Monday, July 27, 2009

wow summer has arrived!

Ahh a perfect week!

I can not believe it! it actually feels like summer in CNY!! we have hit the 80s more then just one day!!! We had done a ton of swimming! we went to Nana and Pop's like 4 times in the last week! Tyler is getting so good at swimming by himself. He was even jumping in from the side!

Our garden has even kicked into summer mode!! We have so much broccoli already and it's still growing. We still have more growing. We should be able to get one more batch of peas. i really should of planted another later grouping of peas. Ahh the start of zucchini season....this starts the baking marathon. I baked my first batch tonight.

Despite the 2 frosts, deer and rabbits, we did manage to pick some beans!!

As you can see, we have one large carrot...this is by far the biggest carrot we have ever had! We never have luck with them. Max will make out good this year!Do not mind tylers outfit...he was dressed but had to change in to his PJ bottoms because i was still in mine. Emma helped us freeze all the veggies...she was a big help!

Last week was Davids last week on vacation, he finished up the playhouse for tyler...well he needs to finish the roof but that is a really long story. Anyway it was so big that he needed the tractor to move it.

He even did manual labor...this was to get out of swimming.
Speaking of summer growing seasons!!! our little porker went to the doctors last wednesday...she was up to 8pounds 5oz!! they said she is doing great! she even had her first bath ... which was partly administered by big brother tyler!! She didnt cry or nothing, of course its a lot warmer then when tyler had his first tub!! She even posed for the camera!

One night Tyler and I ran down to North star to pick blueberries...or as tyler calls them doodleberries! Everytime i turned around he was climbing into a bush to get a berry on the other side! He loves to pick berries...i wish i could of taken him strawberry picking but i was to prego. Next year we need to remember to go cherry picking.

I know there was more that went on but i can not keep up!! off to bed...but first i will leave you with this from tyler:

Tyler and I could hear a siren.
Tyler: what is that?
Me: policeman going to help someone
Tyler: or maybe he is coming to give you a ticket
Me: why am i getting a ticket
Tyler: you went threw a red light!
Me: was not red.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday already? Where did the week go?

Its hard to believe my little girl is already over a week old. Its be a crazy week busy week adapting to having two kids. So crazy that i started this on Friday and had to finish on Saturday.

Emma is getting weight weekly to make sure she stays on track. She decided basically not to eat last week after we got home. We have resorted to plan B - lets just say mommy can relate to the cows down the road! Sorry to all the men reading this!! Yes I am pumping and then bottle feeding it to her. The lactation lady at the hospital was not excited to hear this but at least she is eating!! Some days she is a little porker! She has been doing great at night sleeping. One day this week she slept from 830-230, ate and then slept till 630. But dont tell Stephanie, i dont want her mad at me!

I have found that as your milk comes in your ability to multi task increases!! The other day, i was cleaning the kitchen, having my cricut cut out words and cooking dinner at once. Then yesterday i was feeding Emma and typing. Man the things i could do if i had one more arm!!!

I have been feeling really good! That is what happens when your blood pressure goes back to normal, you lose 39% of your prego weight and the weather is nice out!! Everyone is yelling at me that i am doing too much but i can not stand sitting around. I am going crazy. I can not even drive myself anyplace yet. I may break that rule today.

Tyler decided to copy Daddy with the baby. This was his baby chick named Emma! He even told me that she was still in his belly at one point!

Okay, lets see all the things we did this week:

Tyler and David went out to fly Tylers Dragon kite one morning. Emma and I watched from the deck.

Tyler feed the cows are George's

Thursday we went swimming at Nana and Pops! Tyler was swimming all by himself with his life coat. He was so excited! he even raced David and won!

We went to the firetruck show! It was Dean, Step, Jenna, Carter, Steve, Brenda, Logan, Preston and his mom, and us! The kids loved climbing on the trucks!

Friday morning Tyler and David we busy in the am! the built an outdoor pen for the pheasants (photos coming soon!). and then they pressure washed the house.

Tyler was geared for the job!

Emma and I went to a baby shower for Brenda last night. Since we were out late we slept in! her till 8 and me till 9! Another benefit of pumping!! Tyler made a bird house this morning with daddy. Then he and i painted it.

Well i need to eat something, actually i need coffee. We uploaded a lot of photos to webshots.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome Home Everyone!!

What a few days we have had! Our family has grown by 31!! Let me start from the beginning!

Wednesday, we went to the hospital for the delivery of our wonderful beautiful little lady bug, Emma Jane. Everything went so well. My c-section was great, i felt so good afterwards. I was walking by 9pm that night and could hold before she was even one hour old! I could not believe how small she was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19" long. she had a little bit of hair but in patches, its a light brown color. Her eye lashes and eye brows are blonde, and she has rosy little lips. She is perfect in every way!!

