Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white christmas...

well the weather is helping to make it look like Christmas! We have put up our lights outside but its too nasty out to go take a photo! Maybe tomorrow! Tyler and Also put the garland up around the house today. We still have more decorations inside to put up but we will do that on Saturday. I have been working on xmas gifts on and off today. I could have this one project done but my motivation has only been at like 50%. It was so cold out put up the decorations that when i came inside to the warm house i just wanted to nap!!
Today we also picked out a tree! Its not tall but its pleasantly plump. Tyler had more fun hiding in the trees then picking one out. We are planning on decorating it on Saturday. Well i guess i need to go get ready for work tomorrow. I only worked 2 days last week, 5 days are going to kill me! haha.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

10,000 Shoppers and 1500 Cowbells

What a better way to spend Black Friday!!

I began my day at 5am with a little DD (that's dunkin Donuts for you non coffee nuts) before hooking up with Brenda at Kohls. The lines were long but the deals were good! It actually moved right along and i used my bday gift card to get a great new pair of shoes (xmas gift idea for me...non-white socks - thanks).

From there we spilt up to get the best coverage....Brenda went to kmart and Target and i went to Micheal's, and Staples. Micheal's was selling Cricut cart. for $29.99 That is unheard of they are normally like 89. By far the best deal of Black Friday. I was very disappointed with ads this year but I still went shopping! Tradition is tradition

We had breakfast and then went to Walmart - you know after the chaos!! It was by black friday standards dead at 10am. I really question the genius (obviously male) that redesigned the New Hartford store. Why would you put Toys next to electronics? Its a traffic jam nightmare....and it keeps everyone on one side of the store. To our much surprise we found all the hot deals we wanted at walmart....the $8 jeans for David, the $10 Disney Cars toys and 3 piece PJs...We figure they would be long gone. So either...the economy did effect the numbers of shoppers or walmart ordered alot of the cheap stuff! I would go with walmart ordering more because when i went to Micheals at 6am the entire Consumer Square parking lot was full. Brenda and I did come up with a amazing plan for shopping at walmart but we can not share that with you!!

I went home and unloaded my truck! I tried to rest up alittle before going to the Crunch Game. It was cowbell night! 1500 cowbells were handed out to the fans! OH YEAH!! I have a fever...a fever for some more cowbells!!! It was a great game and really 1500 cowbells are not as loud as you think! The crunch won 5-1!! I tried to win the game worn Mirasty Jersey but it didnt happen i guess i had too many good deals already on friday. David was happy because he knew i would of slept with it!!

I guess i need to get off the computer and start cleaning. my son has completely trashed this house in less then 2 hours today. It amazing what a 3 year old can do when you fall back to sleep on the couch at 6am and he is left unattended. I need to go food shopping and take down my fall decorations. Is it lunch yet...i really want some stuffing leftovers!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a great day! Tyler and I made this center piece this morning!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Martha's job is safe for another year.

Mamma's burning down the house! I wanted to make tylers party a good one. All he wanted was a Mater Cake from Disney's Cars. Well cupcakes are easier to me! So i ordered rings that had Mater and Lightening McQueen on then, checkered flags, car shaped sprinkles. I found these bday candles that spelled the words happy birthday! I put all the cupcakes on my new cupcake stand and made it look like the piston cup!

So we lit the candles to start singing when i heard dean say "its on fire" I looked up and my new cupcakes stand is not just melting but on fire. So while Tyler blew out the candles, david put out the cupcakes and stands.

Other then that the party was great. Tyler had fun with all his toys! He and logan loved the pinata. I have posted the photos on webshots

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler is 3 today. Where did the time go? This morning we gave tyler his gifts, a easel and markers/paints. Then we went to breakfast with Chris and Bobby! Happy birthday to CHRIS TOO! Tyler and Chris share this day! Good things come out of November! After breakfast we took tyler to Toys r us to pick out a video and get his bday balloon. We have spent the rest of the day working on getting ready for the big party tomorrow! I will have more to report then!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let the count down begin...366 days

In 366 Days i will no longer be "in my 20's" That is right tomorrow (Friday) is my 29th birthday. I have 366 days to enjoy being in my 20's before i hit that benchmark age. I have noticed a few things these last few years:

1) I have been too old to be on the Real world for over 5 years - the last year i was eligible was the year Martha Stewart was arrested.

2) The hit songs from the year i graduated are now being played on the Flash back Sunday countdown. Hootie and the blowfish is considered easy listening.

3) I dont remember the last time I slept past 9am

4) I remember when Madonnas 1st marriage ended

5) The Jonas Brothers, do they go to Clinton?

6) I do not have a facebook account - is that spelled correctly!

7) When I was little Mr. Rogers was the best show

8) I remember when gas was $1.00 a gallon

9) When I didnt not have a monthly budget

10) I have heard myself say... Back when I was in school...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tylers New Room!

