Monday, June 20, 2011

Growing up! and Moving on

This was September 2009.  Tyler’s First day of preschool!  (Flash Back to my blog entry from that day here)


This was the last thing we saw ..tyler and Jenna just standing there!

ty and jenna

Here is today, our little graduates!


Where did the time go?  Emma wasn’t even 2 months old that September day and now she is almost 2 years old.  Tyler has come so far.  He knows how to count, rhyme, add and subtract.  He is just so smart!  He wants to be a UPS drive, a police man or a racecar drive!


It wasn’t always easy.  What do you do with a boy born in November to parents that both suffered from a learning disability?  We both struggled in school, we didn’t want that to happen to our children.  I swore the day he was born that he would wait an extra year, be the oldest in his class not the youngest.  But then came the time to take that step.  was I doing the right thing? would he be bored?  Should I send him to kindergarten, will he even remember that he went to preschool 2 years?  Thankfully I went with my gut and waited.  This year in preschool was awesome!


He did so great! He had such a great time and made some great friendships!! (including a Girlfriend!!).  His favorite things..gym, crafts, and play time!!

This is his awesome teacher Mrs Murphy!  I told her to rest up, she has a year before its Emma's turn!!  Each kid was voted class something as they were given their diplomas.  Tyler was voted Most likely to succeed!


It was great day! Now to prepaid Mommy for kindergarten.   My biggest fear for kindergarten is the lunch issue! tyler is so picky with food!  But I am so glad I am not worried about how tyler will do in school!


Here is our great Family photo!  I wish everyday could be like today!

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