Later in the afternoon, Big Brother Tyler showed up to meet her. He was so excited! He was all smiles and couldn't stop touching her head and kissing her!! Emma had a gift ready for her big brother, a book and duck for them to play with! He looked at the book with her and showed her the duck (that he named "squeak"). He had to show her everything including the projects he did at Stephanie's! On Thursdays as he walked in the room the first thing he asked me was, not hi mom but can i hold "baby Emma?" He is so excited to be a big brother. He has been a great helper!

Because i was doing so well on Friday morning and the hospital had a rush on the maternity floor (4 babies showed up overnight) they said i could come home a day sooner. David and Tyler had just gotten to the hospital, we didnt have the car seat or the come home clothes. David ran home to get the goods while i showered and packed up! We were home by 1230. It is so nice to be home!!

These are my favorite photos:

So that covers only one of our new additions! At noon on Wednesday 30 new baby pheasant chicks arrived at our house! They are doing great! Tyler is so excited to have baby chicks!

As a result Bartlett acres population really grew this week! Well off to rest before the next feeding! I have uploaded a lot of photos on webshots! \

For those of you that voted!! Here is what Emma came home in:

0-3months was kinda big on her!! who would of figured I would have a baby under 8 pounds!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

i am coming home today because i am doing so well just waiting on ped. to sign off on emma
-Kristen :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

today tyler looks at my tummy and says "mommy do you have more babies in your tummy its still big."
-Kristen :)

tyler and his baby sister, he was very excited to come see her today. the 1st thing he asked was can i hold her! she slept well last night & i hope does again

this afternoon


good morning

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i am so cute even at a 12am feeding! mommy is ready to rest now!
-Kristen :)

emma jane 7 pound 9oz 19" at 816am
-Kristen :)

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-Kristen :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting Ready

I have some appt today but my bag is packed. We are getting ready for the big day tomorrow. Ugh..the butterflies are kicking in. I will be sure to send some photos from the hospital to here. See you when we get home.

Monday, July 6, 2009

We Swam First!!!

HA HA!!! Tyler and I (well and technically Baby Emma) swam first in Nana and Poppop's pool!!

Poor: Pappy, Dawn, Heather and Amanda - we beat you!!! Again! is this the 3rd year in a row??? haha!

It felt really good. It was like 78 degrees. I didnt mind a bit and tyler didnt get cold for awhile. I think we were in the water for over an hour. haha!!

Usually the pool is used well before July 4th weekend. well time for a nap!

Getting Ready for Wednesday!

Yawn anyone else tired!!

What a 4th of July weekend. The 4th felt more like Columbus day then the 4th! Yesterday was very nice weather! I felt like doing absolutely nothing on Saturday...thankfully i was not alone! After about 1 hour Brenda and I talked each other into shopping! I was trying to get those last minute things i need before Emma's debut! But I of course still forgot things! Look at these patriotic mama that were tearing up the stores!


Saturday night we went to the fireworks in Clinton. We had a great seat but boy were they loud! Lets just say Emma could hear everything and was not a fan of the 37 consecutive booms in the grand finale. They did this ground show effect about 1/2 way reminded me of a water fountain. Tyler says (very loudly) Dad these aren't that good! Everyone around us was laughing. He liked the high in the sky ones!

Must be the fireworks wore everyone out because I got up at 7 on Sunday. Wyatt got up and went back to bed at 715. David didn't get up till 815 and tyler not till 845. Lazy bones!!!!! We had a make shift cookout yesterday. Basically i had something to use up before going into the hospital and some guys wanted Claims.

Our garden is making progress. I picked lettuce and made a yummy salad from it! we should have peas soon but we have already picked 2 heads of broccoli! We need some hot days without rain. My patio tomatoes are soaked with water. This summer has been crazy but i can not complain too much the heat would of killed me.

Well not sure what tyler and i are going to do today. I would like to go swimming at nanas. I need to finish packing my hospital bag and to get a pedicure. Well at least i dont need to go to work!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tyler Day, tyler day!!

Today was tylers day! We went to the Syracuse zoo!

Originally we planned to go to the utica zoo but tyler really wanted to see elephants. It was lots of fun. I could not keep up with him! It was look mom there is a... okay lets go to the next one! Tyler slow down!!! He loved the elephants but he had to go back and see Nemo twice!!

The syracuse zoo has been taken over with woodchucks, we saw one or two in each exhibit. They were stealing the food right out of the Yak's food dish. I would eliminate that population!
Can you see the fat boy sitting on the rock in the middle?

Every time we go up there we either see a close up of the Lion or the was the Lions!

After the zoo we went to pizza hut for Lunch then home. Mommy took a 2 hour nap!! i did good though, i only sat down at the very end! The rest of the photos are on webshots.

I am officially on Maternity leave!....funny story yesterday i was to leave at 330 right before quiting time the fire alarm went off. SO i started leave 20 minutes late.

Well i have to run out and check some things in the garden. And try to get laundry done.