Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Lawn Mower story

This is a great story that I am going to tell in order it happened!

After returning from camping last Monday, we realized that the lawn needed to be mowed…..again!  Well everything that could of gone wrong did on Monday.  I told David I would mow the law on Tuesday when I was off.

He looked at me like I was nuts, not believing that I really was going to do it.  He simply told me..the mower needs gas.

I took the gas tank to the gas station and filled it up.  Damn thing spilled in the back of my car.  After getting some of my things done I started mowing a little before 3pm.  This day was crazy hot in the 90’s with humidity.  But I figured it was a great way to tan!  So I put on a strapless top and my bathing suit bottom and headed for the shed!

My mom was here to witness it.

In the dark shed I sat on the mow reading the directions.  I like a good little student first read thru all the directions before taking action. In the 3 years we have had the mow I have never been allowed to mow or even drive it.  Tyler probably knows how!

I got the mower started and out of the shed without breaking anything!  I turned on the PTO/Blades and away I went! See below (warning scary photo below)


Grass clippings were coming out and it wasn’t too bad after I got use to it!  I had a little less then 1/2 the lawn done when I went to back up to get a spot I missed.  And then the mower turned off – Obviously I was out of gas because I hadn’t added it before starting to mow.

As I carried the gas down to the mower David called because Mom had texted the above photo to him.  I had to search for where to even add the gas but rest assured it only took me a moment to figure it out.  That’s when I noticed the tank still had gas? hmm well to be sure I added more gas!  Ugh  I spilled gas everywhere. wtf.

David was in shock that I was mowing!  I double checked where the throttle should be when he asked “How low is the blades?”


David: you didn’t lower the blades to the yellow arrow??? 

Me Um no its not listed on the directions – WTF???

David: thanks for trying to help but you didn’t mow a thing.

Me: Seriously Double WTF

What was John Deere thinking leaving that off the directions- obviously they know their customers are males and they don’t read!! so it must of saved them some costs on printing!

So I started over –determined to mow!  Thank god I was doing the backyard so nobody would notice lol!


Every time I tried to back up the damn thing would stall it was annoying so I just stopped going backwards and did a little u turn when needed.  My u turns became donuts!  As I finished the last 500 sq feet my mom tells me that David called to say: if I need to backup there is a button on the dashboard I have to press.  GRRRRRRR Seriously. 

So I only mowed the back lawn – parts twice! BUT I did get a great tan!

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