Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween!!! Elephant on the loose!!

Lions, Tiger, Bear and ELEPHANTS OH MY!!!

This Halloween Tyler was an Elephant...or as he says: Elf-an-it! Tyler looked so cute in his costume!! The little elephant that he is!
I think Tyler was more excited about this tail on his outfit then anything else!! He liked to pretend his trunk was a gun...go figure!!

What a tail!
We first went to Nana and Poppops house then to my moms. On our way Thur the village of New Hartford there were a ton of people out! tyler kept saying "look at the treaters!"
In Applewood we met up with Logan and the boys went on their first real trick or treat adventure. They went to about 10-12 houses and knocked on the door all by themselves! They would say trick or treat (well their version) and then say thank you and take off running! "Lets go to another house and do again!" They were having a blast. We could of done more houses but they, or mommy/daddy do not need that much candy!
I have uploaded more photos to webshots. Including a photo of my outfit..very scary!! lol

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