Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting caught up!

Hello everyone!! sorry we have been lost .... I have honestly been too lazy to download the photos from my camera to the computer!

Here is a run down...i can not type too much i need to go to bed!
This weekend was full of birthdays. Today was Tylers, but we are not having his party till next Sunday. That is really hard for a 4year old to understand. So we tried to make the day about him. If you scroll down 2 entries from this morning you will see that he first picked to go hunting with daddy...but only stayed out for 5 minutes. I also took him along with Logan to Rough N Tumble! they had lots of fun. Later i picked up tyler a small cake from walmart so he could blow out candles. I am such a bad mom...i didnt know that all my candles were MIA. So he only could blow out 3 instead of 4. Insert guilty mom here.

For his birthday, tyler got his very own digital camera!! i would post the photos he took but i am not allowed to touch his camera!!
Little Ms. Emma has discovered the Jolly jumper! I have a video in the entry below!
Its hunting time in NY! We have seen 3 successful trips this season between dad and David. This was one my dad got. We have more photos on the "BUCKSHOTS" page (See the green bar on the right for the link)
Some where in there time passed by and I turned 30. David took me to Red Lobster and then a crunch game! In the middle of the 2nd my was scared out of my wits when Al the ice gorilla grabbed my shoulder and handed me flowers. My former BFFs that moved to Texas sent them for me. That is the last time i tell them where we are sitting! Did i mention my fear of monkeys? I am still kinda freaked out in this photo 20 mins later.
With all the birthdays we have done a lot of baking and will be doing more soon! These are the cupcakes we made for tylers school. Tyler had to take snack this week on tuesdy he took choc chip cookies. But Thursday he wanted to take cupcakes with sprinkles. I think they came out really cute!
Christmas is near! We have starting crafting for them! can you guess what I was working on at Girls night Tuesday?
Last week David and I's Birthday/Christmas gift arrived! Our new King Size bed that matched our armor. I love it, we painted the room and of course needed new bedding. I need to make curtains...i hope to have more on that this week!
Okay off to bed! I am old now i can not stay up as late!

Family Videos

Here is a great video of tyler playing "HOCKEY" lol

Emma's first time in the Jolly Jumper

Happy Birthday Tyler, he's 4 and there is more!

Happy Birthday to tyler! I can not believe he is 4 already. He thinks he is 14 but that's another story!! haha.

We are not having his party till next week because he wants his best buddy Lucas to come. So we told him today was his day to do what he wished... He picked going hunting with daddy!

Here he ready to go!

Poor Wyatt was sad he can not go. IF you look in that middle left pane you can see tyler and David walking out the back field
UPDATE: he was out only 5 minutes then he told David. Daddy there are no bucks out here, lets go back to the house!

We have to also wish tylers Birthday Buddy (and Girlfriend) Christina McKenzie a happy birthday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Am I really on the Naughty list?

Tonight tyler is watching cartoons when he looks at david and says: Daddy am i really on the naughty list?

Poor kid, he was so concerned. David told him not yet, he had to be good because santa is always watching. I don't think we had to talk to him once tonight about being bad!

Tyler is kind of confused this week, he knows halloween is over but we still have our fall decoration up. I tried to explain that we are going to keep them up till his birthday party but he is still ready for Christmas deco.

Yesterday, we had fun at Carters 1st Bday:

Photos by Tyler:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Look Who's Birthday it is!!! David is 34 and Baby Carter is no longer a baby, he turns 1 today! David and Carter are BBF {Birthday Buddies Forever!}

Happy Birthday Honey/Daddy, we love you!

Thursday, November 5, 2009