Sunday, September 14, 2008

We have entered the "WHY?? Zone"

Why?? WHY have we entered the WHY ZONE??
I dont know tyler so you would ask "Why?!?"

Yes tyler is at that stage where he has to ask "why?" on everything. Why do we need groceries? So we can eat. Why do we need to eat? UGH!!!

The worse part is that, like i said before, he is a rain man and he has to say it like 3 times. So it goes like this:

Lucas is not home
Why? Why is lucas not home? Why mommy?
Because he went with his mommy.
Why? why did he go with his mommy, why?
because they needed to go to the store.
Why do they go to the store? the store is closed. why they go to the store?
They needed groceries.
Why do they need groceries? they have groceries. Why did they go to the store??
At this point i turned up the radio in the car!!! BAD MOMMY!!

In other DEN news!! Its September and i have began to work overtime including the weekends. So if you have free time you may need to rescue david from tyler and the world of whys!! Funny he can block me out with selective hearing but not Tyler...interesting.

I did manage to finish harvesting and freezing the rest of my tomatoes and most of my pepper!! I have i think 6 more peppers but they are still getting red. I also put alot of my finished scrapbooking pages into an album. I still have some to do, like the pages from 2008. I have alot of photos scrapbooked from 2006. The funny thing is that i stopped printing photos from tylers 1st birthday to this February. So have about 15 months of photos to develop. DANGER. use to scrapbook in chronological order but i have given up on that and started doing whatever photos inspire me!! I am worried that i have done nothing for 2007..oops. I need another girls weekend!! :)

Oh oh the big news is........I sent tylers Learn to Skate paperwork in this week!! I can not wait!! it starts on 27 September!! Yesterday we went to play it again sports and got him some skates!! They are so small and cute!

Well i am going to surf the Internet, then talk myself into doing the laundry :( blah . I hate that its 88 degrees today. I am in the mood for fall weather. mid 70's with a light breeze.

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