Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2…We found Yogi and Boo and more!

The kids were up early, 6:00am to be exact.  I guess they were excited about all the fun stuff we were going to do!

We started off by playing on the playground.

007 012

After that we went back to the site and wrote letters to Boo Boo, Yogi and Cindy!


Must be boo boo read his mail because he stopped for a visit!


018Bye bye boo boo



The kids had fun on the play train…..


All aboard says our little caboose!


then we went on a real train ride…


Then it was time for a road trip!

We stopped at the Adirondack Buffalo farm,  Tyler really liked the buffalo but he didn't think that Grandpa should get any!


David and I purchased some buffalo hamburgers that we later ate for lunch~  They were not that bad.  Tasted like cow with a kick.  Hey at least i can say i tried it!  Even Emma tried it, she wasn’t overly excited but she ate it.  Tyler was having a Jessica Simpson moment When we asked if he wanted to try Buffalo meat and told us “i don’t like to eat buffalo feet!”

We ran up to Keene to show Tyler the North Country taxidermy. 

053Tyler was telling me what all the animals were, I had to read the tags .. how sad is that?

Lately Tyler has been all about mountain goats.  So he was excited to see this one that (shhhh..) he could touch the horns!

055 Grrrr look at all those bears!


After we got back to camp and had lunch, we went swimming.  I have no idea how we will every get Tyler back in a pool he is loving this river.

Yogi was going to go on the Hey Hey Hayride with us but Tyler wanted to go fishing.  So just Emma and i went.


As the hayride ended it started to rain.  So Emma and I were taking the boys their rain gear when the day caught up with her.


But don't worry to much later in the night we were able to stop yogi for a photo opt!


I seem to once again be the family photographer but i wanted my photo with boo boo.  So i hired Tyler to take the photo096 !

  Another first for us was Tyler playing Mini Golf.  He always got a “2” or a “3” on every hole.  shady!


The night ended with a big bomb fire, but we went back to our site to roast “marshes”!


Here are some other fun photos / things from the day!014034037

Ty and Emma


Mommy and Daddy



I wish this week would go this slow


Lets see what is in store next!        

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