes a village of elves, 8 Reindeer and 365 Days to get Santa ready for his night of flight. It takes 4 women just 5 magic hours of girls night!

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