Saturday, January 1, 2011


For Christmas Dad and Denise gave Tyler and David a membership and kit for Geocaching.  ( .  It is very interesting.  So today we looking for our first cache!!


David wanted to follow the GPS so here is where it lead us:


we looked high and low and just couldn’t find it…”IT” we really didn’t know what “IT” was.  we climbed over logs and got stuck on pickers but nothing looked like an “it”.  Finally Emma and I just walked around on the road (the hill was too steep for her).

007These are my new boots!  are they not great?!  they are EMU that I got for 26bucks, it was a 62 dollar savings.  I was so excited to wear them!!  Okay back to Geocaching!

After not finding anything and looking pretty damn shady we decided to try another spot.  Once we got there I looked around and found this tube but I figured “it” was a box.  I guess I should of read the book on this but David had and he knew what to do!

At my suggestion we ran to Dan and Denise’s to look up the caches online and get some clues.  Now we knew what “it” was as far as size and had a better idea of where they were!


This is Tyler’s first find!  010012

We went to yet another spot but again had some trouble this one the GPS was not picking up so we are going to try it again maybe tomorrow depending on the weather.  We tried for one last attempt!



Basically Geocaching is a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt.  You find hidden cache using a GPS tracker.  Some Cache you just sign the logs while others you can leave something like a trinket.  Its very interesting.  you should check out the website.

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