Check it out we have tylers room complete. I actually feel that its complete, i mean maybe i will hang some thing up on the one wall by the window or put something else on the dresser. However, if i never do its okay with me! i am really proud of how it turned out. I feel like the bed side is from a magazine. I need something to improve the dresser side but like i said its okay for now! He seems to like it!

These are tylers fish, Nemo and Nemo too! I had been dropping hints that i wanted tyler to have some fish and David was not into it. So today the bad wife that i am, i took comp time from my trip and left work around 1pm. I picked up tyler and headed to walmart! We purchased our new members of the family!! We were at home trying to set up the fish tank when david came home. I was trying to get tyler to not tell him but he was too excited!. Daddy daddy, come see my fishy! Bad wife bad!!!

Well I need to do the dishes, fold 3 loads of laundry, wash another 2, and start cleaning the toy room. Our weekend does not exist this weekend. Friday is my birthday, after work I need to get the rest of the goods for tylers party. Then Saturday is Tylers birthday!! David is probably going hunting that morning so i think i may take tyler for breakfast! Then i want to take him to toys r us, since he has his birthday club card. I need to run to the sauquoit valley craft show but we have a wedding at 3 or 4 in syracuse. I still need to find a sitter for tyler. somewhere in there i need to make all the cup cakes. My goal for this week is the clean the entire house by Thursday night so that on sunday we just need to do the floors, clean the bathrooms and get ready for the party! Thank god i have Monday off!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hockey Vent

I interrupt this normal family friendly site for this hockey vent...rated R.

Okay I know that not everyone loves or even likes hockey. Let me provide you all with some basic rules:

1) Hockey is a loud sport (okay the fans are loud)
2) Hockey is a aggressive sport where blood is rewarded!
3) Hockey fans like 4 lettered words
4) Hockey, like any sport, has rituals

That being said I do appreciate the people that decided going to a Syracuse Crunch game on a friday night might be something fun to do. Everyone is new to the sport at some point.

HOWEVER, (begin Diva Hockey B-t-h mode)

If you decide to accompany a guy to a game in an effort to get into his pants DO NOT roll your eyes at the following:

1) The loud cheers when Derek Dorsett Drops a guy in the corner
2) The Mirasty Chant when we want him to fight a guy
3) The "Goalie goalie you suck" chant that follows a goal
4) The 320 pound drunk 2 rows back tells the ref he is a "fu*king idiot" because the ref didnt see the stick in Clay Wilsons face
5) The 325 pound drunk sitting next to the guy above announcing to the ref every off sides call that was incorrect ... mind you that this guy has probably gone to every game since 76 when he graduated high school and was the star of his high school team (Still telling everyone that he still has it!! Got to love them)
6) The crowds excitement over Big Sexy
7) The use of cowbells

Some additional things to keep in mind "Miss dating Barbie": Not standing when Syracuse enters the ice or scores a goal is so rude. And nobody leaves the game before its over, even if its 1:42 left on the clock and we are up by 2 goals.

With all that being said i must state what happens these rule are broken: We get louder and i ring that cow bell over your pretty little head for everything even the things that i would normally just clap for! And i am pretty sure the F=bomb was used about 25 more times then normal after your "dirty look" which by the way is not that good of a look ... made me laugh!

So "Miss dating Barbie" i hope you enjoyed your date at the crunch. I certainly hope he was worth the 2 minutes in bed, if your stick wasn't in the way! I hope to see you are more game!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where did they go?

have you all been missing us? NO posting in 2 weeks! Its not that we have been too busy its that we have been all over. Last weekend David was up north at hunting camp. He came back sunday night. I left on Tuesday to Indy for work, after a 10pm landing in syracuse thursday night i have had zero energy or desire to do a darn thing.

So the big news is that Carter Tyczynski was born on Davids birthday! He was so cute! other then that we have been busy making tylers room into a big boys room! We painted and set up his new twin bed. I will have photos soon i just need to get some things on the wall first! i have a few ideas!!

Well off to do my hair...its Hockey night is syracuse!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween!!! Elephant on the loose!!

Lions, Tiger, Bear and ELEPHANTS OH MY!!!

This Halloween Tyler was an Elephant...or as he says: Elf-an-it! Tyler looked so cute in his costume!! The little elephant that he is!
I think Tyler was more excited about this tail on his outfit then anything else!! He liked to pretend his trunk was a gun...go figure!!

What a tail!
We first went to Nana and Poppops house then to my moms. On our way Thur the village of New Hartford there were a ton of people out! tyler kept saying "look at the treaters!"
In Applewood we met up with Logan and the boys went on their first real trick or treat adventure. They went to about 10-12 houses and knocked on the door all by themselves! They would say trick or treat (well their version) and then say thank you and take off running! "Lets go to another house and do again!" They were having a blast. We could of done more houses but they, or mommy/daddy do not need that much candy!
I have uploaded more photos to webshots. Including a photo of my outfit..very scary!! lol