Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Chicken, Big Chicken


Our chickens are doing so great! the kids really love them!  So here are some photo updates for you!

This is Whitey.  We don’t know what he is.  He puffs his neck up!!  Ty loves him.


This is my favorite.  We call him shorty.  Notice how close to the ground he is…he is standing.  Its like he’s missing part of his legs. Nothing above the knee!   But don’t feel bad for him…He was the first one to learn to say Cock-a-doodle-do.  And he says it all the time. He reminds me of a few little mouthy Italians I know!


One of our bar rocks



This is Oscar, he is another mystery.  He really looks like a crow to me. We actually have 2 but tyler only named one of them – which ever one he sees first gets the name for the day!



Here is ty feeding them some weeds


They love watermelon, weeds, peppers, corn and squash. they didn’t eat the asparagus I gave them.

They seem bigger then I expected them to be! ha ha. We don’t expect to start getting eggs till the end of July.  We thin we have 5 roosters.  We have someone taking 2 of them, I want to keep shorty! we will see what happens!!

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