Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter workout!! Week 4

Okay I know I am days late on this entry but I have been so busy! sorry.  Anyhow, we are down 2 more people. Sad smile boo.  As for the rest of you we are half way!!! go you!  Just think you are now a statistic.  Most have given up their new years resolution to be more active by this point but you are still doing it.  By now it should be a normal thing for you to fit in time for a quick workout!

This past weekend we took the kids sledding.  While David and tyler drove the 4wheeler out to the hill, I snow showed to the hill while pulling Emma in the sled.

I can tell you one thing its no short walk out to the hill:


<-----That is our house

and this is looking down the hill, that is tyler the dot in the middle of the photo


Walking up and down the hill is very much Cardio!  The kids had a blast, here are some photos:

001 007
017 023
034 036

When we got back to the house Tyler was trying to teach Emma how to make snow angels! it was so funny she wanted nothing to do with it.  He told her to lay back in the snow and she looked right at him and said “NO!”



She was more interested in the phrase daddy said; “Lets go inside”

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