Sunday, August 15, 2010

Growing Gardens

When vacation ends there is always so much to do, laundry, cleaning and more.  Our garden did not take a vacation or the little bunny living by the garden.  We came home to find this:



He ate the tops off all my  beans….what is max thinking let another rabbit into his garden??

We collected the goodies from our garden and have started canning:



We have froze peppers, made pickles, dilly beans and more.  I found a website for this soup:


It is so good!  Its called Golden squash and corn soup!  I have made two batches!  the photo is from the website because my camera doesn’t photograph food well.  Here the Link.

Tyler was so excited to find that his watermelons are growing.  They were hidden in the cucumbers!  Our cukes are ending and allowing for us to see this hidden treasures underneath! 


We found 3 that were this size.  But tyler is most excited about this one:


I took the kids blueberry picking.  Emma was eating them as fast as she could off the bushes.  I didnt know if she was eating the ripe ones or not so i showed her my bucket..big mistake.  She was eating faster than i could pick.

downsized_0806000951 downsized_0806000951a
downsized_0806000957 downsized_0806000955

Tyler picked 2.5 pounds that we turned into blueberry syrup and my 5.5 pounds were froze for the winter!

I think this is our 2nd and last year of pheasants.  They are just not doing well, i guess we will be getting chickens next year:

004 014

Yesterday, my sister Heather and I made 5 jars of salsa and some Zucchini Candy.  The candy was good and easy to do.  I still have cukes and some zucchini to use up…maybe at midnight i will get to them.

My one morning Glory started to bloom..



I have to go referee some children and get ready for a party.  But this was from this past week..makes you want to get a cup of coffee and just relax right:


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Jenny said...

Yeah for your morning glory flower! I'm off to check out the zucchini candy. Happy canning!