Saturday, January 29, 2011


Bernie and Denise are getting ready for their 2nd CSA.  They are hosting a lunch for their CSA members.  Information on their CSA can be found here:
They asked me to make cupcakes, and we all know I love to bake!  I wanted something new and different.  I decided to make 2 kinds:
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Hazelnut brownie bites with a cocoa buttermilk frostting

I really am looking for an adult party to make baileys Irish cream cupcakes.

The red velvet was just a box cake mix with vanilla added to it.  The frosting was a basic cream cheese frosting. 

The Hazelnut Brownies are simply, to start just mak cake like brownie batter.  I put them into the mini cupcake pans but I did not fill them too high about 75%.  The center was a cheesecake mix made from Cream Cheese, powdered sugar, an egg, some of my homemade nutella and some almond extract. 
Normally I would swirl the cheesecake into the brownie but this time I wanted it to be all in the center when you bit into it.  The frosting was buttermilk frosting with cocoa added and a few table spoons of hot choc. mix.
Both kinds made 72 mini cupcakes.

Then it came time to frost them.  ahh the temptation.
I just wanted a spoon and eat right out of the bowl.
once they were lined up I started frosting
. 005
I love my new cupcake decorator. Didn’t it make the nicest star design? I hope they enjoy them!

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