Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where to start?

Its finally October, but oh my its already the 8th. September really screwed me up on time! So where to begin? Well to de-stress we went to a preseason Crunch game on the 2nd. Crunch vs Rochester! Crunch won 5-2!!! My Mirasty played alot!! He is going to be amazing this year...he even almost scored!!!

Speaking of amazing hockey players! My little man did great on saturday. He played on the ice for a good 30minutes. He just crawled around and let david push him on his skates. He wasn't scared this week at all. The funny thing was that david did not think tyler need to do learn to skate but guess who went out on the ice with him for 30 minutes....yep. mommy got left on the sidelines :(

After skating we went to Clinton Dunkin Donuts. Well i remember sleeping till 10 on the weekends but it was so long ago that i dont remember if it was in high school or college. Well DD was full of Hoogies. For those of you that dont speak Clintonism - Hoogies are our name for Hamilton College students. See pay 40K plus for college, drive 30K plus cars but go to DD at 11am in 15 walmart Pajamas with their hair a mess while wearing 80 dress shoes?? They are book smart but no common sense. I mean really ..... do all 5 of you need to pile in the car and come down the hill? Wouldn't it be smarter for one or two people to go and get every ones coffee and bagel??? so we waiting 10+ minutes to get tyler his donuts with sprinkles.

From there we drop of my jersey to get Mirastys name put on it!! it all ready for me to pick up! I am going to look amazing the season opener this coming saturday! We also dropped on my diamond ring that i broke that too will be ready by the that despite my lust for hockey players they will all see that i am happily married!!

When we got home Tyler and i started Project central!! First we painted an empty oatmeal container that we turned into a bird feeder. Then we painted some summer squash that we never picked from the garden. Later on that afternoon we made meatloaf for dinner, sugar cookies for dessert and Pumpkin muffins for breakfast! Like i said busy busy busy!

On Sunday Bernie and Denise took tyler to a pumpkin farm. He came home with a huge pumpkin bigger then him! It took everything i had in me to put it on the wagon. While ty was with them David and I went to the Buffalo head to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary (a day early).

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