Sunday, January 23, 2011

Exercise Tournament–Week 3

Well we went down by one this week Sad smile  we will miss you!!  Great job to everyone for staying active.  This time of the year it would be so much easier to just sit on the couch with chips and watch a Grey’s rerun.  And maybe you still are but you at least are still fitting in 2 hours a week of exercise time.

Last week David worked so much overtime and my kids were just not sleeping.  Of course I don’t sleep well when David not home anyway so by Friday I just wanted to crash.  I was napping on the couch and it was snowy out.  I didn’t want to go to bootcamp.  I knew I needed to but it would have been so much easier to just stay under my blanket.  After some people poking fun at me on FB I went. 

I walked in and saw everything we had to do on the board:

1) 50 kettlebell swings – heaviest you have ever gone

2) 25 Pushup from the toes

3) 30 burpies without stopping

4) 2 minute plank without stopping

5) 20 Ringrows without stopping

6) 20 TRX bicep curls

7) 20 TRX Tricep curls

8) 20 Dead lifts with the Beast – 100 pound KB

I looked at him and told him he was nuts. this was like a new years resolution, not my Jan 20th resolution.  I had never done ANY pushups from my toes, I can not do more then 8 burpies without stopping, the longest plank I had ever done was 1minute and on Monday I lifted only once the 70 pound KB.  REALLY on a friday that I am dragging my ass you want me to do this.

wait there was more!  We were in teams…So if anyone in your team stopped doing #3, #4, #5 the whole team had to start over…No Pressure.

Deep Breath..


25 minutes later we were done.  I did it.  Okay so I was last to finish my burpies and I wanted to fall over but I didn’t.  My plank sucked I was shaking and buring and losing my footing but I did it.  my first 5 pushups from my toes Rocked..the other 20 were questionable but I did a pushup from my toes!!

Then it was the BEAST!!  First Cat went and she rocked it like always!  Then I went and the first few were not to bad but it felt like it got heavier as I went along.  He posted a video of Thursday and Fridays workout.  I am the black pants and green shirt doing the beast right at the end.  Midway thru I am standing and watching Cat with the beast …I didn’t even recognize myself.  that was cool!

I was on a high after this workout.  I was so active on Saturday that is why I fell asleep last night typing.  I am trying to stay focused this week and active and I hope you do too.   Otherwise I may just need to make you do the above workout! just kidding!


erinlynne1308 said...

I'm kind of afraid to know, but what is a burpie?

Kristen said...

its a squat jump squat thrust...You bend down put your hands on the floor, kick your feet out behind you do a push up. Pull your feet back in and jump up.