Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting better!!!!

Well I have my car back and i am no longer driving the SS Szarek!!! I actually get to drive my own little car that fits so well in parking spots, and the garage! I am so happy!!

David still doesn't know when he will be home. They asked/told them Friday. The road they were working on that has 16 closed miles is now open. He is thinking they may need to help residential areas. Here are some photos he sent me.

In other news Tyler made sugar cookies while i made my 7 dozen for the Tuesday night swap! I was able to wrap all of the gifts for sundays party but i still have to great ready for tomorrow night. I need to finish one thing up and wrap all of them. but the cookie are in containers!!

How cute is this:
Time Warner has Preschool on Demand. They have alot of christmas shows on right now. I let tyler wants Blues Clues Holiday! He really liked it, now he asks for it all the time. But he says..Mommy can i watch Blue's Hallway?!!!

As we were leaving my moms tonight he says: Mommy where is the moon. Me: The moon is not out becuase its raining and cloudy. He thinks for a moment while i buckle him in.......Oh the Moon didnt want to get wet from the rain.....Yes tyler that is right! How cute what do you say to that?

How cute!! Later!

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erinlynne1308 said...

I don't know where David is, but that tree behind him looks just like the ones did in my front yard that day! What a crazy storm!