Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mountain Master~ Bald Mountain

This past weekend we camped at 8th lake campground…By far my favorite state campground!  I love it there.  We are going on more trips this fall to 8th Lake!  Most of you know i am a member for MVBW, a weight loss competition sponsored by the local TV and a local fitness center.  Tomorrow (wed 25 Aug) is the finale.  I would normally workout Monday-Saturday of last week but i missed on out Friday and Saturday because we were at camp.  So what is a girl to do???  I went for some walks but talked the family into climbing the mountain. 


Since the start of the contest (Memorial Day) i have lost 22+ pounds, that is about what Emma weights.  So it was really no problem to carry her up and down the mountain.  The mountain was a good cardio workout but it really doesn’t stand to the bootcamp sessions I have been going to for the last 12 weeks.

She slept for 1/2 the way up


But then found it to be fun


As you can see  we followed the rules..if you carry it in you carry it out.


Heather came along with us, which is a good thing since my camera broke friday night.  I have a new camera but i am still learning how to use it!  The views at the top are great, this is why we have climbed bald mountain about 5 times.


Tyler took a moment to relax at the top!


Well time to prep for the 5pm news tomorrow but maybe tomorrow night i can upload some photos from camping!

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