Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photos and food!

I am so glad this week is over. Monday it was –22 here today its 25.  that’s a 50 degree heat wave!  I am officially over winter, I am so glad we are spending next weekend in a 80degree indoor water park.  Bathing suit or not! 

I have worked hard this week to stay active and count my calories. I weigh in this morning and I was down 1.8!! Yeah that means I made up my gain from last week and lost a bit more.  My goal for next week is at least 1.6!  The only thing is I will be weighing in a day early next week. and its an off week at boot camp so I need to push myself this weekend.  Next week is also my measurements day!!!

I wanted to post some photos of my progress:

16237_200573855846_563920846_3134625_7040132_n This was December 2009..
untitled (2) Feb 2010. The outdoor hockey game in my XXL jersey. I think I was bigger then the DD Cup!
These two photos are from Aug 2010 about 8 weeks into the contest  
aug021 aug023
Oct 2010, , notice my hips are getting smaller
006 These three are from today!  January 28th My hubby likes the butt! 
003 004

I have to tell you about my lunch and dinner.  Every other Friday I work (I know not a bad deal right!) the Fridays I work we order lunch.  One of my coworkers has a wheat allergy so its easy for me to order healthy because she is so limited on options.  Today I decided I wanted a salad with grilled chicken.  I ordered a creaser salad figuring I would eat the salad and chicken and use my dressing that I keep at work.  For the first time ever they poured the dressing on the salad. there must have been enough dressing for 3 salads..seriously it was like I ordered dressing with a side of lettuce.  The “grilled” chicken was breaded with no grill wasn’t very greasy but it certainly was not healthy. I was so disappointed.  Grrr.  I just ate the chicken.

Now for dinner I have a new favorite!  Last night I baked some chicken and then chopped it up so it was ready for tonight.  I baked with it some of the BBQ rub from pampered chef and basil seasoning.  When I got home I heated it up to make chicken wraps.  Instead of lettuce I used Cole slaw mix (without any of the dressing).  It tasted so good. the cabbage gave it a crunch and it blended so well with BBQ season.  Sorry we ate it too fast before I could take a photo! 

everyone have a great weekend!

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