Sunday, December 28, 2008

56 degrees, 17 Robins on 28 December

Yes i know this sounds crazy but honest it is the truth. Not only was it 56 degrees today in CNY but we saw Robins in our yard.

Okay it started like this. It was roughly 50 degrees when we got up this morning so i sent tyler outside at 9am and he pretty much stayed there till 12. At noon it was 56 degrees. I opened our front door to let some light in. I was going to open a few windows but before i could do so a line of dark nasty clouds showed up. They were accompanied by some strong winds that are still blowing as of 5pm. Within about 1 hour or less the temp had dropped to 46 degrees.

at about 2pm david says Look at all the Robins. I counted 17 Robins in our lawn. We all saw them..all of us. Not just me! I took these photos, while trying to keep tyler from scaring them or letting Wyatt out!!

I did some research and found the following:
Although the appearance of a robin is considered a harbinger of spring, the American Robin actually spends the winter in much of its breeding range. However, because they spend less time in yards and congregate in large flocks during winter, you're much less likely to see them. The number of robins present in the northern parts of the range varies each year with the local conditions.

Christmas Leftovers

Wow what a crazy few days!!! My house is so trashed right now, have Christmas gifts everywhere. I wonder what Santa's workshop looks like that few days after Christmas??? Its so nice outside like 50+ degrees I have sent tyler out to get the holiday stink out of him. tomorrow is going to be interesting, i have to go back to work and tyler has to go to daycare. We have been off since the Friday before Christmas. I am only working 3 days this week so that is not too bad!!

Christmas was fun! Tyler was so happy that Santa came!! He loved his tool bench! He has been fixing everything around the house. Here is a cute video of tyler explaining about what santa does Christmas night: (be sure to turn off the music on the sidebar first)

For those of you that don't know yet, sorry to read it here first. We have tired to tell everyone these last few days. Our families were given a big shock this week when they opened up a sonogram photo of our baby to be born in July!!! David, Tyler and I kept it a secret for about a month and a half!

So that is kinda our big news and happenings right now! I am in the process of uploading all the photos to webshots from xmas (just click the link on the green side bar - Webshots). Santa gave me a new camera! So i had to test it and take alot of photos!! The photos should be posted by noon! Last night David and i went to a crunch game!! They won, Mirasty killed a guy! it was great!! I love hockey. My Aunt debbie gave me a big cow bell with his photo all over it for xmas. I was so excited! i have a photo of it in my hockey photos.

Well off to clean! Happy Holidays everyone!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It was The Night Before..The Night Before!!!!

It was the night before, the night before Christmas and all through Santa's Verona sub-post there was more noise then a herd of mice. Production was at 100% last night.

The baking center was popping out cookies like a keebler commercial. One tray in the oven, one tray ready to go, one tray getting decorated - cookies by the bushel.

In the wrapping center, the gifts were under seize as wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon and tags were flying everywhere. I don't even think all the Who's in Who-ville could of wrapped that much that fast if they dared.

The Craft corner cut paper, found photos and glued with a mission. No craft was too big, no craft was too small. I think the craft corner needs an addition.

The four little elves work hard on the 23rd of December. Five hours in and the work was mostly done. The husbands said it was last minute but the elves said it was fun.

One last girls night before the Christmas Chaos! You see it takes a village of elves, 8 Reindeer and 365 Days to get Santa ready for his night of flight. It takes 4 women just 5 magic hours of girls night!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting better!!!!

Well I have my car back and i am no longer driving the SS Szarek!!! I actually get to drive my own little car that fits so well in parking spots, and the garage! I am so happy!!

David still doesn't know when he will be home. They asked/told them Friday. The road they were working on that has 16 closed miles is now open. He is thinking they may need to help residential areas. Here are some photos he sent me.

In other news Tyler made sugar cookies while i made my 7 dozen for the Tuesday night swap! I was able to wrap all of the gifts for sundays party but i still have to great ready for tomorrow night. I need to finish one thing up and wrap all of them. but the cookie are in containers!!

How cute is this:
Time Warner has Preschool on Demand. They have alot of christmas shows on right now. I let tyler wants Blues Clues Holiday! He really liked it, now he asks for it all the time. But he says..Mommy can i watch Blue's Hallway?!!!

As we were leaving my moms tonight he says: Mommy where is the moon. Me: The moon is not out becuase its raining and cloudy. He thinks for a moment while i buckle him in.......Oh the Moon didnt want to get wet from the rain.....Yes tyler that is right! How cute what do you say to that?

