Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's the great push (up)!!

Most people who know me, know i hate my arms.  Always have but hopefully someday I will say I have accepted them.  My goal for the month is to work on my arm strength and hopefully the side effect will be appearance. 

My trainer gave me some pointer on building strength at home.  Basically i do real push ups really slow going down and then i drop to my knees - get into the pillar position and start over.  I have a problem where i drop my hips while doing this.  The best way to overcome this to build my core strenght.

On Monday (I think -crazy week not sure what today is) Karen at waisting time posted about a plank challenge on fitblog.  So i have decided to do it.

Bootcamp last night gave me the jump start:  2 rounds:  Plank, Side Plank (left), Side Plank (right)  45 second hold on each.  Killer

So by the time July rolls around i hope to have great results to speak of!!

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