Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1 recap

It took 2hour 47 minutes or 155 miles or 1.5 viewing of Disneys Cars with 5 “are we there yet” to get from our house to Yogi bear park.  Miss Emma slept basically the entire way.  We were really surprised that tyler did not fall asleep.



I really didn’t mind the drive  the drive maybe its because i took a nap! lol.  The campground was really easy to find!  I mean how do you miss this big sign!


The people that work here are really nice.  They had to upgrade our site because the computer booked us on a site we were too big for!  So now we are on a waterfront with full hook up!

The sites are kind of close together but since we are here on  a weekday its not that bad.  There is nobody around us!

The kids really liked the playgrounds….all three of them!

061 014


We haven’t met Yogi yet

064  but we still had a photo opt. with him!  He was on the hayride but we were swimming.

At this campground they have 2 pools, and small hot tub and a beach.  The beach is swimming in the river that is no more than above my knee and doesn’t flow very fast.  Tyler was all about swimming in the river.  We realized that we have deprived our child, he has never swam in any river or lake.  He took right off and walk to the other side of the river!


Emma was also all about the water..even though it was so freaking cold.  Her little legs turned pink.


We let her walk with her shoes off but she tried to go in the water.  So we stripped her down!

How cute is it to see a baby sitting in the water with just her diaper having the time of her life??  Priceless = Totally worth vacation $$.


Well Maybe the APA would not like the diaper bit but oh well!

One down fall of the campground is its location to I-87,  we can hear all the traffic :(  if you get a site on the back towards the cabins its not as loud.  But the store sells beer so its a good trade! lol

More to come with day 2!  Agenda includes meeting boo boo, going swimming, visiting Adirondack Buffalo and Adirondack Taxidermy, train rides and more!

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