Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Weed Whacker Story..from a 3rd person!

On Friday we were leaving for camping at 8th lake, as I pulled in the driveway I noticed a weed whacker on the side of the road.  It was somewhat in our yard, and somewhat in the corn field.  It looked like David was using it but forgot to put it away.   That is very out of character for him so I worried he managed to injure himself using it or something. 

I saw him going about the pre-camping duties injury free.  When I asked him why our weed whacker was on the road, he told me it was broke and he was sick of messing with it to get it to work.  In our town it usually doesn't take long for things on the side of the road to grow legs.  So off we went on our camping trip with the Weed Whacker laying there on the side of the road.  We never looked back.

Saturday afternoon we had a full cell signal during our Tupper Lake road trip.  David checked his messages:

“David, its your father, I found your weed whacker on the side of the road I think someone was in your shed!”

David called him back to tell him the story and to congratulate his father on being the proud new owner.  Sadly his dad pointed out that  he put it back in our shed. 

We arrived home Sunday, very tired, but pushed through unpacking the camper.  Later in the afternoon Emma and I were going out to run some errands.  My car was dead as a doornail, we had to jump it with davids truck.  I am not sure why it was dead.  As i pulled out of the driveway i was setting my car radio and noticed the Goldens were working in the yard.  Jeff had weed whacked the ditch because his weed whacker was still sitting there on the lawn.

Later that evening Ang called to ask me a question.  She was wondering if we noticed who took the weed whacker off her lawn.  She preceded to tell me that Jeff had found this weed whacker in the corn field.  It was obvious that someone had lost it off their truck.  So he moved it onto their lawn where it had better visibility, as the people will most certainly be looking for it.  She was just wondering who lost it.

As she finishes her story, David said: Is she calling to see why i took my weed whacker off her lawn?   

Yep, it was our weed whacker!

So in 48 hours our weed whacker has:

  • had 3 owners
  • Traveled:
    • From the shed to the road twice
    • From the road to the shed twice
    • Across the street once

Its currently sitting in our garage waiting for its next adventure…


maybe i should make it its own website. As people come in contact with it they can post about it!!! 

till the next adventure readers…..

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