Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bucket List

I spent Saturday with my Girlfriends.  Nothing wild, don’t getting any funny ideas!  We scrapbooked!  My girl Jenny (here) showed us per bucket list that she scrapbooked.  I had been kind of thinking about my bucket list but Jenny kicked it in overdrive!

So I have been attempting to build my list but I realized some of my items are done!

  1. To have healthy children = Complete
  2. Build a house into a home = Complete
  3. Have a job doing something I love
  4. Go to Disney
  5. Go to Alaska
  6. Meet Rachel Ray
  7. Become a runner and complete a 5K and then boilermaker
  8. Hit my target weight
  9. Be published in a magazine
  10. Host a cooking show or talk show!
  11. Skydive or zip line or ride in a racecar
  12. Ride on a motorcycle
  13. Get a makeover to include profession photos taken
  14. Get a facial
  15. walk on the oceans beach barefoot in a strapless or sleeveless dress
  16. Ride a horse without falling off
  17. Wear size 8 Jeans
  18. Declare myself a strong women in public in front of people
  19. Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry in a REAL coffee house with no schedule to worry about
  20. Find a way to change a child’s life

Thanks Jenny!  I guess I need to scrap it now!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Looks good Kristen! Make sure youscrap it so you can keep adding to it.