Tuesday, September 28, 2010


24 hours a day and 36 hours of commitments.  When I am at work I feel like i need to be with my kids..when I leave work i feel like I should be working overtime.  When I am home i feel like i should be working out.  When i am working out i feel like i should be cleaning the house.  So what do you do?  Now i was thinking about going scrapping and i feel like a bad mom and wife….

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nick’s Lake

I really love the Fall and I live for the Adirondacks in the fall.  I wish i could take all my vacation time this time of year!  This past weekend we took the opportunity to go up Nick’s Lake for a weekend camping trip.  We had a great site on the water and some friends came with us.

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while we were camping, we left the graham crackers out on the picnic table.  It attracted some friends in the name of Ricky the Raccoon.  He managed to get my 4 lock container open and ate every little bit.  But the silly critter left behind footprints on our picnic table..so we know who did it

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The next night he came back looking for more while we were sitting around the fire!  He was wasn’t even afraid of us.

Until our next adventure. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Trip to Lake Placid

David and I went to Lake Placid this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary a month early.   We left early Saturday and returned Sunday evening.  The weather was amazing on Saturday, so sunny!  As we drove up Route 28 the fog was lifting from all the lakes.


We stopped on the edge of Lake placid to eat lunch at Saranac Sourdough.  The  food was amazing.  I had a Chicken Salad sandwich and David had ham and cheese.  the cheese was Brie and the bread was all different types of sourdough that they make daily.  Considering location and quality they are fairly priced.  it cost us $20 for the 2 sandwiches, 2 drinks and a cookie to go!  Here is the menu     http://www.adirondackguide.com/ncdining/saranacsourdough.html

After our lunch we drove to Whiteface mountain.  This was my favorite part of the weekend.  Whiteface was amazing.  The tolled highway is a 5 mile winding up hill road with amazing views along the way and places to eat your lunch.  The crazy part was we saw so many people climbing it on a mountain bike..these guys and gals are nuts!  Here is a view from the parking lot at the “top”  this is looking down the mountain and you can see the winding road.


The top of the mountain has a castle.  in the castle is a restaurant and a gift shop.

280 287
A view of Lake Placid
Zoomed in on Lake Placid (the town)

From the castle you still need to climb another 200 feet to the summit.    Now you can either “walk” or take the elevator.  When i was reading about whiteface online I read that it was stone stairs to the top; what it really said was Stone and Stairs…oops i was in Flip Flops!


286David and I at the Castle
The Stones
The Stairs

Once you reach the top it is so worth it…

304 305 306

300 316  
307 310  
315 314  

We also visited the Olympic Center on Main street. 


We  went in and saw Herb brooks arena!  Its great to see where miracles happen i was shocked how small it was

334 340

We also went to the Bobsled Sports Complex on the way home on Sunday:


An option is to take a bobsled ride, its very pricey but i think i need to save the money for next year.  We saw 2 people doing it!


   We stayed at the Golden Arrow, which was very nice.  we had a lakeside view with a balcony:


One of my favorite things is to just sit by the lake with some coffee (all though finding a good cup of coffee in Placid for a non starbucks fan is not that easy)


If only we were still there……………

Sunday, September 12, 2010

shhhh don't tell my trainer!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

good night!

sitting lakeside with coffee!

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ADK back to Back

Late August we took two trip to 8th Lake.  The first weekend we climbed bald mountain (See post below).  The following weekend we camped with Mom and heather and went to visited the wild center.  I had hoped to blog more about our time there.  Since we have been fortunate enough to several trips this year  I have done a great deal of internet searches on places and things to do.  I have not found alot personal experienced out there on some of them.  None the less here are some photos from our fun times!

060 094
073 090

From our 2nd Trip

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114 115
134 202
204 209
180 171 - Copy
176 170

So we are off to get lost in ADK again.i guess the wild center will come later!