How cute!! Later!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tis the season for ....bahumbug (sp?)

okay i am officially over the Christmas season. I am sorry for the negativeness of this posting. let me recap our last 19 hours......

4:45-leave to take tyler to my moms, phone rings and they want david to drive an emergency response thing to Hudson. Turns it down

5:45-On the NY State Thruway when 5 one foot long chunks of ice came off a tour bus. BAMB no more windshield. Thank god nothing else happened. No other damaged to the car and i didnt lose control or anything. But the scrooge in me did hope the bus driver got a flat tire...jackass.

7:25-Due to the snow the oncenter parking garage is backed up and we can not get in. I missed Mirasty stretching.

7:35-I walked right past Mario Andretti... like 5 feet away..I think i was taller then him.

7:40-930 Crunch played like crap. The other team would not fight Mirasty.....Dont they know how bad i needed that? He wanted to fight for me!!! Okay i am trying to think of something here to cheer me up!!

930-Fight in the stands that was more entertaining the game....5 grown men fighting over a 1.00 bag of fritos handed out by the ice skanks and that stupid ass monkey

930-10 Crunch try to make a come back score two goals in like 1 minute or something but they still played like crap. They lost by one - sorry but they deserved the loss. They didnt play like a team.

10-11 Drive home with crappy windshield and get scared every time i see something come off a car or truck

1130 Get home to find a message for david to call work....possibly going to ice damaged area

6am call in the claim to the insurance company

730 call from NY State DOT david is leaving till by noon today till wednesday but unknown

800 nobody has glass for an 08 equinox has to get fixed on monday i have to drive the tank this weekend

So this sucks. I am sorry if i am moody but WTF? Here are the Kristen Szarek political views on this crap. I think the NY State DOT is gay. The storm hit on friday, they decided at midnight they need to send people to help out. Gov. Patterson is fixing the budget so sure send an out of town crew on overtime to help with an emergency then they can cry that they have no money because of his budget. They can say if they were full staffed it wouldnt of cost as much and it wouldn't of taken as long to respond. This is how gay it is for them to go....they work on state highways only so the tree has to be on a stateroad. It can not have power lines or telephone lines near it or they can not touch it. It has to be in the air still for them to touch it. SO reallly how many trees are they going to work on? It has to be a state of emergancy for them to go on non state roads. but do to snow we have here in the mohawk valley they are only taking a crew of 3 guys, 2 supervisors and a worker. They are going to get so much done! Okay so here is my positive outlook on this...we can pay our oil bill off with the ot money.

So my friend jenny posted some photos of the ice storm she lives down towards albany. You can click on the link on the sidebar. ScrapstudioJ. I am telling myself david is helping Jenny that has helped to put me in a little better mood.

So tyler and i today need to make cookies for tuesdays swap, wrap the gifts for tomorrows party, go grocery shopping, finish a gift by tuesday, wrap the gifts for tuesday, make cookies for work. I am not helping because i am so moody that i have not even showered yet. I am just bitching on the blog!!

Okay i am going to shower and try to get into a better mood..maybe i will eat something yummy first. Emotional eating the key to the world!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Christmas Wish

Christmas wish....Santa, i have been very good this year!! Please bring me a new camera. I have had it with my old one. Last night as my child went to sit on Santa's lap it broke. I lost most of my photos from last night. The ones i do have are blurry. Look at the below entry on how terrible of a photo it took of our tree. grrr.
I am very thankful for our other Christmas wish....gas prices. I never though i would see the day that they were below 2.00! Today we put gas in my car and it was only 23.00 and i was under a quarter of a tank. Its a beautiful thing!!! Basically we filled up both vehicles today for the cost of just one davids truck over the summer!

I am hoping to be in full swing tomorrow with Christmas. I want to finish up a few projects, get my cards out, wrap gifts and have my cookie ideas outlined. Yeah I know that is a big list and since i have not even done laundry yet i dont think it will all happen.....but it is the season of dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So this is christmas..

Is it new years yet!! just kidding. Today my son actually posed for a cute photo that would of been very cute on my xmas cards. But that was like 2 weeks too late. Figures! We did manage to get the tree up today. We put it between the windows and sliding glass doors in the living room. It was in front of th window but then it blocks so much light. Thank god they invented break proof decorations!!

In a little bit we are going down to the green for a tree lighting ceremony, see santa and fireworks. I hope a napless little boy is on his best behavior.