Friday, January 7, 2011

Exercise Tournament - updated Rules


Okay everyone taking part in the exercise tournament, we have a few updates!

1) another person has joined us, Cindy!!!!

2) by the time I update my blog Sunday morning I need to know if you met the weekly requirements

3) Rules updated!!

  • you need to workout at least 2 hours each week, ideally you should be aiming for 30 minutes 4 times a week.  If we continue this on in March the rules will require you to have 4 days of activity (you will thank me later)  But for now we are focused on getting motivated and active so just get your 2 hours (min) done!
  • Since today and tomorrow we are getting a snow storm, shoveling will count.  Today the kids and I shoveled the deck, we had 6inches on it.  I shoveled it over the waist high railing! talk about a core workout.
  • Sex will only count the week of Valentines day.  I know what you are think, sex is work and should count.  But really? does it last 30 minutes at a cardio level??  if you can answer yes to that then you can count it any week.  But be honest!!  remember this is about you and not about your husband inflated imagination of his ……well you get it.

Stay motivated everyone is doing great!!  I am hoping to test out my snow shoes this weekend!!

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