Sunday, December 28, 2008

56 degrees, 17 Robins on 28 December

Yes i know this sounds crazy but honest it is the truth. Not only was it 56 degrees today in CNY but we saw Robins in our yard.

Okay it started like this. It was roughly 50 degrees when we got up this morning so i sent tyler outside at 9am and he pretty much stayed there till 12. At noon it was 56 degrees. I opened our front door to let some light in. I was going to open a few windows but before i could do so a line of dark nasty clouds showed up. They were accompanied by some strong winds that are still blowing as of 5pm. Within about 1 hour or less the temp had dropped to 46 degrees.

at about 2pm david says Look at all the Robins. I counted 17 Robins in our lawn. We all saw them..all of us. Not just me! I took these photos, while trying to keep tyler from scaring them or letting Wyatt out!!

I did some research and found the following:
Although the appearance of a robin is considered a harbinger of spring, the American Robin actually spends the winter in much of its breeding range. However, because they spend less time in yards and congregate in large flocks during winter, you're much less likely to see them. The number of robins present in the northern parts of the range varies each year with the local conditions.

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